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  1. mrg2003

    Thread Just bought Samsung Galaxy M51 and wondered if any cases from other phones fitted

    It appears very similar in size to A71 and wondered if this case would fit?
  2. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] Samsung Tab A SM-T510 - What version of vanced

    What version of vanced for Samsung Tab A SM-T510 CPU-Z says Arm cortex-A53 / A73 Micro-G installs fine Vanced says INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113 I've tried several recent versions. App works fine on S8plus
  3. mrg2003

    Thread Head unit with SIM slot

    I've tried Android auto but (on the car I tried) it blocked access to USB and DAB radio. I'd like a DIN unit that has DAB, native android apps like WAZE and have internet via a sim and not cable or wifi. Does such exist? If it doesn't do DAB then it's no help and I'll stick with an android...
  4. mrg2003

    Thread Which detachable case for S8+ ?

    I like wallet cases, and like my current one, but for lots of photography or long calls on the handset, the flap becomes an annoyance. I'm looking at these two on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magnetic-Detachable-SeOSTO-Removable-Seperate-x/dp/B0716R1X6D/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1499200844...
  5. mrg2003

    Thread QR code reader and Ad blocker - not bad

    The built in QR reader, ad blocker and amazon assistant is in the built-in browser. - Not too bad .
  6. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] Does the G955FXXU1AQDD update stop Bixby button remapping

    I've just received G955FXXU1AQDD update and the What's new says "Fixes Bixby button remap" Should I install this update.
  7. mrg2003

    Thread camera olume button as shutter

    Sometimes, goes into burst all by itself. I first thought it was the case, but it did it on the desk, caseless. I have 70 pictures of a piece of bread and butter I was eating . I've changed it to system volume, but a volume icon pops up. Open camera works fine, except in landscape.
  8. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] Can the order of icons in the quick access be changed?

    I keep hitting the airplane icon. Other phones let me change or remove icons
  9. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] LG G4 LG-H815 UK. Bluetooth problems

    LG G4 LG-H815 UK. Bluetooth problems 1. Bluetooth keeps turning itself back on after I turn it off. 2. Bluetooth does not work with my car Parrot Neo Minikit (other phones work fine). It pairs ok, but does not transmit or receive audio. it works with an old Jabra or a plantronics headset. Is...
  10. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] Will / can a galxay gear SM-700 work with a nexus 4?

    I saw these gears very cheap, like £20 in Cex, so I bought two on the off chance. Can I make then work with a stock Nexus 4 running Kitkat or another Cyanogen firmware? If there is a thread, I've missed please point me at it.
  11. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] moving from 4.3.1 to 4.4.2 how long does first boot take?

    Is there a side by side comaprison of what works / doesn't between 4.3 and 4.4.2 on tf101?
  12. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] Juice defender

    I used juice defender free, and got 1.9x savings. Bought the premium, and it worked for a while, now I get consistent battery drain, worse than before, it seems to have discharged idle down to 16% today. I asked their support and they said read the faq!, which doesn't answer the question...
  13. mrg2003

    Thread Xda app very slow

    Is it just me, or is the app very slow sent from my nexus 4; cat on lap, beer in hand
  14. mrg2003

    Thread Fasttech QI charger A021527514 $35

    Ordered 19/2 Arrived 26/2 - 7 days from China / Singapore. Comes with supplied charger. Only had it one day. Takes about twice as long to charge as a normal 2amp pregnant plug. Looks good
  15. mrg2003

    Thread Adw launcher

    Can I add widgets to lock screen? Sent from my Nexus 4 using xda app-developers app
  16. mrg2003

    Thread Nexus 4 camera app randomly fails.

    My stock camera randomly stops working, only a reboot will fix. 3rd party apps work fine. The camera shutter won't engage, usually happens when a pretty girl is leaning towards me. I'm trying to send a debug log. Sent from my Nexus 4 using xda app-developers app
  17. mrg2003

    Thread Is there a screen protector that fits and has cutouts

    I've bought several from ebay and Amazon, but all are deficient in some ways I'm still looking for a screen protector that is the correct size, has all the cutouts and stays on for at least 2 months. I don't want an "Invisible shield", as I found them to be too thick, and still got scratched...
  18. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] Huge font

    Why is everything appearing in a huge font using firefox? and how do I fix it?
  19. mrg2003

    Thread Dial phone from excel

    Is it posisble to dial a number from an excel? I'm getting so sick of outllook screwing with my contacts, I'd like a simple sheet of my most common 200 or so numbers, and click and dial from there. I apologise if this is an FAQ, as I have tried searching, but not found what I want.
  20. mrg2003

    Thread Remove send MMS

    I've tried in vain to remove the send MMS, or change the menu order. Therefore is it possible to make the SEND MMS, do normal SMS.
  21. mrg2003

    Thread connecting charger mutes ring

    When I plug my charger in, the phone mutes, so I do not hear it ring or any alarms. What could cause this. This is an orginal vodafone v1615 rom. It works fine if connected by usb to my computer? Faulty charger?
  22. mrg2003

    Thread How do I configure email only to use wifi/BT/direct connect

    Gmail just used "100% of your airtime". Can I make it only connect using wifi or direct active sync connect? If it's a FAQ, point me at the thread and accept my apologies ;)
  23. mrg2003

    Thread keyboard light + file explorer button

    How do i turn it on manually? is there a magic keystroke? How can I re map file explorer to resco explorer ?
  24. mrg2003

    Thread HTC touch keyboard

    How do I disable the phone style keyboard, and only have the proper 123/qwerty one, in contacts the keyboard changes to the 3 press phone one, but on other apps is the proper wide one?
  25. mrg2003

    Thread PDAHUT kaiser case

    http://www.pdahut.com/store/product.php?productid=19354&cat=0&page=1 anyone tried this and can comment ?
  26. mrg2003

    Thread Compatbility and dependency database

    I ask this before and no replies:( Is there a program that will help me mp which combinations of program cause problems, or show me how often a program is accessed. I currently have a spread sheet, and manually try adn record what app combinations are problematic. so far GPS program TT City...
  27. mrg2003

    Thread software conflict management program

    Is there an app that databases what programs are running when. I had such for my palm that allowed me to find app combinations that didn't work together.
  28. mrg2003

    Thread sim lock

    Is there an ap that handles sim pin. I regularly turn on flight mode,(to avoid unnessary gprs) but get asked for sim pin each time I turn phone back on. I'd like an app that would secureley hold my sim pin and apply it when required.
  29. mrg2003

    Thread tomtom3 with XDA2 + backpack + sd & cf cards

    TT3 keeps on locking up. If i run it without the CF card it appears OK. Has anyone else seen this problem? When I insert the CF card, the sd slot becomes card2 and this causese a few shortcuts to fail. I tried a hard reset and re-install from fresh but it still does it.
  30. mrg2003

    Thread O2 shops + accessories

    My local O2 shop had all bits except backpack. Charge/usb lead was £9.99. Aluminum case was £19.99. backpack (not in stock was £89.99). I bought case + stylii + lead. got £8 discount.
  31. mrg2003

    Thread Essential programs/hardware

    TOWA BT patch Sprite Backup Resco Explorer (includes regedit) GPRS monitor Non essential but nice Tomtom Navigator 2 Hardware quick sync/charge lead usb-car adapter emergency AA battery pack Backpack is on order from expansys What do you guys think is essential / nice to have ?
  32. mrg2003

    Thread Cheapest 256/512MB SD cards

    Where in UK/net is cheapest deal inclsive of tax, postage and satisfaction? Mr.G