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  1. mattie_49

    Thread How To Guide Gaining root access on New Oxygen OS A12 for the op9.

    https://www.droidwin.com/root-oneplus-9-pro-9r-magisk-without-twrp/ Just sharing what I've learned. Have to patch boot.img and vendor boot.img and flash out of folder in sdk on desktop.Then use vb_meta.img to disable verity flash. Guide above has to be followed to a T. Even though it's for the...
  2. mattie_49

    Thread Question Can't local upgrade to Open Beta 1. Op9

    On latest A11 stable ota Have downloaded ob1 from multiple sources and get below message when trying to update. Guessing I need to be back a couple builds. Any advice?
  3. mattie_49

    Thread Question OnePlus smartwatch opinions?

    I bought one today for $159 off the one plus store app. I've heard with the software updates and added aod it's really nice. I needed a watch and my choice citizen eco-drive was unavailable.
  4. mattie_49

    Thread General Stock global op9 boot/ vendor _boot images

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CXYrU3zDBftu2hl-1zxMN2bf5ptN98Wf/view?usp=drivesdk. Boot img https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cbb568sju6YZeigWsqYXiZY9ybflzDRW/view?usp=drivesdk. Vendor_boot
  5. mattie_49

    Thread Question Couldn't connect to msm op9 global. /Now connecting. !

    Ive uploaded signed Qualcomm driver's I found that install on windows and don't turn on test mode. These work. Then afterwards toggle USB options with device plugged in PC ,change from charging to PTP and let it automatically install drivers. Rebooted and opened msm tool and Is connecting and...
  6. mattie_49

    Thread KFinally found the answer to bad battery life on our beloved htc 10's/works with Oreo

    Save much reading and go to page 61. Answers to bad battery on the HTC 10 are worked out there. It's simplifies everything. Many posts here are works in progress kind of back and forth. Guides I used for amplify are at the bottom of page 13. (Remember to thank me in the op if anything here...
  7. mattie_49

    Thread Viper Audio/Htc 10( workaround solved)(s-off) only

    I upgraded a few days ago. This device is amazing in every way.... HTC 10's stock boomsound + Dolby sounds amazing. Was definitely in need of an audio equalizer though. I love viper and have used for yrs. I have tried every way possible to get vipers drivers installed with no luck. Here are...
  8. mattie_49

    Thread How do I install TWRP to run CleanROM 2.0.0?

    Ok I have the Verizon HTC one M8 just ran sunshine and am now unlocked and s-off. Now i don't know anything but Odin. So how do I get twrp on this bad boy. And thanks guys thus far . Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk