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    Post [DEV]How to compile TWRP touch recovery

    Thanks, at least that works for now...
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    Post [DEV]How to compile TWRP touch recovery

    SM-A405FN Which Omni platform tree would you recommend for an Android 9 based Samsung model SM-A405FN? I've tried this one but with some dependencies problems, busybox is missing... https://github.com/minimal-manifest-twrp/platform_manifest_twrp_omni/tree/twrp-9.0 If I'll follow the origianl...
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    Post How to compress Samsung images with lz4?

    Found the solution by myself, compared two compressed archives until I've found the right parameters: For Odin 3.1.13 following options are needed: lz4 -B6 --content-size in.img out.img.lz4 see: https://www.mankier.com/1/lz4
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    Thread How to compress Samsung images with lz4?

    Hi, I'm working on a custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and I'd like to use the new lz4 compression feature of Odin v3.13. There is no problem to flash lz4 compressed stock images, but Odin does not like my lz4 compressed images and comments this with "FAIL! LZ4 is invalid" I tried different...
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    Post setools-android with sepolicy-inject

    Thanks for this great tool. It is now possible to add new sources to an existing sepolicy which is a major improvement. I need to add a custom init context, like supersu from chainfire, which is loaded by the init process. My custom_init source has the same context configuration as the default...
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    Post [RECOVERY][ROOT][TWRP 3.0.2-1]Galaxy A3 - SM-A310F/FD/Y/M - Exynos7580

    Is there a 32Bit linked version of this TWRP available? I need to link a shared 32Bit library and do not have the sources to build it static.
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    Post Stock icons are bigger than 3rd partry app icons

    Found the solution in a stock Samsung Application AndroidManifest.xml You need to add the following line into the <application> tag in the mainfest. <meta-data android:name="com.samsung.android.icon_container.has_icon_container" android:value="true"/> This works with *.png and *.qmg icons too.
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    Thread Stock icons are bigger than 3rd partry app icons

    Hi Icons of stock applications on Samsung devices with touchwiz and Android 6.0.1 are displayed bigger than icons of 3rd party apps. It is dependent on the "pixel-weight" of the icon, here an example. If I draw a small border, the icon has almost the same size as the stock ones, but if the...
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    Post [RECOVERY][ROOT][TWRP 3.0.2-1]Galaxy A3 - SM-A310F/FD/Y/M - Exynos7580

    Great work, thanks a lot! Is the build configuration open source? Is it possible to build it by myself? Can you give me a link to the sources? Thanks, regards
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    Post [Q] SM-A500FU maybe I BRICKed it - please HELP - downgrade 5.0.2 > 4.4.4

    I have compared my two versions A300FUXXU1ANL4 and A300FUXX1BOEC. They have the same images and the pit file is also identical.
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    Post [Q] SM-A500FU maybe I BRICKed it - please HELP - downgrade 5.0.2 > 4.4.4

    Same issue on SM-A300FU, I have already two dead devices... There is no reason for a hard brick if you don't wipe data/cache, this could only lead to a soft brick. Odin finished successful, I think the bootloader was not flashed correctly. After finishing, the phone shuts down without any...
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    Thread [Q] SM-A300FU Android 5.0.2 to 4.4.4 downgrade - brick

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxay A3 SM-A300FU with Android 5.0.2 and wanted to downgrad to 4.4.4 with Odin. I have used a release of samsung-updates.com, but the after the successful flashing, the device does not reboot, it is shut down. It won't start anymore, normally I can reboot into download...
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    Post setools-android with sepolicy-inject

    Nice tool, thanks. Is there a way to inject new source and target types or is it only possible to expand existing contexts?
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    Post [Q] Choose Samsung bootloader default image (boot or recovery)

    I figured out that it happens only if I flash the cache image too. I could not reproduce the error without flashing the cache image. I changed the size and content of the image, but still the same. I don't know whats the problem exactly but I think my cache image confuses the bootloader and he...
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    Thread [Q] Choose Samsung bootloader default image (boot or recovery)

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 flashed with my own boot and system image. After a few flash cycles, my phone restarts only into recovery mode. Even after a power off it first starts into recovery. When I choose "reboot system now", the device will normal startup the system, using my bootloader...
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    Post [q] need samsung firmware[sm-355h]

    A good alternative to sammobile: http://samsung-updates.com/device/?id=SM-G355H
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    Thread [solved] Data/Cache wipe by flashing empty images

    Hi there, I try to wipe my data and cache partition by flashing an empty image each but instead of a normal factory reset bootup, my phone crashes while initialising the apps. If I use the recovery data/cache wipe option, it works. Why can't I just replace the image with an empty one, are there...
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    Post [GUIDE] Unpack/repack ext4 Android system images

    Hi there, I'd like to repack a samsung system image, the scripts work fine, but when the phone boots it freezes on samsung boot logo. I just extracted the original system image and repacked it without any changes but it is not working. If I compare the original and the repacked image, they are...
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    Post [Q] SM-A300 recovery sources / board config request

    The design is very appealing for a midrange device and also compared to a S5mini. In case there will be no future mini version of the upcoming Galaxy S6, this will be the only alternative to a screen oversized phone and will replace the mini series.
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    Thread [Q] SM-A300 recovery sources / board config request

    Hi there, I haven't found an appropriate forum to ask questions about the new Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300(FU), so I try it my luck here. Chainfire already published its auto-root solution for the new device family, but it will take some time until a CWM or TWRP recovery will be available...
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    Post [Q] onPause() by home button pressed send intent - delay

    Since the key event has been removed from the home button in Android 4.x, it seems to be one of the few chances to catch the home button pressed event. One other possibility is to overwrite the launcher with the activity and change the launcher default settings, but this would go to far.
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    Thread [Q] onPause() by home button pressed send intent - delay

    Hi I have two activitys and have following use case: If user presses in the first activityOne the home button, onPause() is called. In onPause() I'd like to send an intent to the second activity to launch it. Technically it works, but there is a huge delay betwend pressing the home button and...
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    Post Baseband won't update 4.2.2 to 4.4.2

    Got another device, I followed your hint, flashed the modem even two times but still no success. I flashed it back to the previous version and back again, even Kies does not work. Is this firmware or the device corrupt? Have downloaded the firmware from sammobile Update: It seems that the...
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    Post Baseband won't update 4.2.2 to 4.4.2

    Thanks, I did an intermediate step and flashed xxUCNH3 first and then xxUCNH5 and now it works... strange
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    Thread Baseband won't update 4.2.2 to 4.4.2

    Hi I have a GT-I9195 with Android 4.2.2 xxxUBML4 baseband and buildnumber. If I update the device by Kies or flash it by Odin, everything works fine, except the baseband won't be updated, it is still baseband xxxUBML4 instead if xxxUCNH5 installed. So the Wifi doesn't work. Even if I flash the...
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    Thread [Q] Required free storage for installation calculation

    Hi I am developing an app installer based on the simple pm command of the shell. I need to check if there is enough free space to install the apk. On my S4 mini 8GB, I need at least 500MB free storage, otherwise pm fails with the "insuffisant storage" error message. On other devices, like the...
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    Thread [Q] Library reload segmentation fault SIGSEGV signal 11 fault addr 0

    Hi I have a system app with native support. This app has the ability update itself by mounting system partition rw and replace *.apk and *.so files. The application runs in the dalvik cache and does not crash if the *.apk-sources are replaced. After replacing the *.so sources I need to access...
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    Post [Q] selinux add own policy to samsung policy

    Is there no way to get the samsung policy files? I that case, it wouldn't be possible to build a vendor platform anymore, escpecially not with selinux enforced.
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    Post [Q] SM-G900F build custom boot.img

    It seems, that not the boot image is the problem but the cpio initramfs. I can use the command abootimg -u boot.img -r initrd.img to replace the ramdisk in a working boot image. This works only if a replace the current initramfs with the original initramfs. If I unpack the initramfs too and...
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    Thread [Q] SM-G900F build custom boot.img

    Hi I am used to rebuild boot images with unkmbootimg/mkbootimg on my S4 mini. When I repack a G900F a working stock boot.img and flash it with Odin, the device boots into download mode. I didn't made any changes in the ramfs, the sources are binary the same, but when I repack it to the boot.img...
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    Thread [Q] CWM 10.1 built with graphical issues

    Hi I have built my own recovery with the current 10.1 sources for my serranoltexx. I used the stock recovery PDA 2340422 (Android 4.2.2). It was not working from the very first, I just merged the stock content with the builded cwm recovery, (init from stock, sbin/recovery from cwm) and it boots...
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    Post Force app to foreground like SetupWizard of Samsung

    But if I have a system app with system permissions? Should it not possible to access the system API by reflections?
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    Thread Force app to foreground like SetupWizard of Samsung

    Hi I have a rooted phone and like to start my app on BOOT_COMPLETED in fullscreen mode like the Samsung SetupWizard. I can overwrite the menu and back buttons but not the home button. I'cant also block the status drop down menu. How does Samsung it, is there some simple technics behind or do I...
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    Post Aroma, Edify, updater script Question and Answer thread.

    Hi, I've got a strange problem. I just got a new S4 mini (4.4.2 samsung_rel_3)unbranded and tried to use my updater-script which I've tested before with the same but branded device (4.4.2 samsung_rel_2). The problem is now, that the command package_extract_dir not extract all available files...
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    Thread [Q] Edify: Access file of update.zip directly using busybox?

    Hi How can I access files of my update.zip directly using busybox? In general, I'd extract all the files by the operation package_extract_dir("system", "/system") to have access to the extracted files. Now I'd like to avoid this step to unzip a file on my update.zip directly, whithout copying...
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    Post [GUIDE] [Root] [CWM] Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

    Still does not work on S7275R LTE. There is no working recovery image available yet. I'm stuck in the "Recovery Booting..." dialog.
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    Post Ace III development

    You are right, it does not work. You can download the stock recovery from http://samsung-updates.com/device/?id=GT-S7275R.
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    Post Ace III development

    This might be interesting, they have released CWM6 for S7275R LTE version: http://www.teamandroid.com/2013/12/02/root-xxuamk2-android-422-galaxy-ace-3-lte-s7275r-official-firmware/
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    Thread [Q] Add Icon to Samsung Launcher Bottom Bar promatically

    Hi Is it possible to add (or replace) an icon to the samsung default launchnr bottom bar (Galaxy S4 mini) without touching the framework? There is an Android API to create shortcouts promatically, is there also a way to add it directly to the bottom bar? I wrote a custom telephony app and want...
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    Thread [Odin] Pit re-partition takes no effect

    Hi I tried to re-partition my Samsung S3 mini with a custom pit file with Odin v3.07. This is Odin output, looks ok: I'd like to remove the recovery partition and resize following system partition instead. The download menu on the device prints a red warning "Custom pit file", which I ignore...
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    Thread [Q][Heimdall/Odin] Reboot to recovery after flashing?

    Hei, I'm writing a script to auto configure my samsung mobile. My configuration steps are flashing the recovery by heimdall or odin, booting into recovery and run my update script. Is there any way to reboot automatically into recovery mode after flashing, so I don't have to press the volume...
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    Post [UTIL] unmkbootimg

    Thanks alot, thats what I was looking for. Works way better than mkbootimg, especially for stock boot images.
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    Post Ace III development

    $ It doesn't work yet, because the cwm sources (cyanogenmod sources) aren't prepared for the GT-S7275R LTE chipset. I already spent a lot of time building and configuring a custom made recovery, but I didn't get it. Maybe someone else should try.
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    Post Ace III development

    Thanks for the hint (I found this solution by googling too), but I still need a recovery to install my system customisations the old fashioned way.
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    Post Ace III development

    I've found the stock recovery and flashed it again, works fine. I tried to build a CWM recovery for the S7275R but it seems that I failed on the packing of the recovery image. After flashing, I can't boot into the recovery image. There must be some problems with the addressing of the partition...
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    Post [GUIDE] Compile CWM Recovery

    I try to build a recovery for the new Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 GT-S7275R. Has the device_name only a symbolic value or must it be according to the entry in the build.prop of the device? I can't use the name of the build.prop "GT-S7275R" because when I run an error of invalid combo occures (I think...
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    Post Ace III development

    Hi, the posted recovery doesn't work for GT-7275R (LTE Version). After flashing and switching to the recovery menu, the phone hangs on the Samsung startup screen with the blue command line: "BOOTING RECOVERY". Is there a stock boot.img of the Galaxy Ace III?
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    Thread android system-app update restoring to default after reboot

    Hei, I've written a system app which is included in my system image. When I run update with the same package name and certificate, the system image is read-only so it will generate a new app in the data image with inherited system permissions. Everything works fine, but after reboot, the update...
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    Post [Q] Need help with IPTABLES, INIT.D and CM

    Hi I would like to reopen the topic. I have written an init service which is executed by the init.rc script. This service set a new iptables configuration. I have checked all the outputs and it seems to work, but a later service overwrites my settings. Does anyone know which service this and...
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    Thread [Q] [Samsung] Read Flash Counter

    Hi I'm working on an observer app which should be able to detetect modifications on the system. Is there a way to read out the flash counter of Samsung Galaxy Devices? I'm not interrested to reset the counter I just like to get informed if someone did it or replaced the boot.img or...