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    Thread Why there is no Custom Kernels for MI9?

    I wonder why there is no single Custom Kernel, for Mi9 for a long time? :/
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    Thread Amazfit Pace - Broken "ear" bracelet holder

    Hi, anybody had same problem? My Pace broken while skating... I would like to change whole bottom housing but I can't find it online to buy :(
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    Thread MI9 underclock?

    Hi is there any apk to change CPUs frequency? I've just unlocked bootloader, flashed Eu to see... That in every app I've tryed i cant change CPUs freq, because only option is 0MHz :v
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    Thread Screenshot scroll issue

    Hi, When I take screenshot on Mi9 everything is fine, but when I want to take long screenshot then page scrolls to the bottom, screenshot is the same size but text overlaps... Anybody has the same issue?
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    Thread [Xperia Z1][5.1.1][60fps] How to enable 60fps @ full HD in Z1 5.1.1?

    Hello, I'm new here :) Last weeks I've spent many hours to learn how to flash etc I've tryed many roms, finally I have nice custom ROM 5.1.1 with preinstalled everything what I need :) (also 4k and slowmotion 120fps) but what I need most is 60fps FULL HD like in 5.0.2 fw. I was trying every...