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    Post Firmware fails to install

    Progress update Borrowed a craptop from a friend, the firmware im using seems to not progress and stays at file analysis. I tried an older firmware for the hell of it which progresses more and stops at "Complete(Write) operation failed." im not too sure whats going on now. edit: I got it...

    Post Firmware fails to install

    Yeah I don't have another computer sadly would if I could get my hands on a second gpu lol and no doesn't seem to make any difference

    Post Firmware fails to install

    Im currently using the latest off the site https://developer.samsung.com/android-usb-driver

    Post Firmware fails to install

    Odd connecting it initially would prompt it to come up in odin normally, everything is fine, but reconnecting it while in download mode prompts me with windows screaming at me. Unless you meant reconnect and boot into download mode once again. But yes ive been trying different versions of odin...

    Post [HOW TO] Flash U1 firmware to U device

    How do you even get it to work? I can't get past "Can't open the serial(COM) port." in odin 3.13.1 3b with my verizon unlocked g960u (G960USQS9FUG2)

    Thread Firmware fails to install

    So friend gave me his old ("verizon" unlocked) g960u (G960USQS9FUG2) I was attempting to install the g960u1 firmware onto it. I don't see what ive done wrong exact, since its failing in odin. Despite the phone itself being fussy, ive seen people on here install g960u1 firmware onto so. Steps...