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    Thread g6 watchfaces

    does anyone know the name of this watchface? im trying to find the android version of it. thx
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    Thread reflash

    hi all, i need to flash my blacked out no.1 G6 smartwatch. can anyone direct me to the official website where i can download this version of firmware? also how do i know which firmware to install? there are different versions (ex. A, B, C, D) thanks in advance
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    Thread create vxp watch skin

    is it possible to create my own skin? what program do i use? i want to create a watchface of my fav hockey team. i dont know where to start, any help is appreciated. thx :p
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    Thread no.1 g6 watch faces

    i downloaded the .png, .xml and the .vxp to appmanager on my phone, but the watch face does not show up in "my applications" in fundo wear. any help?
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    Thread "7+" icon in status bar

    anyone know what this refers to?