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  1. Babloo1989

    Thread Need help. Using stock miui 12

    Have been using it on stock miui 12 version after coming to 12 phone started to perform less. So i decided to unlock and flash some custom ROMs had also unlocked bootloader. Can anyone please provide me any links or tutorial to flash twrp safely and root the phone. And please suggest me a good...
  2. Babloo1989

    Thread I need a stable latest pie rom for my old Moto G4 plus.

    Can anyone suggest me a good stable daily driver pie based ROM for my Moto G4 plus Indian version with 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage.. please and Thanks in advance
  3. Babloo1989

    Thread [ROM][PORT][UNOFFICIAL][KK 4.4.4] AOKP for Galaxy Vibrant [SGH-T959]

    Device : vibrantmtd (Samsung Galaxy Vibrant T959) If coming from another ROM or another major AOKP version, wipe data in recovery Make sure you're using the latest CWM or TWRP !! Flash ROM Flash Google Apps (GAPPS) Reboot Check merged commits on AOKP's Gerrit Download ROM Download...
  4. Babloo1989

    Thread [STABLE ] [ROM] [PORT] [4.4.4] CodeROM 4.4.x [SGH-T959]

    Hello guys, today i will introduce the new project for our Galaxy S Vibrant, CodeROM 4.4.4 It's based on Cyanogenmod 11 so you will have all the features of Cyanogenmod 11. How to Install this ROM (eventually with gapps) if you are on cm11 (4.4.4) then skip step 1,2,3 1. Do a nandroid...
  5. Babloo1989

    Thread Battery Problem

    Is there any 3rd party company which sells high capacity batteries for Xperia P ????
  6. Babloo1989

    Thread Struck at boot loop??

    iI'm struck at samsung vibrant logo and can't go further.. Have flashed omni lollipop due to issues i was restoring the previous image of slimkat 9.0 while it was restoring suddenly it got struck... So i removed the battery and again tried to get into cwm but can't get into it.... And please...
  7. Babloo1989

    Thread Which Rom is stable and has better battery life????

    Can any1 please suggest me a smooth good rom with decent battery backup..... And is kitkat safe for my Vibrant coz its a single core 1ghz device with 512ram isn't that heavy for the phone????? And please do suggest me a good rom for daily usage for my vibrant
  8. Babloo1989

    Thread [Q] incoming call answer lag..... Slimkat 8.6 for vibrant

    I have been using slimKat since 5 months..... have only 1 problem which is when an incoming call comes it lags.... on 20th oct 8.6 came out thought the lag is been gone but it still is there..... Developers can you please check on this issue Galaxy3HELL if this problem gets solved slimkat will...
  9. Babloo1989

    Thread Is developers working for lollipop for Vibrant????

    I've been using vibrant for 3 years is lollipop based custom roms like CMod, SlimRom etc etc re they gonna release for vibrant???? i just wanna know???? Thanks In Advance :):):)