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    Thread Is it possible to change the IMEI?

    Hi, can i switch IMEI if the phone is reported stolen and blocked in my country? I can use imei of an old Galaxy s3 if this would be possible.
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    Thread J7 2016 nougat and oreo deteriorate battery life

    Hi, in marshmallow i used to get 12-13h screen on time consistently. After i received the nougat , sot has been halved... i did everything properly, updated, formatted data, even reflashed with odin... so its a clean install. I used to charge my phone every other day, now i do it every night...
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    Thread Horrible battery life even with new battery

    Hi ! To make it short , i even downgraded to kitkat , and got my self a new battery , it's a taiwanese battery, couldn't find authentic battery anywhere. The best sot i could get is like 5-6h ( video playback). Normal usage would get me 2:30h or 3h top Share your usage please . Im hating this phone
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    Thread Gpu overclock

    Hello. I have the note 3 N9005 on android 4.4.2 rooted with custom recovery. I would like to know which kernel is suited to overclock the gpu. That is my only goal of wanting to use a custom kernel and i have never used one before. Help is appreciated as i am a new note 3 user.
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    Thread Xperia z2 vs z3 questions

    Hi. I would like to know if its worth it the extra cost to buy a z3 For those who owned both devices How does the speaker quality compare? Is it true that z2 has better screen with deeper blacks How does battery life compare?
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    Thread G900H 4.4.2 download link ( mega or mediafire ect ..)

    Hello , i really need to download kitkat rom europe so i can downgrade. Sammobile links are not working .
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    Thread Is my G900h faulty ?

    Recently i bought a g900h . Installed latest 6.0.1 update and did a factory reset. I was happy to play gta games without lag on it because it has Mali gpu. But unfotunately gta vc , san andreas , lcs lag on it and dont have smooth frame rate I watched youtube videos and i verified that these...
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    Thread bootloop after messing with build.prop

    hello, please help me recover my phone, it's stuck on bootloop after i tried to change brand and model by editing build prop my phone has lots of important notes , and many open tabs on chrome i don't want to lose track of. i ve been trying with adb, but i am desperate now, will flashing...
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    Thread Lg g3 stability test, throttling,temp check.

    Hello, i ordered a white sexy g3 32gb despite reading all about its problems like throttling, rebooting, freezing, lag, bad battery life and overheating. I lcouldnt help but order it, iike its screen to body ratiio, and how it looks. And always wanted to try it. Currently i have sony z1 and it...
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    Thread xperia z2 s0-03f. Flash D6503 Mm rom

    Hello, i've got xperia z2 s0-03f. It's still stuck on kitkat. I've read here that it's possible to flash the international version firmware on it. But it was and old thread. So i am afraid that only works for kitkat. Is it possible to do this with 5.1.1 or marshmallow?
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    Thread Xperia x10i sim unlock

    Hello, ive got a second hand xperia x10i locked yo a french operator, i would like to sim unlock it. Is there any free method to do it? The phone is locked to the lock screen, cant access menu, only emergency calls
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    Thread z1 Multitasking solutions ( fix)

    Hello, as all of you know the Z1 has very bad ram management, and apps reload most of the time unlike other 2gb ram phones i used ram expander ,worked very good for a month, then my micro sd died. please everyone share his solution or alternatives and thanks.
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    Thread Z3 System ui with invisible power button for z1(small bug fix request)

    Hello, can you reduce the white shadow a bit please to something like this i found it on this thread "[PORT][KK only] Xperia Z3 SystemUI - Stable" the available final version does not have the invisible power button, i found a modded one across the thread but it has too much of that white...
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    Thread What is your favorite sound mod for xperia z1 ?

    Hello, i would like to know which sound mod do you use for your z1 ? i never flashed any sound mod before, and there are plenty of mods out there, so i made this thread. i have few other flagship phones from other oems and their sound output in headphone is like night and day compared to z1...
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    Thread 4.4.4 108 vs 157

    Hello, i am a new owner of z1, currently on 5.1.1, i want to downgrade but hesitating between 108 or 157 firmware?
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    Thread 4.4.4 vs 5.1.1

    So after the long wait, what do you think of 5.1.1.? Is it much better than kitkat, or kitkat is still the best from google?
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    Thread Do i have a faulty camera on my z1?

    Hello, please check these photos taken with my z1, and tell me if my camera is faulty or not? The sun was almost down at that time but still bright enough for a nice picture in my opinion :( http://imgur.com/a/xjfrl Other grainy photo I had my nokia n95 on my other pocket and it's photos...
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    Thread Should i upgrade from xperia z1 ? few questions

    Hello, i have xperia z1 i like it's 6H+ screen on time i like it's snappy lag free performance i am happy with it's camera , but i don't like it's low light performance What should i expect from LG G3 ? How is screen on time ? how is camera? how is performance ?( i used LG G3 once for one...
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    Thread Reduce minimum brightness

    Hello, some one please guide me so i can reduce the min brightness in lollipop, even the lowest is too bright and hurts my eyes at night, I want to change settings in the rom and dont want to use apps
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    Thread Which app do you use to remove ads from chrome?

    Browsing on my z1 has become very sluggish and slow when browsing xda, i did reflash it twice and no luck, i think its related to animated ads overflooding xda Please any solution?
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    Thread android ice cream sandwich for E975

    Hello, i downgraded my optimus g to jellybean, and now i want to downgrade it to the first firmware 4.0.4 or 4.0.3 many websites say that it is shipped with icecream sandwich, and i really want to try it, but i don't know which one is it on lg firmware can anyone please give me name of the...
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    Thread 4.3 vs 4.4

    Hello, may i ask the veteran users here which rom is rom is better to use on this phone, and it doesn't have screen issues(older firmwaares) 4.3 4.4.2 4.4.4 i am currently on 5.0.2 and i want to downgrade. and please specify which version of the firmware( like for example 4.4.4 157)
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    Thread [Q] oil painting snapper with light bleeding effects

    hello am here to ask if every one have oil painting like photos in lower light areas with their z1 ? and if i use flash . light bleeds inside the camera and my photos will have this jesus light effect. my other z1 doesny have this fault. i thought that maybe because ita black but my new z1 white...
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    Thread is it really a 1080p display ?

    hello friends. i just got back to using z1 after using galaxy s4(first 1080p phone and i liked it) . then used lg optimis g ( its screen is much much better and sharper than the 1080p gs4) also used lg g3 for 2 weeks and it was better than og and s4 of course now i got a z1 and first thing i...
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    Thread [Q] quick question please

    Hello, i've been looking around lg e975 roms, and there are many versions of kitkat made me confused b10h v20a v20v v20c etc.. i don't know which one is the last version , i just got my lg e975 today and please if you can give me a link for it, i want a rom doesn't have operator brand, and i...
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    Thread New user of e975

    Hello my friends, i have vodaphone E975 with rom 4.4.2 v20 i have problem that the phone throttle alot and performance of dual core and andreno 305 or less, also if i remove throttle from secret menu, the phone reaches 100 degree celcuis and battery drains very fast and phone dies. i want...
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    Thread should i get the galaxy s4 plus aka i9506 ?

    hello friends, i am hesitating between the xperia z1 and the galaxy s4 plus any recommendations
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    Thread touch screen issues

    hello my friends, is there any fix today ? it's been a year and my phone still has the same touch screen problem when the phone is hot, the screen becomes crazy and when i touch a place it makes other ghost touches too does any one has a solution ? already replaced my phone 3 times, and i am...
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    Thread [Q] does the galaxy s3 have lag ?

    Hello, this is my first post in the Samsung section, i just sold my xperia sp, because it gave me a lot of head ache, always freezing and lagging, scrolling is laggy too, not always, but 70% of the time, specially when multitasking, and what i mean by multitasking is just every day usage stuff...
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    Thread Should i buy Xperia Z1 ?(does it still has ghost touch issues?)

    Hello, my friend has Xperia Z1 in okay condition, just has few scratches on it's corners, and has no Sony logo( he says it was removed with it's original screen protector) anyway, he says, that sometimes, when the phone gets little warm, the screen acts little weird, and the keyboard responds...
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    Thread install kitkat easter egg on 4.3 existenz ultra

    hello every one, i am having trouble trying to install kitkat easter egg on existenz i replaced framework and installed kitkat easter eggg apk, but got bootloop everytime and permamanet solution withouut using xposed framework ?
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    Thread xperia sp stuck in flashing data

    hello, please friends this is so urgent, i downloaded existenz ultra and super su fix i installed revoery 4.4.1 booted in cwm recovery, wiped system, data, cache, and then i chose go back to main menu, and it's stuck in recovery, i mean waited and no instructions appeared, just done in the...
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    Thread [Q] what is the difference between the available 4.4.4 roms ?

    hello my friends, i have xps 4.3 207 lbl, and wanted to install a 4.4.4 i found therare many version of it and couldnt decide which rom to use, also note ths is the first time i will try to install dfferent rom on my phone here are the roms : paranoid nexus...
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    Thread [Q] difference beween rom regions and how to root 4.3 .207

    Hello, can you please if there is difference between rom regions ? as i am from north africa , and had my phone on orange rom , i installed Australia generic rom c5303 4.3 .207, is that okay ? or should i install other rom that has my region ?? also how to fix the poor wifi signal on sp ?
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    Thread [Q] Newbie, first android phone

    Hello friends, i am new here, i bought xperia sp 5303 last week from a friend, it's unlocked, updated firmware from update center to the last version and did factory rested from settings to delete all my friends data..... before you start reading, this is long post, please proceed if you...
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    Thread best rom for Xperia ion

    first thing sorry for my bad english , and my noob questions, this is my first android phone and here is the story... hello guys, i just bought xperia ion, and it is already lagging in 4.1.2 version i am noob, and heard that people here make fast android versions for old phones my question is...
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    Thread Sony xperia ion versus Galaxy s2

    Hello guys, i am a new member here, and i know that my question is outdated :p but this is my budget which phone is better , samsung galaxy s2 or xperia ion (4g version; but no 4g in my country yet) most important thing is a phone that i can install a nice vanilla stable kitkat...