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    Thread Stock UK or Vodafone? Help please!

    I have a Vodafone s4 and and taking it to colombia south america for good. Do you guys recommend flashing stock UK rom or stick with Vodafone rom. Much appreciate your opinion. Thanks Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Help with gt-i 9505

    Hello peeps I have got hold of a Vodafone s4 gt-i 9505 which I will be taking permanently to colombia and use with tigo network. In Colombia the s4 version they sell is the gt-i 9500. My question is which firmware should I flash or should I keep it as is? Thanks your help :) Sent from my...
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    Thread Touch wiz question

    Guys is there a way to delete the screen indicator from touch wiz? Also a way to change the apps drawer icon? Any help appreciated Thanks. Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Unable to play YouTube over mobile network

    Hello xda people I really hope someone can help me out on this. I have searched for a solution but so far nothing has worked. Basically YouTube works over WiFi but it doesn't work over mobile network it plays the ad before the video but then the following message comes up "Connection to server...
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    Thread Which Rom do you prefer and why!!!!!

    Hello peeps, Virgin flasher here and need some help or opinions. I know I should probably just flash the roms and try them out myself but want to get an overall consensus on what you guys think before I try them out myself.:laugh: Out of the following 3 roms, which do you prefer and why...
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    Thread Difference between stock rom and custom stock based rom!

    Hello Guys, total noob here so this could be a total noob question. I was wondering if someone could explain the difference in a stock rom and a custome rom based on stock. I s there real notable difference in performance? And what difference does a kernel make to different roms? I have a...
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    Thread [Q] PS3 keypad and s3

    Hello people, am looking to get a bluetooth keyboard for my s3 and was wondering if the ps3 keypad would work.
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    Thread [Q] Help with rooting

    hello amigos y amigas, I have had my note for 3 months and loving it. i have read this forum quite a lot and am eager to experience the differences in performance from custom roms. however there are a few things am not totally sure of. can someone help me out with the following questions pls...
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    Thread Power goggles/switches

    Hello, noob here. I have searched but cannot find anywhere but on the Evo forums. Is there a way of having extended controls widget on the notifications bar? Am not rooted by the way. Thanks Sent from my Desire HD using XDA App
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    Thread [Q] set cpu or custom rom?????

    Hello am a real android noob. i have read a few threads on here but i still need a little help. am on stock htc rom but want to improve battery life without moving away from stock too much if at all. my question is would i be better using set cpu on its own or with a custom rom? thanks
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    Thread Noon question about launchers

    Is sense disabled or does it still run in the background when using launchers such ad adw? Sent from my Desire HD using XDA App