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  1. [germany]merlot

    Thread [UPDATE]mToolbox 0.3.0 - The Swiss knife for your PPC

    Thanks to all betatesters for their help and I apologize for all bugs and inconveniences. FAQ: Q: When I start the app I got a error: "mToolbox.exe TypeLoadException". What can I do? A: Try a softreset, it's known problem when your RAM is quite full. mToolbox is a multifunctional sensor...
  2. [germany]merlot

    Thread [UPDATE][2009-07-25]mToolbox 0.3.0 - The Swiss knife for your PPC

    mToolbox is a multifunctional sensor app. It's like a Swiss knife but without all the hardware functions. mToolbox is using the built-in sensors of your device. So in this version the light sensor and the G-sensor are supported. Maybe I add the support for the stylus sensor in a further release...
  3. [germany]merlot

    Thread [UPDATED][2009-03-31] mFee 0.1.2 - telephony summary

    Unfortunately I used values that aren't Windows Mobile default values. Only when you have Homescreen++ (Advanced Edition) installed it's working. I'm sorry for that and working on a solution. This is my third self-programmed Windows Mobile program and the third one of my "m"-Series. mFee This...
  4. [germany]merlot

    Thread [DEV STOPPED] [2009-05-14] mLock v0.3 - passcode device lock

    The development of mLock is stopped. There are different reasons for this decision but the most important one is, that if no time for the further development. After mPlug, here is my second attempt to build a Windows Mobile application, it's called mLock. mLock is at the moment only a passcode...
  5. [germany]merlot

    Thread [Bugfix] [2009-04-23] mPlug 0.7.2 - "NullReferenceException" bug fixed

    This is my first windows mobile application. It's not the best but maybe it'll be in the future.:D This small program runs in the background and checks permanant if a headset is connected to the PocketPC. When the headset is removed accidentally or intenional from the PocketPC, the volume will...