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  1. Maroc-OS

    Thread GetMeIn : One time rooting/jailbreaking tool for webOS LG TV's

    Hello XDA, After a long thinking i've decided to create a root or jailbreak tool for LG's awesome webOS, today am stating this thread to release this new root tool, but before that! am gonna ask you for some logs from webOS 3.5 and lower. Everyone in this thread must know about webOS if not do...
  2. Maroc-OS

    Thread [Q] [DEV][POLL] UBUNTU TOUCH For Galaxy S5 Source Code.

    Hello, After a very long while not visiting XDA-Developers, am back with something new but this time for Samsung Galaxy S5 Development. Notice : I DON'T HAVE THE DEVICE. AFTER A LONG WEEK FIXING MY UBUNTU STATION PROBLEMS (UPGRADE FROM A MACHINE 32bit INTO ANOTHER STATION 64bit), I WAN'T TO...
  3. Maroc-OS

    Thread [Sources][CWM-Touch] CWM-Merruk Recovery Compiled from sources for Samsung Galaxy Y

    Hello Everybody's, How are you :) hop all is fine. MerrukTechnology Touch Recovery v1.0.8.5 This is the FIRST CWM Compiled from sources for Samsung Galaxy Y, and that's not All, It's a Touch Recovery based on CWM Recovery from [Napstar], and Updated with fixes from 5.8.x.x. Features ...
  4. Maroc-OS

    Thread [INFO] Hardware Infos and Similar Phones that have the same Board (BCM21553)

    Hello Guys How Are you all, when surfing and searching on the net, i found some phones that have the same board like the GALAXY Y GT-S5360 and this is the list : --------------------------------THIS IS THE PHONES AT 833Mhz Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket : CPU: 32bit Broadcom BCM21553, 833MHz...
  5. Maroc-OS

    Thread [PORT][DEV][CM7] Unofficial CyanogenMod 7.2.0 RC1 For SGY GT-S5360

    Hello Everyone, For All Followers, dev sessions & news about progresses are here : http://www.facebook.com/groups/317554784974532/ This is the CM7 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.[/SIZE] All credits are for razor083 his can't open threads here and this is what his found, The Galaxy ACE has a...
  6. Maroc-OS

    Thread [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel 2.0 PRE-FINAL, For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

    " MerrukTechnology Kernel Final Version 1.0.8 " Hello Everybody's. I am New in XDA-DEV this is my first day (I HAVE 3 WEEK'S NOW) & my first post was a NEW CUSTOM KERNEL for Samsung Galaxy Y in a thread on General Section, it was just a test. but we to got a perfect kernel for this Device...