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  1. daraj

    Post 120hz display on one ui 2.1

    Hardware limitation.. This is all placebo effect
  2. daraj

    Post N975U and N975U1 Firmware Links Here

    I know but that seems old version 8/14/2019 for the N975U1. probably even android 9
  3. daraj

    Post N975U and N975U1 Firmware Links Here

    Where can i get the latest US unlocked firmware?
  4. daraj

    Post US Samsung.com Ultra Pre Order

    how do you check for label creation on fedex?
  5. daraj

    Post G988U and G988U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    at this point can we only flash the Userdata for the carrier without the actual firmware?
  6. daraj

    Post USA Pre-order thread

    buy an unlocked phone then flash the carrier firmware if need be. Simple. why wait and pay for unlocking!
  7. daraj

    Post US Samsung.com Ultra Pre Order

    I just ordered mine and its saying delivery 3/6!! what am i missing here
  8. daraj

    Post US Samsung.com Ultra Pre Order

    Use my 5% off code: ref-f4ffql
  9. daraj

    Post Is the price too GATDAMN high?

    Im surprised they dont have trade in deals like they always had before!!! all they are offering is $35!!! really??
  10. daraj

    Post Enhanced 4G LTE option

    Advanced Calling is Verizon's 's version on VOLTE. It will only display Advanced calling only if you are ob Verizon network. In your Tmobile case, you should have a regular Volte toggle to activate.
  11. daraj

    Post Speaker and Earpiece quality & volume

    There are on display here in Tampa, FL at least.
  12. daraj

    Post VOG-L04 Owners in USA - We need your help!

    I highly doubt it will have VOLTE or wifi calling in any of the US carriers.
  13. daraj

    Post Unlocked vs Carrier s10

    If its the case like the Note 9 and the S9, then even though you buy the unlocked version, once you pop in the carrier sim the phone will reset to that carriers CSC profile including all the bloatware and apps etc... Change to another carrier and the phone will switch profiles accordingly...
  14. daraj

    Post G960U and G960U1 Firmware Links Here

    Im new to this. But i have an sim unlocked t-mobile S9 that i would like to convert to Verizon model. I don't care about preserving data. Please some directions would help.
  15. daraj

    Post [Guide] Carrier Locked /Snapdragon/ S9+ 10 Hours SOT by Hiro

    Exactly!!!!!!!! Might as well buy a flip phone or Jitterbug
  16. daraj

    Post S9/9+ Unlocked will not have band 71 for T-Mobile

    Assuming it supports band 71 doesn't mean band 71 is enabled in the modem. two different things!
  17. daraj

    Post [HOW TO] Install Android OREO!!!!! (Snapdragon Only)

    Great so im guessing RB8 is the latest one? Are there any installation guides anywhere? or is an update.zip and done through recovery menu?
  18. daraj

    Post [HOW TO] Install Android OREO!!!!! (Snapdragon Only)

    so its safe then to try this beta then switch back?
  19. daraj

    Post [HOW TO] Install Android OREO!!!!! (Snapdragon Only)

    im on 3BRA8 AT&T, but the phone came with t-mobile firmware and i did the carrier firmware change procedure. ( if that makes a difference)
  20. daraj

    Post [HOW TO] Install Android OREO!!!!! (Snapdragon Only)

    so if i install this Oreo beta i cannot downgrade back to the carrier original Nougat firmware?
  21. daraj

    Post mate 10 pro wifi

    Pretty sure putting more P's in help wont get you any sooner. :)
  22. daraj

    Post [GUIDE][All US Firmware][Switch Carrier][Flash Carrier/Unlocked]SM-N950U/U1/W

    Thanks. Do i need to have my AT&T Simcard installed while flashing?
  23. daraj

    Post Full Odin N950USQU1AQH7 restore files for //N950U - ATT\\ with userdata. - Live

    do we need the CSC edit tool found in the zip file? Update: Why am i getting the Tmobile firmware when i flash this?
  24. daraj

    Post [GUIDE][All US Firmware][Switch Carrier][Flash Carrier/Unlocked]SM-N950U/U1/W

    I tried to flash back to AT&T firmware from the unlocked firmware but after its done im getting the Tmobile firmware installed. I made sure to pick the AT&T firmware but not sure why i keep getting the TMO one. any help here?
  25. daraj

    Post Locked Huawei Mate 9

    try flashing the firmware again and see if that clears it
  26. daraj

    Post [VIDEO HOW-TO] Enable Video Calling & VoLTE Unlocked Note 8 SM-G950U1 on Verizon Wire

    Just to be clear, these features will work on an Unlocked Note 8 with tmobile sim? with correct provisioning of course
  27. daraj

    Post [VIDEO HOW-TO] Enable Video Calling & VoLTE Unlocked Note 8 SM-G950U1 on Verizon Wire

    Will that work on Tmobile SimCard as well of just Verizon?
  28. daraj

    Post LG V30 preorder

    I talked to two T-Mobile reps and both confirmed that its only twice a year (once a month) They acknowledged that their website advertisement is misleading. Anyone can confirm with tmobile?
  29. daraj

    Post LG V30 preorder

    Only twice a year though! not every month ( 12 times)
  30. daraj

    Post Anyone flash the unlocked Note8's firmware on T-Mobile?

    Will I trip Knox if I flash the unlocked firmware on my T-Mobile? or will anything change in the download menu showing unofficial status?
  31. daraj

    Post [recovery] Stock T-Mobile from 950U1 Firmware

    is this the official Tmobile firmware or the International unlocked?
  32. daraj

    Thread Huawei Mate 10 coming to AT&T?

    Finally Apple will have some competition in the US. lol I hope this rumor is true. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bensin/2017/08/05/huaweis-bezel-less-mate-10-will-hit-the-u-s-market-to-take-on-iphone-8/#36452b7f2f58
  33. daraj

    Post Galaxy S8 & S8+ Waiting Room

    Mine is being delivered today to my house and Im at work. do we know if UPS requires signature? If correct, then im screwed!
  34. daraj

    Post T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8-S8+ Pre-Order-Waiting-Shipping Room

    I also paid $130 and not happy at all. If you dont mind me asking, how did you approach them to be able to get the 130 refunded.
  35. daraj

    Post Mate 9 for the US- Jan 6?

    So its same to assume that the US version is the same as the MHA-L29 european version? same firmware?
  36. daraj

    Post International vs. US model

    The Mate 9 will not work on Verizon nor Sprint. Its a GSM phone which means AT&T and Tmobile
  37. daraj

    Post Not Getting 4G/LTE on AT&T in the US

    International unlocked phones refer to LTE as 4G therefore they show 4G icon. when you see 4G on an international phone it means you have lte. quick clarification
  38. daraj

    Post Thinking of Getting Axon 7

    Excellent. So whats the fuss about the reception issues the phone is having? especially on tmobile!.. im new here but I see that a lot.
  39. daraj

    Post Thinking of Getting Axon 7

    hows the reception on Tmobile network? especially band 12 does? Also, is VOLTE working out of the box? im thinking of getting this on tmobile but not sure how its performing on the network now.
  40. daraj

    Post which is better in cellular signal Note 7 snapdragon 820 model or Exynos 8890 Oct

    This has been discussed times and times again... 4G icon on non-US phones means LTE. you are getting LTE speeds buddy. go to network status to check what network you're connected to this will confirm LTE assuming you have the correct APN settings.
  41. daraj

    Post ANTUTU Benchmark for the Note 7

    Im getting close to 142000
  42. daraj

    Post Screen Colors Washed out???

    me thinks i have a bad unit!!! but even the one in the store looks washed out. go figure
  43. daraj

    Thread Screen Colors Washed out???

    Is it me or what?? in comparison to my edge 7 and Note 5 this screen is washed out.
  44. daraj

    Post [The Wait Is Over] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Dead

    No tracking no nothing..i even chatted with Tmobile this morning and they said its back ordered with estimate ship date. and then this happened........ ALL SAME DAY :)
  45. daraj

    Post [The Wait Is Over] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Dead

    How come I didnt have to pay anything upfront? JOD here
  46. daraj

    Post [KDZ][Download] List of all available stock KDZ files from LG servers

    My LG UP doesnt flash Kdz, it only allows me to look for .tot! any way around this?
  47. daraj

    Post LTE Discovery

    yeah it doesnt work for me either. i echo your request.
  48. daraj

    Post Who's at fault for locked broader?

    can someone please fix the title of this thread?
  49. daraj

    Post FM RADIO LIVE !!! At Last!!

    downloaded the update yet i still dont see the FM radio app!! NVM: used the Nextradio App.