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  1. DanFarva

    Thread Froyo Update For Nexus One includes Radio Update?

    Anyone else notice this? While watching the CNet overview I noticed there's a new baseband version on their Nexus.... http://twitpic.com/1pj6lg
  2. DanFarva

    Thread Nexus One Protection Plan

    T-Mobile is now offering the protection plan for the nexus one whether or not you bought it with a plan.. I bought mine unlocked and just called and had this added to my account without any issue.... 4.79 a month 130 dollar deductable... much better than another 530 in my opinion.. I have a...
  3. DanFarva

    Thread Right-click ADB/Handbrake Encoding to SD Card for Win7/Vista (Update)

    So I got tired of manually typing in adb push commands to send files (update.zip's, videos, etc) to my G1 without mounting the SD card, so I made a little registry shortcut to do it for me. Thought some of you might find some use in this. Really basic. All it does is make a right-click menu...
  4. DanFarva

    Thread Sapphire Radio Noises

    Anyone else having an issue when on the Sapphire Radio where the person receiving a phone call hear's loud scratching/echoing/"tin" sounds?
  5. DanFarva

    Thread Dropbox

    This is probably common knowledge, but I haven't seen it on the forums before. The Dropbox Iphone webpage works, but you have to go to it directly on your phone. The main page doesn't forward. The link is: http://www.getdropbox.com/iphone