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  1. tazco123

    Thread S6 touchwiz, weather and lockscreen

    How i can get the galaxy S6 launcher with themes, the weather widget and lockscreen for my Alpha 850M on LP 5.0.2, no roms for this phone. Someone help me. :crying:
  2. tazco123

    Thread (REQ) Weather for others launcher

    This is a galaxy s5 weaher widget that works on any launcher.... someone could optimize this application for the s4,the images are blurred. and I'm not root and I can not install the themes you have already uploaded. DOWNLOAD LINK...
  3. tazco123

    Thread [REQUEST] Lock screen with ink effect

    Someone could make a way to have the lock screen with ink effect???????????????????? ;)
  4. tazco123

    Thread [MOD] Jedi Jelly Stock battery with percentage

    Jedi Jelly stock battery with percentage... Thanks to Tornade69 for allowing me to modify his mod and Dilly34m. Only for Jedi Jelly 5. I also modify the status bar, look as the original Screenshots: Download: (png transparency corrected) Flash on recovery.. Sorry for my bad English :D