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    Thread Recommendations on non-OOS / non-lineageos derived custom ROM?

    Long story short, I am looking for a new custom ROM. I have been using LineageOS for a long time as I had a fairly high degree of trust in their dev team, but recently I have been having an issue where the screen stops responding to touch and the only thing that will fix it is reflashing a stock...
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    Thread XT1700 Fastboot oem unlock fails

    I seem to have lost the ability to unlock the bootloader of my XT1700. I previously had unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP and SuperSU, which took a while to figure out, but it worked. Today I tried to install a newer version of the stock firmware using SP flash tool (from here), which...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Moto E3 XT1700 (NOT E3 Power) - Unable to boot TWRP

    I have a new Moto E3 XT1700 (the plain E3, NOT the E3 POWER) which I have been trying to install TWRP on without much luck. I have read all the threads in this forum on TWRP and Rooting, but most seem to be specific for the E3 power. I am defintely using the Moto E3 2016 TWRP image (taido)...