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  1. blackhawk

    Thread Note 10+ Repair Manual With Schematics

    Scanned with online Virustotal. Appears clean. SM-N975F
  2. blackhawk

    Thread The Note 10+ Display

    A comprehensive review by Displaymate: https://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note10_ShootOut_1G.htm After owning the 10+ for over 2 years it taught me about features I never knew (or forgot🤣) existed. This review also firmed up my decision towards buying a second new 10+ about 3 months ago...
  3. blackhawk

    Thread Japan’s Nintendo game console pioneer Masayuki Uemura dies at 78

    Rest in Peace
  4. blackhawk

    Thread Nuts, post your funny stories here

  5. blackhawk

    Thread The One Line Story Thread

    Limit one sentence per post with a 10 word limit.🤣
  6. blackhawk

    Thread Kaseya, we have a problem...

  7. blackhawk

    Thread What OS are you running?

    I'm still running Pie. It remains a fast, very stable platform that fulfills its mission well. No forced factory resets ever due to malware speaks for itself. How's your OS treating you?
  8. blackhawk

    Thread Replacing the C port PCB Assembly

    That rascally Samsung C port assembly. There are at least two variants. They look identical except for the part number. The international P/N variant ends with an "U". The USA AT&T variant ends with a "A". The AT&T model number is SM-N975U. What could go wrong? Sort of counterintuitive but a...
  9. blackhawk

    Thread Heat Damage Screen Driver or Liquid Crystals

    The hot Texas sun nailed my S4+ over a year ago. My bad... It faded out the display with moderately sever banding but was usable. Heat made it wash out more. So I upgraded. Strangely after the S4 got months of rest time the display improved a lot. So what got blown, the liquid crystals or a...
  10. blackhawk

    Thread The Lexicons

    A completely off topic... a must read. Top Gun XO Capt. Carroll "Lex" LeFon aka Neptunus Lex: https://militaryhallofhonor.com/honoree-record.php?id=225521 His blog: https://thelexicans.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/index-the-best-of-neptunus-lex/#more-17838
  11. blackhawk

    Thread Galaxy Buds, Buds+ Set up

    Install the Galaxy Wearable and Galaxy Buds software. Update software and Buds firmware, this is important because the old versions sound sucks. Turn on/go to Developer Options in Settings and on the Bluetooth Codec setting toggle on Samsung's "Scalable Codec". The new software corrects a long...
  12. blackhawk

    Thread Memory Upgrade Time

    Nothing like having a .5 tb data drive on your 10+, 1 tb ones are still on the high side but starting to see good reasonably priced .5 tb ones lately. Go for the V30 spec ones. Been using Lexar flash products for over 15 years, excellent products, never had one fail. This one should work well...