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    Thread Boot Shim (ELF Loader) / Little Kernel for select Lumia models

    These projects are intended for developers only. If you are familiar with Android phones, you probably know what Little Kernel does. This port of Little Kernel is capable of booting Android Linux Kernel images (though I haven't tested it yet, need to set up the build environment) and ARM64 ELF...
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    Thread A quick tutorial of installing Windows RT 8.1 on recent Lumia

    2/18 Update: USB charging and controller works, audio probably works. Here's some update on this project: Battery Put C:\DPP and C:\EFIESP back. Nokia's driver reads C:\EFIESP\Battery.json in kernel mode (WTF). If you have NokiaEnergyDriver.sys and other PMIC/PEP/MIPI BIF (on some models)...
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    Thread Presist UMCI Unlock for rs1 devices via official package

    Install the package in attachment using IUTool and have fun. It modifies the same registry key, but it is persist as it is installed as a update package. Furthermore it is **Microsoft Windows Production signed** so it can be recognized as official package on Windows 10 Mobile, even though it is...
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    Thread Boot Windows RT 8.1 installation PE on DragonBoard 410c

    Actually, it is far more easier to boot Windows RT 8.1 PE on Dragonboard 410c compared to Lumia 520. DB410c is shipped without RPMB provisioned, Secure Boot is off, no Secure Boot keys are provisioned, nor Secure Boot Policy, and almost all UEFI settings are accessible. You need to patch nothing...
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    Thread Got some UEFI progress w/ Windows Phone Internal Tools (EFI Shell on Lumia 820)

    Just tried Windows Phone Internal Tools and got something. Since I have a Huawei W1's internal UEFI image, I dumped it and got the EFI Shell File. With USB MSC mode I replaced the original Bootmgr. Here's what I got. The EFIESP Partition. See comments in pictures for more details. After...