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  1. luisvalino

    Thread I can't watch my carrier tv channels on my Mate 30 Pro as Netflix or Amazon Prime ( ! )

    Hello, for a few days I have not been able to see content from my Spanish operator Movistar on my Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G phone. Before this I had no problem. It is a similar issue as if I want to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime content and I think the issue may be in the Harmony OS update. My...
  2. luisvalino

    Thread [CLOSED]xxx

    Mod edit: Thread closed and content removed on request of OP @luisvalino
  3. luisvalino

    Thread Current firmware of Mate 30 Pro, please ??

    Which is the latest firmware for Mate 30 Pro devices, please? I have got .... it's a Chinese device. Is it right?
  4. luisvalino

    Thread EMUI 11 -> Harmony OS ... will be any issue for GMS installed in Mate 30 Pro ??

    The launch of Harmony OS next March ... will it be a problem for people who we have installed and working well the GMS in our devices ???
  5. luisvalino

    Thread Aurora Store on Mate 30 Pro: Does anyone can login with your Google account?

    Hi, I have a Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G and I downloaded the app from official Aurora Store site. The issue is I can't login with my Google account at the store app. Shows me a message in Spanish: "Fallo al acceder" -> "Google account access failed" What can I do, please ?? Attached two...
  6. luisvalino

    Thread Has anyone been able to install Google Services in EMUI 11?

    Can you check gps accuracy after freezing GFS? Every time, and not only me, i tried in past the accuracy of gps was awful freezing GFS. I don't know why? Can you check it? PS. problem just like this:
  7. luisvalino

    Thread Does someone who does not have Google services, what apps do they use?

    Hello, due to a mistake of mine I have run out of Google services. Until I can replace them again since Eloy's tutorial in step-1 does not work for me ... What apps do you use? I have downloaded Petal Search to install apps, but I have encountered a problem: I have installed a browser, Chrome...
  8. luisvalino

    Thread Google Framework Services issue on Mate 30 Pro 5G and lost my GMS :(

    Hi, I have Google Play Services (beta tester) at Play Store. Recently and last days sometimes I received a message system from my Mate 30 Pro 5G that says: Battery usage details: Google Services Framework continuously searches for bluetooth devices in the background. Force stop to save power...
  9. luisvalino

    Thread Does exist any smiliar cover case like this for Mate 30 Pro?

    It's a leak image of the future Mate 40 RS and I'm looking for any similar cover case for Mate 30 Pro.
  10. luisvalino

    Thread What is the lastest GT2 firmware ??

    I have 1..0.6.32 currently. ***** On the other hand, why is there no a specific forum for the Huawei GT 2?
  11. luisvalino

    Thread The option to update software by OTA has disappeared from Huawei Support App ( ! )

    Within the Huawei app called Care or Support, the option to update software by OTA has disappeared. It was very important because patches that did not appear in the phone's own update appeared in it. Check your Huawei even if it is any other model because this option has disappeared. I attach...
  12. luisvalino

    Thread ( ? ) Covid-19: API from Google for Mate 30 Pro with GMS installed.

    According to the blog that I left you in the following link -> here , Huawei phones released after the US ban will not receive an API from Google Services to track phones using BLE bluetooth in order to make a tracking system that allows better monitoring and predictions. of infections. But if...
  13. luisvalino

    Thread Where is this feature in EMUI 10.1 Mate 30 Pro update? AI Remove passers-by

    I am taking photos and testing and it does not appear when I'm editing. Where is it ??? tp628ebt_4k
  14. luisvalino

    Thread Google is requiring Virtual A/B on new Android 11 devices. What about Mate 30 Pro?

    Hello, according to this XDA article where Google will require Android 11 to carry a double partition on all devices that carry its operating system and applications, how can it affect the Mate 30 Pro if it receives EMUI 11? And what about the Google applications and services that we have...
  15. luisvalino

    Thread How can I enable VOLTE & WiFi calls in Mate 30 Pro 5G (LIO-AN00 chinese) ??

    Hi, I'm trying to enable VOLTE and WiFi calls my I didn't find this setting on my Mate 30 Pro. It's a chinese device LIO-AN00 but I don't know if this version has added it or not, and if it does I don't know how to enable it. Or maybe I have to ask my network operator? -> Movistar Spain Even...
  16. luisvalino

    Thread New P40 Pro photo edition features for Mate 30 Pro, would it be possible ??

    Would it be possible to implement these new photo editing features that the new P40 Pro brings for the Mate 30 Pro ??? Maybe by a OTA update ??? EMUI 10.1 ??? iFPaRH6yXFE
  17. luisvalino

    Thread How can I remove at GBoard app this blank space that appears on my Mate 30 Pro ???

    Since a few days now I don't know why this blank bottom space has appeared on the GBoard keyboard of my Mate 30 Pro and that I point to it with a red arrow. I have tried in the application settings to modify the size of the keyboard, uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and I have not managed...
  18. luisvalino

    Thread Certify Mate 30 Pro by Google Play Store.

    I found this link on YouTube where a user explains how to certify the Mate 30 Pro by Google in the Play Store app. I tried this method 1 month ago and although at the beginning the phrase "uncertified device" disappeared from the Play Store, days later the Play Store app showed me that "my...
  19. luisvalino

    Thread I need a demo video in 1176x2400 for Mate 30 Pro to show its display

    Hello, I would like to have a video in 1176 x 2400 pixels 18.5: 9 display in order to show people the capacity of the Mate 30 Pro screen. I was thinking of a Star Wars 9 trailer but I don't know how get it and in that resolution for the Mate 30 Pro full screen. Does anyone know ?. Thank you in...
  20. luisvalino

    Thread Does anyone use banking apps that send you keys to operate?

    Hi, I make this query because on my Mate 30 Pro 5G I have my spanish bank app, Abanca, which to manage some operations on its website (transfers, data modification, notices, etc.) it send you from its app an alphanumeric security key to be able to operate. That key in my previous Moto X4 phone...
  21. luisvalino

    Thread HMS 4.0 OS on Mate 30 Pro

    Huawei is working on developing HMS 4.0 OS. According to these Huwaei Mobile Services, could I have some type of certification in my Mate 30 Pro 5G to be able to install GPay or my bank's app and make payments with the phone via NFC?
  22. luisvalino

    Thread Install Google certificate at Play Store Protect, is it possible?

    Hi, is it possible to install a Google certificate at the Play Protect from Google Play Store?
  23. luisvalino

    Thread I can't import Google Contacts to my Mate 30 Pro

    Sorry for opening this topic but I can't import my list of contacts that I have on Google. I have the Google account activated with the Play Store, downloaded the contacts app but I can't import the contacts :( It only allows me through the SIM or a vcf file ... but I have them all in my Google...
  24. luisvalino

    Thread I purchased a Mate 30 Pro that brings Google Play: Just two questions

    Hi, I'm from Spain and I purschased a Mate 30 Pro 5G that comes from the UK by Ebay. The seller has told me that it comes with Google Play installed. I suppose that to have installed the Google Play app you will also have installed Google services (GMS). He said to me: "Yes you can install any...
  25. luisvalino

    Thread Are the official updates for the X4 already over?

    Hi, the last update I have is a security patch from March 2019. Are the offical updates for the X4 already over? I have got a XT1900/7 device. Thanks
  26. luisvalino

    Thread Bluetooth switch on itself

    Hi, my X4 with Android 9 the bluetooth switches on. I turn off but a few hours later it happens the same issue and it's not connected to any device. Also I have another issue: Each a few days, notifications sounds settings change instead a strange code of 6 numbers -> Instead of "Ring tone"...
  27. luisvalino

    Thread Moto X4 will get Android Q ??

    Hi, does anybody know if Moto X4 will get Android Q update ??
  28. luisvalino

    Thread Change the Chrome Search Bar Widget colour: is it possible in Moto X4 Android 9.0 ??

    Hello, I have a Moto X4 Android 9 and I would like to change the white colour of the Chrome Search Bar widget by a transparent one, or black, for example. Would it be possible to do this, like the image that I have attached and I have seen surfing this website for a Moto X4 Android 9.0 ...
  29. luisvalino

    Thread Adobe Lightroom app from Play Store for Moto X4: Does it works nice?

    Hello, I ask you this question because I have a friend who makes some very good photos especially in night mode with a Google Pixel 2XL and uses the Adobe Lightroom app to improve the photos. I wonder if this app works correctly on the Moto X4 and if it is easy to operate it. A greeting.
  30. luisvalino

    Thread Adobe Lightroom app from Play Store for Moto X4: Does it work nice?

    Hello, I ask you this question because I have a friend who makes some very good photos especially in night mode with a Google Pixel 2XL and uses the Adobe Lightroom app to improve the photos. I wonder if this app works right on the Moto X4 and if it is easy to operate it. Thanks!
  31. luisvalino

    Thread True Zoom by Hasselblad for X4 ???

    Is there any type of moto mod for the X4 ?. Or is it absolutely necessary to carry a magnet to be able to fit one? The true zoom of Hasselblad looks very interesting.
  32. luisvalino

    Thread Looking for a nice RAM widget: Any suggestions ??

    Hi, I'm looking for a nice RAM widget and at the same time if you know any one for the battery and the cpu it would be very good. Thanks in advance !!!
  33. luisvalino

    Thread Poll: what is the best Google Camera apk for Moto X4 from Celso Azevedo's blog?

    Hello, because on the one hand we are many users in this forum of XDA and on the other hand there are many versions of many developers in the blog of Celso Azevedo, I would like to make a survey about which is the best Google Cam's apk for the Moto X4 both in performance and in operation to be...
  34. luisvalino

    Thread Looking for Moto X4 best camera app of Play Store

    Hello, I am looking for an app for my Moto X4's camera that is better than the one that comes from stock. I read about Google Cam but I wanted one that could be downloaded from the Google Play Store and that came with already loaded scenes, that is: night mode, macro, landscape, movement...
  35. luisvalino

    Thread Official 8.1 Oreo is releasing for the rest of the Moto X4 since two days ( ! )

    Hi everyone, the official 8.1 update for the Moto X4 has been released two days ago for the rest of the X4 and those sold by Amazon Prime. Is someone from this forum already receiving it? I have an European XT 1900/7 but I have not received anything by OTA yet.
  36. luisvalino

    Thread Official Android 8.1 update ... When???

    Does anybody know when will be available this update, please ??? Thanks in advance!