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    Post [APPS] Google's Cameras Ports [2 VERSIONS][HDR+][PORTRAIT MODE][DISCONTINUED]

    Thanks for this, works perfectly on s8. Any chance of a mirror selfie mode in the future?
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    Post [Rom][G920F][Stock Odex + Xposed][3.5][OLB][21 Dec] WanamLite

    do we have to flash the modem? because it works just fine without flashing it.
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    Post [ROM][GT-I9300][Omni/CM/Sam]MIUI V6 Smooth|Faster|Ota|MultiLanguage

    works for me. wipe chace and dalvik then install
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    Post UNOFFICIAL AND DISCONTINUED cm-12 nightlies for sm-t320 mondrianwifi

    some apps video playback not working. spesifically Twitch app
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    Post [I9300] [Touchwiz Android 4.4.4] back-to-n00t; Bring the LTE fun back to 3G

    last commit is like 20 days ago so i dont think there is anything new
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    Post [EOL] [ROM] [5.1.1] [CyanogenMod] [GCC 4.9] [Excellent] [12/11/15] ArchiDroid V3.1.5

    I have dled it but flashing fails. Can you provide a link? Sent from my GT-I9300 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [EOL] [ROM] [5.1.1] [CyanogenMod] [GCC 4.9] [Excellent] [12/11/15] ArchiDroid V3.1.5

    I've searched the thread but could not find. How do i flash 3.0 experimental coming from another aosp rom? Do i have to flash 2.5.3 first? Sent from my GT-I9300 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [ROM] [14.07.15] [4.4.2] [Stock] [N7100 Ports] QS-i9300-KK

    Yes just wipe and flash. You can dirty flash when updated but in case of major update you may have to wipe. Xposed working. Sent from my GT-I9300 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [ROM] [14.07.15] [4.4.2] [Stock] [N7100 Ports] QS-i9300-KK

    this is by far the most stable of all ports. Even better than 4.3 imo and i have used them all. I'm surprised that this thread didn't blow up in xda. Sent from my GT-I9300 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [ROM][28th Jul] UltimaROM v17.2 Diablos[4.4.2][NE2][HD-VOICE][SAM/AOSP]

    at first boot phone overheats but then it settles. i have no overheat right now edit: turns out i do have overheat.
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    Post [ROM] [14.07.15] [4.4.2] [Stock] [N7100 Ports] QS-i9300-KK

    he's asking how to activate the TTS engine since it's not working for him.
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    Post [EOL] [ROM] [5.1.1] [CyanogenMod] [GCC 4.9] [Excellent] [12/11/15] ArchiDroid V3.1.5

    These glitches appear on play store with 2.5 experimental.
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    Post [EOL] [ROM] [5.1.1] [CyanogenMod] [GCC 4.9] [Excellent] [12/11/15] ArchiDroid V3.1.5

    where can i download the experimental 2.4.7 ?
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    Post [EOL] [KERNEL] [AOSP/Samsung/Ports] [ArchiToolchain 5.2] [01/10/15] ArchiKernel V2.1

    i don't think camera quality will ever be the same or close to stock rom and is not related to kernel. Everything else is better on aosp roms tho.
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    Post [4.4.4][CM11][24/Nov/2014] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - v162.1 released

    anyone has google camera (the one from the play store) fc after clicking settings button?
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    Post [app][game] QuizUp [Beta][v0.9.4/LIVE]

    same here. anyone care to upload the latest?
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    Post Android 4.3 Discussion thread

    i've done all of those too. no wake up delay but still not snappy like older roms.
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    Post [CM11][4.4.2][i9300][ROM][KERNEL][FEB26] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V50

    install Huawei camera port. It works perfect.
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    Post [Leaked Firmware] I9300XXUGMK6 (Android 4.3) - Open Europe (OXA) [12-12-13]

    This is not rooted right? Any quick ways of rooting it?
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    Post [ROM][UBUGNL1][17Jan] Omega v61◄●4.3●►Fully Modded◄●●►Omega Files|Themes◄●

    Is there a stock theme mod for this rom? I have searched the thread but could not find it. Hate the circle battery mods since i got my first android device and started flashing.
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    Post Strange dead pixel problem

    thanks for your comment. i'll just try to be less ocd about that point on screen.
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    Thread Strange dead pixel problem

    So i just bought an S3 and there is a pixel on the edge of the screen that is coloured bright on low brightness and coloured black on high brightness. I did the *#0*# test and while it was not visible on red and blue background, it was visible on green background as a black dot. I mean if it...
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    Post [DISCUSSION] Best phone you have ever owned?

    siemens sx1. best phone at that time. keyboard was a bit weird tho.
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    Post [ROM][23-03-14][Flinny] Vision - Andromadus - CM11.0 [alpha5]

    +1 on the camera flash sync bug. really important issue in my case.
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    Post [ROM][GB][Sense Minima][NOV-23,2012]

    i dont think the stock htc kernel supports swap. why would you need it anyway?
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    Post [ROM][09/29/14] ILWT ROM 3.0.17 (KitKat) || ILWT CM7 879 (discontinued)

    your battery may be getting old. i get less than 16 hours with any rom. 1.5 years old battery.
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    Post [RADIO] [UPDATED 10/21/11]HTC VISION RADIO's (PC10IMG.zip Update Files & .img files)

    flashed radios several times. no brick. also it doesnt wipe anything.
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    Post ***Official benchmark thread***

    which rom is this?
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    Post [ROM][04/11/12] Gen.Y VisionX R3 (ICS 4.0.3 | Sense 4.0A | Virtuous-geny 3.x kernel)

    its not an issue, sense 4a roms dont have the option of rotating rosie. only sense roms with rotating homescreen are sense 2.1 roms and full sense 4 roms.
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    Post [ROM][03/07/12] Gen.Y Vision R1.3 (GB 2.3.3 | Sense 2.1 | 2.42.405.4)

    ive looked into the ota zip file, there were some libs and apps there but did not check if they are the same ones as .4 version. also the framework files.
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    Post [ROM][MIUI-ICS] MIUIANDROID's port for VISION[2.11.23]

    its quite usable on my end. im thinking about making this my dd. you wont need 230mb free ram if you wont be doing much multitasking anyway.
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    Post [ROM][MIUI-ICS] MIUIANDROID's port for VISION[2.11.23]

    which device should we select to download control panel? theres no vision on list so im guessing maybe ace? edit: they just uploaded vision file so nevermind.
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    Post [ROM] WWE_2.42.405.4 Rooted StockROM

    i would if i knew how to.
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    Post [ROM] WWE_2.42.405.4 Rooted StockROM

    anyone cares to make an updated stock rom with the zip provided by strawmetal? at this point i dont even care if i have root so im okay with an unrooted one.
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    Post [ROM] WWE_2.42.405.4 Rooted StockROM

    i thought .5 version was the latest. .4 rooted exists in virtuous sense thread for like 4-5 months.
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    Post [ROM DISCONTINUED][27-06-2013] AOSP - Jelly Bean 4.2.2 - Build 16

    Maybe thats because its overclocked to 1.8 ghz i may be wrong Sent from my HTC Vision using xda app-developers app
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    Post [ROM][GB][Sense Minima][NOV-23,2012]

    Thanks for this. Btw, do you know anything about the 2.42.405.5 update? I saw it on the general section. How can we get that without losing root?
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    Post [ROM DISCONTINUED][27-06-2013] AOSP - Jelly Bean 4.2.2 - Build 16

    didnt try much multitasking, but seems about same with games. also gets lower score on antutu. camera focus button fixed tho. in flinnys build, it didnt focus when half pressed. btw i didnt have the issue of camera app dissapearing from drawer. it was there. thanks for the rom.
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    Post [ROM][MIUI-ICS] MIUIANDROID's port for VISION[2.11.23]

    wait, is there a jb version out?
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    Post [ROM][MIUI-ICS] MIUIANDROID's port for VISION[2.11.23]

    i suppose there is no landscape sms?
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    Post (request) team venom viperRom beta testers

    Something strange, I tried to enable swap with swap_enabler script but it said swap was already enabled. So i checked with terminal and it shows 122 mb swap space enabled without me enabling it. Strange thing is, my sdcard partitioned for 256 mb swap space. I checked the init.d scripts and none...
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    Post (request) team venom viperRom beta testers

    OC settings in venom tweaks not working. or i cant seem to save the new frequencies. they just go back to default when i close the app.
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    Post (request) team venom viperRom beta testers

    Smooth installation with aroma. No errors. No bootloops. Also no reboots yet. Lowmemorykiller works great, even tho there is 50-60 mb free ram, no stutters in games. Actually better gaming then aosp roms. I went ahead and changed the phone ID from s710e to HTC Desire Z since it bothers me and...
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    Post [ROM][06-02-13][Flinny] Andromadus - CM10[133]

    ram seems unsufficient. activate swap and try again it should work.
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    Post [ROM] MIUI V4 2.10.26 for HTC Desire Z - ICS

    do not downgrade since no landscape sms on ics builds. ill just wait for flinny to release a beta then wait for someone to port miui jb. dont want to use different sms app since miui native sms app is the best ive used so far. one of the biggest reasons i want to use miui.
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    Post (request) team venom viperRom beta testers

    I can participate too.
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    Post [ROM][Sense 4.1][09-11-12] TrickDroid v4.0.0 | Tweaks | 4.0.4 | HQ | Fully Working

    Install CWM (by downloading rom manager from market) Boot into CWM Select partition your sdcard choose 128 sdext 256 swap reboot, download swap_enabler.sh, run it with script manager reboot, and you are done.