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  1. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Best Adguard adblock solution

    **This is not spam! There is a two week trial period with full features, after that it costs. I encourage you to try it for 2 weeks n see what ya think. Since the coronavirus hit, and even longer, I've been working on putting together the ultimate package for adblocking, tracker crushing, just...
  2. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Modified stock J7 Perx framework

    I want to share this because it's a work in progress, and I need help with certain menus that are dark with dark text, so please help me to create a great framework! Here it is - https://www.dropbox.com/s/fi4oo0b4pk1hhxe/ZRemodJ7Framework.zip?dl=0 It may be this only works on Virgin Mobile, I...
  3. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Working J3 Emerge Dialer Codes

    *#7284# USB 12C Mode *#0283# Loopback Test (audio) *#1111# FTA Software Version *#2222# GTA Hardware Version *#1234# AP/CP/CSC/Model Versions *#0011# Service Mode Debug Info *#12580*369# AP/CP/CSC/RF Cal/HW Rev *#2263# Firmware/Touch Key Update - tried Touch Key, Update Key:Pass - Pressing...
  4. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [Q] xposed framework apk working on jelly bean

    Will a blessed soul please direct me towards Xposed Framework working on jb. I remember when there was about 9 modules on the repo! I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that I'm working with. Or even better, can you share a direct link via db, drive, or mega
  5. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [Adblock, Haveged, Dnsmasq, etc] Mod [3-11-15]

    These are JustArchi's adblock methods. And his superb haveged- it's adjustable- more battery friendly. I started a project in hopes of helping people with dnsmasq n tethering issues, especially when using CrossBreeder. Ultimately, the goal here is to be able to use dnsmasq with CrossBreeder or...
  6. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Development Modifications for 3D(V)

    ---------------------------------------------- **If coming from development section, the first two zips are only for Evo 3D, JustArchi mods are for most devices** As always, make a backup, and flash I am not a developer, I'm a user, so I'm limited in how much I can help you, but I will try...
  7. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [ROM]3D Anthology (Jan. 8-2015)[V.M.]

    #1 Thank you to all devs contributing to modifications for this phone. I've tested most every Rom, and there's things I like and dislike about each one. So all the good has been thrown together in this legendary thing, an anthology of sorts. A breath of fresh air, comin atcha. If this is your...
  8. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Play Hulu Videos with flash in Dolphin, UC, n Stock Browsers

    Does Hulu's website tell you your platform isn't supported when viewing in browser? This MAY help fix that problem. #1-it's not my work, check this thread for more info http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2596936 All credit goes to blunttedsmurf, so thank him there if this helps...
  9. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [MOD]Play Hulu Videos with Flash in Dolphin, UC, n stock browsers

    Does Hulu tell you your platform isn't supported when viewing in browser? This MAY help fix that problem. #1-it's not my work, check this thread for more info http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2596936 All credit goes to blunttedsmurf, so thank him there if this helps you. The...
  10. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Stuck in a loop dee loop

    I just got this phone from my step sister, who's also my wife. And I rooted it, booted it and do de loop dee loop and pull, now your shoes are lookin cool! That was a feeble attempt to mask what this topic is really about. I put out a video on y.t. about a year ago, before I knew what the heck...
  11. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [Q]Move module download directory

    I have chmod'd to 400 on /data/data/com.android.providers.downloads/cache to keep GPlay Services from updating, but this is also where Xposed modules are downloaded to. My questions are 1. Is there a better way to stop GPlay Services from updating? Permanently? More importantly 2. Can Xposed...
  12. PiggyFlooper

    Thread See if this works

    For GPS lock time and accuracy ##3282# in dialer, enter msl, go into Advanced menu LBS PDE IP- PDE PORT- 7275 Edit- Settings don't stick, I'm an ass Sent from above using Xparent Tapatalk Blue
  13. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Get Phone to Deep Sleep[Dang you GPlay Services]

    This worked for me, it may not work for you. I used Wakelock Detector app to peek out wakelocks, makes sense. And Rom Toolbox to knock out some receivers n services. So, I'll display pics at end of post, cuz with xda premium app can't figure out how to place them along the way, and I'm running...
  14. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Was xda breached by hackers

    I read in paper that Russian cyber hackers got a bunch of accounts and passwords from many many sites, was xda one of them Sent from above using Xparent Tapatalk Blue
  15. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [Guide]Root 2013 Nexus 7 Walkthrough

    My nephew recently got this tablet, so I put together a simple guide to root this tablet. Included is a PlayByPlay to hold your nooby hand. Extract files from zip, open the text file and enjoy the ride. https://db.tt/6a4geJKn It may not be proper for me to post this, sorry if I've overstepped...
  16. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Kernel w/ frandom module??

    I'm looking for frandom.ko to test with CrossBreeder punchmod, any help? Sent from above using Xparent Tapatalk
  17. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Xposed Installer w/ Old Icons

    I'm not sure if this is proper, here's Xposed Installer 2_6_1 w/ previous icons if anyone wants it: https://db.tt/T0nSV7tU I tried posting this in a couple threads and my stupid tapatalk and xda apps won't connect to forum Sent from above using XDA Premium
  18. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [Q]Voice Dialer no more

    I'm having trouble with voice dialer saying: Failure, can't connect to headset, Bluetooth is not on, and after this NO audio on phone at all- no music, no audio anywhere. It can be remedied by making a phone call, and all audio is restored. Also, Google TTS won't work. Has anyone come across...
  19. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [Sound Mod]Walkman on Evo 3D/V working

    This is NOT my work, it's a collaboration of three Xperia mods and ports to ics. This is working on stock based rom. Why Walkman instead of stock music player? It has a much nicer U.I. Can edit ID tags like in Poweramp Several different music visualizer shows Here's Bravia in music player...
  20. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Xposed Modules working on this phone

    Have same thread over at vmroms, but figured it will get more 'attention' here. And what ROM are you on? Me: MidnightromS, mostly nega themed Greenify https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.greenify Hide low battery alert-no more heart palpitations at 14%...
  21. PiggyFlooper

    Thread [VIRUS]Unsafe App Stores

    List any app provider you've found to be malicious. Include app store and individual app(s) versions. Also how they are infective or defective. This is only meant to spread awareness, not to bash certain application developers. Thanks for your help Edit: i.e.- when searching aptoide for app in a...