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  1. Allen Hu

    Thread Galaxy buds with Pixel 2(XL)?

    I'm pretty tempted to buy some wireless earbuds, and while the Galaxy buds lack apt-x support, they still look good on paper imo. I've been browsing through reviews the past few days, and some say that the Galaxy buds don't really with that well with non-Samsung phones, while others say they've...
  2. Allen Hu

    Thread Phone froze after flashing gapps in official twrp

    I was on official pie 10 minutes ago. What I did was : 1. Reboot recovery 2. Flash havoc 3. Flash official twrp 4. reboot recovery 5. Flash gapps. And now the phone is completely stuck on the Flashing screen, couldn't even power off by pressing power+volup+voldown :crying: Any suggestions on...
  3. Allen Hu

    Thread Having problems updating to latest MIUI 9 weekly

    I'm currently using the weekly-updated MIUI 9 developer rom from en.miui, though I haven't updated it for months, and I'm still on 7.10.6 as shown in the settings page. I've tried to update to the latest weekly which is miui_MIMAX2Global_8.2.8_45df73749c_7.1.zip, though I keep failing. The...
  4. Allen Hu

    Thread [Discussion]Still using your Xperia T/V as your main phone?

    Well as the Title said, just wanted to see how many of you guys still have your T and V's using live. I have bought the V on 2013 November and still using it now, although the batterylife and performance had become totally awful. Thinking about jumping to the new Nexus 5 2015 this November, and...
  5. Allen Hu

    Thread [FAQ]Recovery recognizing "tsubasa" as "mint

    Well as I see people asking this, I thought I'll just make a thread about this issue which is pretty simple to solve. The reason why you got this issue may be caused by flashing some Roms( such as installing Rizal's Roms' CWM Backup versions :rolleyes: ) If you accidentally brick your device...
  6. Allen Hu

    Thread [Q] Data usage calculator disappeared in settings

    As the title, my friend's ZR's Data Usage calculator below bluetooth settings disappeared last night... The phone is locked and never flashed a custom rom, purely stock. As I don't have a ZR and never met this problem on my Xperia V, I suppose someone should maybe have this problem here in the...
  7. Allen Hu

    Thread Would dual booting be possible on our Xperias?

    Xperia M got Dual Booting working. See Link:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2599743 So I was thinking that if it would be able to work on our devices too.... Here is the original utility thread for Nexus 7: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2011403
  8. Allen Hu

    Thread Xperia Z1 4.3 Notes apk

    Can anyone pull the notes apk for me? Thanks :o
  9. Allen Hu

    Thread Xperia V recogonizing tsubasa as "mint"

    Well I was looking for an Honami Rom days ago, and I flashed THIS: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=47112717&postcount=74 Then when I tried installing CM11 or AOKP it fails, only STOCK based ROMS work I reflashed the firmware with flashtool and repaired with PC Companion but when I...
  10. Allen Hu

    Thread "Android" driver missing

    Hello, I was going to flash the Android 4.3 factory image when I saw the driver called "Android" missing. I have fastboot drivers installed(by installing HTC Device Manager for my phone) Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks:) device is NEXUS 7 3G
  11. Allen Hu

    Thread [Recovery][Feb 28]ClockWorkMod Recovery Touch[]

    Clockworkmod Recovery built by Me for Desire S I had a Sony Xperia phone before and always used CWM. But after coming to DS I missed the CWM6... So built one myself:p Just sharing here in case anyone needs it;) How to install: 1. Reboot into Bootloader 2. Rename downloaded image into...
  12. Allen Hu

    Thread [Xperia MDPI][Locked/Unlocked]JellySandwich 8.0 stable[Super Fast][11.25]

    This rom developed by maxio1998 for HDPI devices and me for MDPI devices. It's a fully working ROM.I am supporting this rom and adding updates to it - the ROM exists because of our co-operative work. Enjoy, click "thanks", donate. Cheers! Rom INFO: Jelly Sandwich is a stock Sony ICS based...
  13. Allen Hu

    Thread Testers needed(Mini/Active/LWW)...For an AWSOME rom

    Hello guys:) I got a New Rom to share:fingers-crossed: But I'll need testers first:rolleyes: If ANYONE wants to become a tester PM to my INBOX Thanks:):cowboy::cool:
  14. Allen Hu

    Thread [Mini Pro]CM10/FXP/JB/Pa Roms Full LegacyCamera Fix!!!!!!

    This is a EXELLENT fix of the CM10 camera:) I made it into a flashable zip file so users can all get it working in custom roms:victory: Thanks to bulook00 and szl.kiev:laugh: Just wanna share this fix. This zip uses LegacyCamera. I will share another patch once I make the original Gallery-Camera...
  15. Allen Hu

    Thread No official JB update for Xperia Mini Pro

    Now there is no official JB update for xperia mini pro....... Sony posted this in their facebook page...... But if there is JB for other device I'll try to port it to our little devices.:laugh::cool::cowboy:
  16. Allen Hu

    Thread [ROM][JB4.1.2][All MDPI][Pa+AOKP+CM]P.A.C Man ROM alpha16[Milestone1,Pa2.53][11.8]

    Pa+AOKP+CM = PACman All in 1 ROM !!! Introduction: Working: Not Working: READ: Kernel: Requirements: Installation Guide: Supported Devices: Words from Author/OP: Donation Link: Donate!! Please donate so I can buy my new Sony phone:) Credits: Press the thanks button...
  17. Allen Hu

    Thread [Dev only] Help on Rom port

    I have some problems in my JB rom port. ( to my xperia mini pro ) It can't boot up ( bootanimation never ends ) Anyone know how to fix this please help me.... Always stuck in there.:crying: regards, Allen
  18. Allen Hu

    Thread [Requst] Xperia s ICS system dump (system/app)

    Can anyone share a xperia s ICS system dump? I found some but links are dead. Any kind person upload for me?:confused:
  19. Allen Hu

    Thread [ICS][Xperia MDPI/HDPI]JB style nontification bar for .431 and .587 FW[Updated 8/29]

    This is a MOD of Xperia JellyBean style SystemUI modified by ThilinaC(Thank him as well:good:) and ported to all Xperia MDPI/HDPI devices by ME:cool: Let me present you: Jelly Bean style SystemUI Only for ICS .431 Firmware. Nothing else to say...so lets start! Last, the one that I like...
  20. Allen Hu

    Thread Anyone from JAPAN??

    Does anyone have a phone bought in JAPAN?? I need a JAPAN .ftf If anyone is avaliable please provide me!!
  21. Allen Hu

    Thread [Asking For]Official ICS lockscreen volume icon

    Can anyone provide a official OCS lockscreen with the volume icon replacing the camera icon?? I don't often use the camera function and want to change it back........ Searched and no results= = If anyone knows how to do it please help!!!!!!!!!
  22. Allen Hu

    Thread [Q] [QUESTION]Enable Xperia keyboard in CM9

    Does anyone know how to enable the OFFICIAL xperia keyboard(WITH GESTURE INPUT) in cm9??? Can't find any thread about this:rolleyes: If anyone knows how PLZ help me!!!!:crying:
  23. Allen Hu

    Thread [MDPI][Sony]Close shuttle sound!!!

    This thread is only for sony MDPI devices in android 4.0.4!!! Easiest way for closing shuttle sound!!! Requirements: Root Screenshots are in the download link, cause I have nowhere to upload. Guide: 1. Download the attatched file below 2. Rename it to SemcCamera.apk 3. Put it in your sd card...
  24. Allen Hu

    Thread Boofs last rom[Ice Hybrom v2] for mini pro sk17i

    I downloaded this rom+kernel from boofs page two days ago. Here I want to share this rom for Xperia mini pro sk17i users, cause seems like lots of people are willing to get this rom. But this is boofs work, so I cant share it in Public, so if anyone wants it, please send a message to me and say...
  25. Allen Hu

    Thread [Discussion]Problems in Ice Cream Sandwich

    I have updated my mini pro to ICS one month ago,and I found out some BIGproblems for google. 1. If you're in a Full-Screen application , how can you change your keyboard if the Keyboard-Choser is on the status bar?? Google should make something like iphone that u can still pull down the...
  26. Allen Hu

    Thread [Status bar]For xperia phones with 1%

    This is a status bar for xperia phones in 4.0.4 431 update It is {ONLY} for xperia ics 4.0.4 update!!! Please use at you're own risk. It works perfectly on my xperia mini pro!! There are two themes , blue and black. And they are all with %1 battery icon and the quickpanel. P.S. They all...