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    Thread Question poco f3 cant connect to hotspot

    Connected my boys two Fire HD 10's to my hotspot no problem. Now they won't connect even after resetting network settings on the Poco and forgetting network on th fire HD 10. The Fire HD always says check password even though it's correct. Anybody else had this issue and found a fix? Might not...
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    Thread Broken screen need to copy data

    I've cracked the screen on my HTC U11, the LCD is damaged so nothing is displayed apart from loads of vertical lines. I need to copy the pictures etc off the phone, when I plug it into my laptop the phone isn't displayed in my computer. Pretty sure I need to select the connect as media device...
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    Thread Remove orange apps

    Does anybody know if its possible to remove the orange apps the come installed with uk orange branded handsets without rooting the phone? I know its possible with the san francisco, but dont know if these files will work with the sensation...
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    Thread FTP apps

    Has anybody installed any FTP apps on their Desire, and then found that there hosting space has been comprimised? My webspace had a script inserted into every html file, plus 2 extra html files and 2 pics..that redirected you to some site full of virus's.. I run mccaffee and i'll also run...
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    Thread HTC Desire Firmware update

    Has anybody recieved the Firmware over the air update? Curious as to what it updates as it doesnt mention it on the HTC site. http://www.htc.com/europe/support.aspx Update – HTC Desire Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update In our commitment to providing you with the best user experience, we are...