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  1. iLovPieNCake

    Post [ROM] [G96xF][8.0]Project Alice 6.0[BRJ3] [TWEAKS] [Debloated] [ODEX][Oktober patch]

    Does this rom has IMSSettings and all the other apks needed to use wifi calling/VoLTE?
  2. iLovPieNCake

    Post Aliexpress Liquid Dispertion Tech Screen Protector

    So the one you got doesn't get close to the sides of the phone? Is there still a 1-2mm gap on the left and right side?
  3. iLovPieNCake

    Post Apt-x support

    I got it to work by flashing the apt-x enable magisk mod for OnePlus found here https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3/oneplus-3--3t-cross-device-themes-apps--mods/port-aptx-aptxhd-oreo-beta-25-16-op-3-3t-t3690363
  4. iLovPieNCake

    Post Possible to get USA LTE bands working?

    No, you cannot "UNLOCK" bands. It's mostly hardware controlled or very low level firmware. If the manufacturer could enable it, they probably would.
  5. iLovPieNCake

    Post 4G is not working right with T-mobile.

    I found that I can check my setting by going into Testing menu *#*#4636#*#* I noticed under phone that VoLTE was grey'd out and I wasn't sure how to enable it. Then I found *#*#86583#*#* (VoLTE) I got a toast that said VoLTE Carrier Check Disabled and not in the testing menu VoLTE...
  6. iLovPieNCake

    Post Why does the system weigh too much ?

    Mine is 9.4 GB. ~3.5 GB * 2(A/B Partitioning) seems about right for a "stock" ROM
  7. iLovPieNCake

    Post Does Mi A2 Lite have Gorilla Glass or something like that?

    I'm also not sure but I do use my A2 Lite without case or screen protector and the screen hasn't had any scratches yet (month or so)
  8. iLovPieNCake

    Post [Oreo][Stock][Rom] TWRP Flashable Stock Builds

    Anyone experience long patching fstab..... worried installer may have locked up.
  9. iLovPieNCake

    Post Quick Charge support ?

    I confirmed today with a QC 3.0 charger and a voltage/current meter. Device never went above 5V or 2A. I wouldn't call it a deal breaker, this device will charge @ 10W(5V*2A) to a 14.4W(3.6V*4Ah) battery, so roughly a 2 hr charge time (1.25 hr to 80% and 0.75 to charge the last 20%).
  10. iLovPieNCake

    Post How to install GCam :)

    OTA updates are possible with Magisk, you just have to be careful not to uninstall magisk. ---------- Post added at 01:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:25 PM ---------- I installed GCam on my device by modifying Build.prop to include HAL3 persist & installed Version 8.2 Rear Camera...
  11. iLovPieNCake

    Post [Guide] Install Magisk on your device, updated to handle OTAs easily

    Used this guide to install magisk today, worked like a charm. Magisk has now released stable 17.1 that has the features we need from 16.7 to work correctly on our devices. Shout out to BubuXP for the patched boot images.
  12. iLovPieNCake

    Post Screen broken, any instruction how to replace the screen ?

    That video is your best guide currently. Yes you will have to remove the motherboard and battery to replace the screen.
  13. iLovPieNCake

    Post Hello Guys.. A few questions until my phone is bought:

    Yeah same here but there aren't many options.
  14. iLovPieNCake

    Post Cellular strength and throughput

    Using the phone on T-Mobile in Chicago, IL - USA, signal strength has been pretty good, not amazing but much better than my Moto G6. Average download speeds ~10Mbps with peaks of 20Mbps My G6 average under 10Mbps and peaked at 12Mbps My OnePlus 5 averaged 20Mbps with peaks of 50Mbps. Not too...
  15. iLovPieNCake

    Post Full glass screen cover

    I ordered a NACODEX tempered glass screen protector labeled for the Redmi 6 Pro and it overhung the curved edged and quality was bad, I do not recommend. The Nillkin "soft" screen protector that came with my Nillkin Frosted case worked well.
  16. iLovPieNCake

    Post Double tap to wake

    Or you can wait until someone builds a kernel for this device. Many Kernels enable tap to wake functionally.
  17. iLovPieNCake

    Post Hello Guys.. A few questions until my phone is bought:

    Too early to tell with the software but it does come with Treble so that is a bonus, It does see like EIS is included in the video and seems to work. Coming from a OnePlus 5, I wanted something smaller and this was one of the few devices under ~72mm. The 625 is sufficient for everything I do...
  18. iLovPieNCake

    Post 4G is not working right with T-mobile.

    I'm on T-Mobile in Chicago and I don't have any issues, my phone even picked up the APN configuration over the air.
  19. iLovPieNCake

    Post Quick Charge support ?

    Quickcharge 3.0 is supported by the SoC, so it should be supported unless Xiaomi disabled the functionality. I did see in one review that it does work. Quickcharge 4.0 is only supported on the newer Qualcomm SoCs. Quickcharge will not ruin your device, it acts like a 5V/2.1A charger unless the...
  20. iLovPieNCake

    Thread Bootloader Unlock on Dual Sim variants

    Hi all, I am contemplating purchasing a G7 because it ticks all the right boxes but I need dual sim limiting me to the EMW & EAW variants. Given the track record of the G6, is there any chance I will be able to unlock the bootloader in the future?
  21. iLovPieNCake

    Post [RECOVERY][cheeseburger] TWRP 3.3.X by codeworkx

    2nd I ran into that issue when I tried LineageOS for a week and was unable to restore my Nandroid. A very frustrating moment.
  22. iLovPieNCake

    Post [OFFICIAL] OxygenOS 10.0.1 (Android Q 10.0) OTA for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger)

    If I'm using 4.5.10 and I use the built-in upgrade feature using a full zip, will it wipe my data? Do I need to wait for the partial zips?
  23. iLovPieNCake

    Post [KERNEL] [Nov 26] ElementalX-m7 | 22.4 Sense | 22.4 GPE

    Maik268 What does disabling NuPlayer do? HTC Blackheart & siffonen, I seem to be getting the same issue running ARHD 91.1, T-mobile 7.18 firmware and this kernel. This kernel seems to trigger it. Not sure why. siffonen, I found that my phone wouldn't boot sometimes as well but when I try and...
  24. iLovPieNCake

    Post [Kernel] [AOSP] [10.12.2014] AGK Kernel v1.4

    Liking the kernel so far, this is my favorite ASOP kernel to date. I just have a couple questions I can't find in the OP. What cpu manager do you recomend? How do you disable included OC settings/go outside the bounds?
  25. iLovPieNCake

    Post [MOD][KK][JB][CM11][CM10][PORT] Xperia Z2/Z1S Eng + Chinese Keyboard with Emoji icons

    It works like a champ, the only one that has worked on my Google play edition HTC one Thanks a million
  26. iLovPieNCake

    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 93.0 | High Quality & Performance | 7.19.401.30 | 5.0.2

    As stated before make sure you are on TWRP 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 otherwise it won't work. Pre-2.3.3 don't work with 4.4.2 and 2.7+ formats the partitions differently or Aroma doesn't format the data the same way TWRP does. Regardless of telling ARHD not to wipe the data, it will still do so on 2.7...
  27. iLovPieNCake

    Post [ROM][17-4]SD v 23 -4.19.661.8-SDKernel-THEMES-SDHUB-Radios-Carriers-GPSFix-WiFiCall

    Does this new 4.4 build have t-mobile wifi calling?
  28. iLovPieNCake

    Post [ROM][AUG 07][Team Nocturnal] SinLessROM GPe v8.3.0 | Google Play Edition | 4.4.4

    Oh didn't realize that the launcher transparency controlled the status bar, thank you.
  29. iLovPieNCake

    Post [ROM][AUG 07][Team Nocturnal] SinLessROM GPe v8.3.0 | Google Play Edition | 4.4.4

    Has anyone modified their status bar to be transparent like 4.4? mrjaydee82, any thought of adding this in?
  30. iLovPieNCake

    Post [RUU] [OTA] T-Mobile US Android 4.3 OTA (3.24.531.3) w/ Nandroid, Firmware & Radio

    Radio zip seems to work great, I was running into some issues running 17 with 3.27 firmware, no issues with 21 and it seems like I get better reception.
  31. iLovPieNCake

    Post [KERNEL] [Nov 26] ElementalX-m7 | 22.4 Sense | 22.4 GPE

    Here's a dumb question I can't seem to find anywhere, your Elemental X 4.4 kernel for Google Edition, is it based on the newer GE 3.09 firmware or the older 2.24?
  32. iLovPieNCake

    Thread [Q]Modifying Power Saver

    This question is a bit kernel based. Is there any way to modify the default power saver in sense 5 to adjust the CPU power saver? I'm guessing this is kernel based because the Bulletproof Kernel by Flair has no issue with power saver and the Elemental kernel does.
  33. iLovPieNCake

    Post [ROM][M7UL][JB][4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 official nightlies

    Okay, thanks for the info. I figured it might be possible as I have seen it done on older devices but I guess Sense 5 has gone a little crazy with framework mods.
  34. iLovPieNCake

    Post [ROM][M7UL][JB][4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 official nightlies

    Now that HTC has updated to 4.2.2, is a camera port now possible? I don't care about anything else and I love this rom but I don't think the camera app is up to par.
  35. iLovPieNCake

    Post Had anyone tried to port a optimus 2x rom yet?

    Use the search feature, I'm sure it has been done before but probably a long time ago when the phone just came out. If your gonna attempt it, your going to need a lot of experience, time and patience for the bull*****. A lot of great devs have tried cm10 & cm9 porting but with no success.
  36. iLovPieNCake

    Post Speedster Rom

    Reboot takes a long time because it always optimizes, reboot once a day should be good enough, although I am testing mazs new kernel with it which might cause reboots, with a slow boot time, it would get annoying. I will make sure maz krnl is stable enough before release. I use and prefer naked...
  37. iLovPieNCake

    Thread HTC One Software Config Thread

    Post your software config in this format Rom: Android Revolution 9.1 Kernel: ElementalX .10 (GPUOC, 1826Mhz, 850 undervolt) Baseband: 4A.14.3250.15_10.34.1150.02L Provider: T-Mobile US Apps: MoDaCo Toolkit Seeder Comments: I'm really starting to enjoy the Sense UI, first...
  38. iLovPieNCake

    Post POST Your G2X Configuration HERE!

    I use the free version but I just checked out the paid and I might buy it. I grabbed this mod from the o2x forums and I've had no problem with it. FullHDMod http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1094424 Sent from my HTC One using xda app-developers app
  39. iLovPieNCake

    Post The straight dope on the Ultrapixel camera

    For all you guys debating if the 4mp is good or not, look at the development of DSLRs. I've had people complain about my 10mp 4/3 camera have less mp than their LG but my camera definitely takes a whole lot better pictures. Sensor size is all I have to say. One also has an advantage of having...
  40. iLovPieNCake

    Post Speedster Rom

    Progress has slowed because I have a lot to take care of this week. I have a new daily driver so full on development will start this summer. Sadly after this summer I will donate my phone to my mother. Hopefully we can have something awesome by then. Sent from my HTC One using xda...
  41. iLovPieNCake

    Post All those satisfied with g2x GTFIH

    Are any of you good themers because I would like some help with that so I can focus on software and hardware optimization. Sent from my HTC One using xda app-developers app
  42. iLovPieNCake

    Post POST Your G2X Configuration HERE!

    Android Version: Speedster Rom Alpha 27 Kernel: Mazkrnl 0427noOCnoDS Overclocked?: 1100mhz limited by no OC Launcher: ADWLauncher Video Player: QuickPic Music Player: Play Music Picture Gallery: QuickPic Firewall: Why? Camera Apps: FullHD mod1 Email App: Gmsil Important Android...
  43. iLovPieNCake

    Post All those satisfied with g2x GTFIH

    For those of you who are content with cm7, even though it is old software, I am working on my "Speedster" rom. It is still quite alpha but my goals is to optimize CM7 for our G2xs. I am also doing a bunch of software updates inside and using Mazkrnl to have speed and stability. I use the latest...
  44. iLovPieNCake

    Post How to upgrade the LG G2x P999 to Android 4.1.1 JB via CyanogenMod 10 (Unofficial)

    We thought we might have a jellybean breakthrough when cm started deving cm10.1 on the p990 and had the courtesy of posting a half port of their work in progress. I believe it's called AdamPK's cm10.1 and is usually found with Mazout360 kernel. Hardware Acceleration Work so no camera, camcorder...
  45. iLovPieNCake

    Post [KERNEL][CM7/9] Custom Gingerbread kernel [2.6.32-61][v1.0 RC2]

    I was suspecting something like this was happening because regardless what I set my F max to in 0323 & 0427 noOC noDS, my quadrant score stayed the same. Also probably why I have been running 1480 wil 100% stability. My Memtotal is: 381788 kB, from what I remember O2Xs have kernels that do...
  46. iLovPieNCake

    Post [Petition] LG and T-Mobile: Update the T-Mobile G2x (LG P999) to Android 4.x

    Sorry I wasn't trying to be mean. Just LG and third party devs/ customers have a very "crappy" relationship.
  47. iLovPieNCake

    Post Speedster Rom

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2249565 Sign and we can finally do some real dev work for 4.x
  48. iLovPieNCake

    Post [Petition] LG and T-Mobile: Update the T-Mobile G2x (LG P999) to Android 4.x

    This post alone is enough to cancel the petition, we need 200 real unsatisfied customers, why would LG do something they already don't wanna do if 50% of the people signed are fake and they would do a google search and they would find this.
  49. iLovPieNCake

    Post Speedster Rom

    Someone posted elsewhere about including Gapps here is what I have found http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2111129 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2016632 Since this is non profit third party rom made only for this device so far, I am willing to take the risk...
  50. iLovPieNCake

    Post Speedster Rom

    Probably by May 20th or so.