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    Thread One plus watch

    MOD EDIT: Content removed at the request of the OP.
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    Thread OnePlus Watch

    MOD EDIT: Content removed at the request of the OP.
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    Thread Any help with fully bricked device

    Hello! THink I have bricked my phone, but just checking before I go through what I suppose is a long process with oneplus. Looking for any help. I had a working device - unlocked bootloader and installed TWRP and magisk using MauronofrioTool. ok - however, I found out I couldn't use a...
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    Thread GAPPS

    If I were to get my hands on one, would I be able to put GAPPS on it? Serious question... Can't live with a phone without GAPPS. Any serious thoughts about this?
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    Thread Goodbye Huawei? What is your next phone?

    I hope people respond to this and I hope it sends a message. Firstly, I have simply loved so much about this phone. Camera, battery, screen etc! However, most importantly, the Huawei sanctions and walled garden that I, and others, have truly hated means that I will likely never recommend or use...
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    Thread Phone locked out of after 10 minutes

    Oh no! I got the phone - raced through the set up without settting up anything and only did face scan... I don't think I did a password. Then I set up the face recognition only. Asked for software update - said ok.......... Now I am locked out of the phone. OMG Any advice?
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    Thread Chinese v International Version

    ok - I will only have access to the Chinese version. Is my concern valid, considering the recent changes to locked bootloader permissions and so forth, that it will not be easy to put Google on the phone. Will it be a nightmare for me to be able to use as a Westerner without Mandarin who lives...
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    Thread Battery and performance issues with OS travel

    Hi all, I have been happy enough with my S8+ 128 gb 6GB Ram phone. Annoyed that I needed to change to HK official firmware from Chinese Mainland firmware initially, but having google native just worked out better. Annoyed that the language barrier means that I have probably no warranty or...
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    Thread google apps

    Hi all, I'm having a little difficulty popping framework, services, and google apps. Any advice or links would be grewatly appreciated. Thanks, s.
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    Thread Weather and Clock Widget - clock not keeping time

    Ahoy, Wondering if anyone is having the same difficulty. My favourite weather and clock widget called the 'weather and clock widget' won't keep accurate time. Drops minutes and gets behind. Have emailed the app dev, but he says I need to dig in settings... Have been digging for a while and...
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    Thread SM-G9550 6Gb Ram 128Gb - Mainland China

    This might assist a few of you with the SM-G9550 who're in China (mainland) :) This is just a post for noobs (like me) who inevitably pick this phone up while in mainland China and mistakenly realise that it comes with no google framework or playstore and need help. No need to flash HK...
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    Thread Firmware Question

    Hi All, I am looking for some help in regards to changing firmware on ODIN. I can't seem to find the required information on line. When I change Chinese to HK firmware, it is generally an easy process if the model numbers are the same. I can see that this is happening and possible through...
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    Thread GAPPS install easy?

    Hi all, Getting my hands on one of these tomorrow having been tasked to put GAPPS on it. Any difficulties with this? Cheers.
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    Thread Phone speaking to me but no pressing can buttons

    I can see the humour to this ... if I can fix it quickly. My phone is talking to me ... everything I touch it tells me what it is - needs double tap to go anywhere and two fingers to scroll. Bloody weird. What have I done? Does anyone know? I can't use my phone at all. I have pressed something...
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    Thread Wifi remains disconnected when returning to a known network

    Hi all, I have tried to search for a similar problem in forums but have not found it or an answer. My problem is that when I leave a known network (my home network) it remains off when I return. I wonder if this is because I have a setting incorrectly. I can't find anything even remotely that...
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    Thread No connnection - can't start phone after resetting.

    A bit frustrated at the moment - I can't get past the checking connection stage on my phone. I live behind great CHinese Firewall. When I first got the phone I set it up at work which has a VPN-ized network. I waited until my holidays (now) to unlock, root, etc. However, I do not have access...
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    Thread Hong Kong v US version in china

    Hi all, Do you think the 6P will work without battery drain or connectivity problems in Mainland China? Anyone using the 6P as their daily in mainland China. I don't want to move on from my Note 4 N9108v, if I'm going to find that the Huawei is bogged down with problems due to Google issues. I...
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    Thread Widget image inconsistency with 5.01 update

    Since updating to 5.01 I have had difficulty with trouble free viewing of a couple of my treasured widgets. Appy Geek and News republic (4x2 rollover). I use Apex skin and would like to continue with this as I am stuck with original Touchwiz due to the lack of development for the N9108v. :( I...
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    Thread Samsun Apps for SM-N9108v

    Hi all, Can anyone help me. I am trying to find the basic Samsung translate app for my SM-N9108v. Doesn't come standard for the Chinese phone and is really annoying not having it. Samsung in China really sucks ... unless you're, you know, fluent in Chinese. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] file transfer through Bluetooth with macbook pro

    I have not been able to transfer photos or other documents via bluetooth from the Note 4 to my macbook pro (yosemite). Files are fine going the other way. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem and if so, if they have a solution. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Variants

    Is anyone else here as sick of Samsung and its variants as I am? I feel like this is my last Samsung as it is just too frustrating looking at all the development and none of it for my particular Chinese variant. I unlocked and flashed cyanogen onto a one plus the other day ... just seemed so...
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    Thread Firmware replace

    I wanted to download the firmware and remove all the bloat stuff from my N9108v. Downloaded the firmware and it is a zip file. NO worries - unzipped and I don't see any ".tar.md5" files. Just various other files that include "mbn img ext4 bin" files. MNone of these look like working in ODIN. Is...
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    Thread [Q] Note 4 Chinese Variant Custom RoMs

    I am looking for custom roms for the SM-N9108v which is similar to the N9109,N9100, N9106 models. All of which are Chinese variants. Has anyone here enough Chinese language skill to have had much success finding RoMs that might be suitable? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Note 4 - Which one?

    I have the Note 3 but it's the HK 16gb variant. This has been an absolute pain in the donkey at times. The only RoM I really have working guaranteed is Miui, which is great, but ... Anyway, I will not want to fall for the same mistake twice. I live in China too - and for some reason (probably...
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    Thread Help i9502 Firmware wrecking ball

    Hi all, Was trying yo install a new firmware on my friends i9502 in order to put on a Rom with Gapps. Anyways. long story short. It has never been connected to Kies. And now I cannot do anything with it except put it into Download mode... I may have accidently tried to pop on a recovery before...
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    Thread How you might live with a 16gb N9005?

    Hello, I'm ordering an SD card 64g series 10 right now. However, has anybody got other practical tips to survive only having the 16gb? Cheers.
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    Thread [Q] ANy chance to recover

    Hey, Little numb at the moment. Left my tablet at work on Friday afternoon and got in this morning - monday. Tablet got picked up and taken from work on Friday night. I'm an idiot for leaving it there I guess. Had Cynogen's 4.2.1 latest nightlies installed and protected by lookout. Is...
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    Thread Beginner rooting and ROM-ing

    ok - I have a new Samsung tab2... P3100 - sadly, it is from China and I cannot seem to access anything I want, despite vpn and us simcard - I am sure there are a million ways around this if I spoke or read Mandarin... I don't. I'm guessing I need to Root and ROM, so am about to take the plunge...