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    Thread Question Attending call thorugh gesture does not work

    Dismissing calls and alerts thorough gesture woks for me but attending call with gesture does not. I am using gw4 lte verison. Do you have any such issue? I have enabled the gesture settings.
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    Thread Question Which size I should go for?

    I have 6.5 inches wrist circumference but I am confused which size I should go for. The main issue with the watch 4 is that, unlike previous version , the strap stretch out further from the lug and this may end up two holes below the lug part in medium size hand which will definitely look...
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    Thread Question Is LTE version really heating?

    I have ordered LTE version and now I read in some forums and Youtube that Bluetooth version is working fine in every aspect but the LTE version is getting heated too much, especially while calling My question is does everyone have the same opinion ? It is getting heated only when LTE coverage...
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    Thread Watches with following whatsp features on android.

    Which of the available smartwatches have most of the watsap functions enabled, like watsap calling, sending and receiving wataps audio, loading images etc? Is it possible with ticwatch pro 3, Oppo watch or Galaxy watch 3? I am using Samsung phone itself.