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  1. Pennycake

    Post restore personalizations after a wipe

    I've used Titanium Backup for this - for a more in-depth way to backup and restore. It's just important to read and understand what you can and can't do with it or you can cripple your ROM and have to wipe and start over. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk
  2. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Bad IMEI

    I haven't looked into this since last year, but the FCC was advising on a shared blacklist to be implemented in the future back then. Also beware that the phone might be stolen, which could lead to more problems in the future. I've never used Straight Talk, but if they use AT&T towers maybe...
  3. Pennycake

    Post A custom rom question

    It'd probably hard brick it, yeah. Your impatience and accusatory attitude is pretty off putting and I almost didn't respond because of it. Not getting a reply isn't anything personal against you or a reflection on anyone's kindness or lack thereof (maybe they just didn't know, maybe they were...
  4. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Help with Verizon SCH-I535 Phone to use on T-mobile

    It's worth a look, but could still leave them with patchy coverage. If it's going to be a while, why wait when it's not hard to just trade the phone? I guess I don't see a reason why hold out on getting a Verizon phone to work when you could just get one that works now with little to no monetary...
  5. Pennycake

    Post Galaxy S4 Case VS Bumper

    I use a bumper case and have used both TPU and aluminium, but I cannot recommend them for more than light protection. Yeah, I've dropped my phone once or twice in the last year or so (S3) but I'd not have had terribly high hopes that it would have survived being dropped from ear height with any...
  6. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Help with Verizon SCH-I535 Phone to use on T-mobile

    Even if you CAN fix it, why bother if you can only get 2G? I'd sell it or trade it for a phone that's more compatible with T-Mobile 's network instead of paying for data and only getting dial-up speeds. I get that solving problems is fun, but OP do you want to live with only 2G? Sent from my...
  7. Pennycake

    Post Stay with Prepaid or go on Contract?

    I switched to pre-paid from contract (Sprint to T-Mobile) and see no reason to go back. Do the math, will you save that $200 difference or end up paying more? I paid $450 for my phone when I got it in eBay (over a year ago) and over a two year period it still works out to less than I was paying...
  8. Pennycake

    Post Do you REALLY need a tablet?.. why I sold my Nexus 7 (2013, 2nd gen, Wifi version)

    After I built a desktop just for gaming I replaced my laptop with an ASUS Transformer - it's lighter, the battery lasts longer and I like it a lot better than a netbook. I still use my e-ink Kindle because I much prefer reading books on e-ink. My phone is pocket sized but isn't the best when I'd...
  9. Pennycake

    Post [Q] How to post answers?

    It's good for not getting spammed by people who don't bother to read or watch the video.
  10. Pennycake

    Post [Q] How do Apps send update notice without my phone having WiFi or Data?

    Your screenshots are way too tiny to read. I've never looked it up but I'd guess they're just built into the app's programming. I mean, your WIFI hasn't been off THAT long - you could easily received communication from the apps over wifi yesterday or 5 days ago that included information about...
  11. Pennycake

    Post How much pressure can a screen take? Can I rest my head on it?

    I'm surprised no one brought up the very real possibility of overheating. Sure, you can rest your head on it - but you're smothering it under a pillow and not allowing for the heat it will generate to dissipate. It would be especially bad if you were charging at the same time - and either way...
  12. Pennycake

    Post why people want phone with good viewing angle?

    If you're watching something you don't want your girlfriend to see, how can you even keep the screen at a 90 degree angle ? And if she's in a position to be able to see the phone I'm pretty sure she can see whatever else you're doing, bad viewing angle or no. If someone is literally standing...
  13. Pennycake

    Post [Discussion] Why did you make the jump to Android?

    I came from an LG "dumbphone" because I realised I could get a smartphone for less per month than I was paying for it. I mean, why not ? There was literally no downside.
  14. Pennycake

    Post Is your smartphone faster than your PC?

    What video playback software do you use ? What GPU do you have ? Do you not have a dedicated GPU, only the one onboard the i7 ? I don't even have an SSD and video pause/play/fast-forward is basically seamless - with DivX+ there's a small blip that's less than 1/4 of a second and with VLC it's...
  15. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Does having a Phablet bar one from buying a Tablet?

    It's really up to you and how you use things. Go look at a "tablet" in person and see if the size makes enough difference to you. Windows 8 is a whole different OS than Android - some people own multiple phones and multiple tablets just to be able to use different OS/hardware/because work/et...
  16. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Phone Black screen after flashing and selecting shut off!

    Are you sure that ROM was for your phone ? I don't know about Sony phones since I've never had one, but it says "Xperia T LT30p" and you say you have a "Xperia LT30a". That one little letter can make all the difference if the phones have different hardware (for instance, the Galaxy S3 has a...
  17. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Google Music All Access - Storing "On Device" Files to SD Card?

    I just dragged and dropped from my computer to external SD card. I would guess that you can copy and paste the files if you want to do it all on the phone ? I realise that you might have to use a different music app if the one you use now doesn't "see" them, but that shouldn't be too bad ?
  18. Pennycake

    Post Official 4.1.2 Update! With Multi-Window!

    Yep, what D12005 said. If she likes it, why change it ? If she wants it changed, sure, but otherwise why not let her enjoy it while that lasts ?
  19. Pennycake

    Post Great Idea

    It would be easier to just have a "safe" mode that's activated by choosing it either when already unlocked or when unlocking - but still using the same password. The "backward password" thing is a cute urban legend about ATM PINs, but examination of the legend reveals the flaws in a "backward...
  20. Pennycake

    Post Should i trade my S3 for a Nexus 4?

    I guess this is a question you need to ask yourself. No, I wouldn't do it, but you might have different priorities.
  21. Pennycake

    Post Is your smartphone faster than your PC?

    I don't even have an SSD in my desktop PC right now because I'm cheap and don't care that much - so maybe my phone could beat it on some points in that regard, but my PC can still play HD video and a GC emulator at the same time and my phone gets worryingly warm playing Temple Run. I also...
  22. Pennycake

    Post Cases

    Some people love them, I have a friend that does. I guess it depends on how clumsy you are or your environment and how often you drop your phone. Or how paranoid you are. My friend drops his phone A LOT so it's the only thing keeping his phone alive. Just ask yourself how much protection you...
  23. Pennycake

    Post [Discussion]All modern Andro phones are so big and bulky

    I guess it depends on what you do with your phone. What do you do that requires "monster" hardware and if it really does, how are you able to deal with the tiny screen size ? I have the Galaxy S3 and the screen size is too "small" for the tasks that actually use the hardware to any great...
  24. Pennycake

    Post Nova Launcher Prime or Apex Launcher Pro

    I tried both and liked Apex better. Just try both free versions and see which you like better - they're very, very similar and you'll find which one's minute differences serve what you want better.
  25. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Google Play apk download

    A custom ROM shouldn't stop you from accessing the Play Store. You should have been directed to install a GAPPs zip if it didn't have them in the ROM package. Far fewer people would use custom ROMs if you couldn't do this.
  26. Pennycake

    Post Are i9300 and Verizon battery doors compatible?

    Yes, they are the same part.
  27. Pennycake

    Post I actually WANT to pay more for my phones, and here is why?

    I DO NOT want to pay more for a phone. Why ? Because the $600 or $700 tag already is several hundred dollars over material cost. Yes, they need to account for labour, shipping, and profit but take a look at Google and the Nexus line. Is it because Google can afford to take a loss on the...
  28. Pennycake

    Post [Q] My Boy! Save Game Android

    Just copy and paste the save files using a file explorer. I did this to transfer to my computer - it should work for the "save state" too since you'll be using the same emulator. :) Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  29. Pennycake

    Post Quick Jtag fix

    I dunno, there's a "happy story" from a guy who used MobileTechVideos posted recently, too. I've heard several people on here who have been happy with this dude on eBay so I wouldn't discount it just for that. Anyone who is going to use any JTAG service should do their research - but if it's...
  30. Pennycake

    Post Quick Jtag fix

    Good to know that JTAG can resolve whatever issues are happening with the "sudden death" problem. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  31. Pennycake

    Post [Q] best way to back up personel

    Like said, make sure you make a backup through your recovery as well! Something unexpected might happen an it will save you much time. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  32. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Accidentally flashed T-mo Note 2 firmwire ... hard bricked for sure?

    Yes, it's hard bricked for sure and JTAG is the only option. Sorry. :(
  33. Pennycake

    Post [Q] What are the chances of bricking your phone?

    Read things twice. Only use what has been tested for your exact ROM. I've tried a bunch of ROMs and helped my friends with their phones and the only soft brick I've had was when I tried an installer thing that hadn't been tested to work with my exact firmware - but I just got into recovery and...
  34. Pennycake

    Post [Q] Please help, Root and rom has failed my phone...

    I did that with my tablet once, I just wiped and re-flashed and put GAPPs on correctly and it was fine.
  35. Pennycake

    Post How can I get help from a Poster

    If you experience a bug, report it in the ROM's thread. You might not get a direct response - I wouldn't expect one. It's good for them to know about bugs, but sometimes there's no solution and there's nothing that they can personally do to help you other than perhaps make a fix for a future...
  36. Pennycake

    Post Is your smartphone faster than your PC?

    My PC is faster. I can certainly see that this is not the case for everyone. My friend's laptop can't run a DS emulator very well, my phone can at about 2/3 speed, and my PC can at full speed. My PC can run both an HD Game of Thrones rip (we own it on Blu Ray) and run the Dolphin Game Cube...
  37. Pennycake

    Post Stuck in bootloop

    Sometimes it can take a while to get past that screen the first time you turn it on with a new ROM (like, 5+ minutes) - how long did you wait ?
  38. Pennycake

    Post 10+ heavy use Android?

    It really depends on what you define as "heavy use". If you are truly using it all the time, even an extended battery is only going to last 8-12-ish hours of screen on time for the S3. I'd take a look at what you're really using now, how much the screen is actually on, and go from there. Sent...
  39. Pennycake

    Post PS2 Emulator for Android

    I've only run a few on my computer and I have an i5 (so I wouldn't likely have trouble, anyway) - I've been going off what the developers of the emulator are saying k and their challenges working with multi-core processors) and what people recommend for hardware specs if you want to try to run...
  40. Pennycake

    Post PS2 Emulator for Android

    Quad core what? Ran what? What resolution? I'd like to believe you, but that's just kind of vague. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  41. Pennycake

    Post [Discussion] Have you ever droped your phone?

    I've dropped my S3 once or twice, but I've always had a case and there was no damage.
  42. Pennycake

    Post PS2 Emulator for Android

    When the S3 even has issues with the N64 emulator (I can play Ocarina of Time well enough but the sound is always skipping because it can't keep up) and desktop PCs with less than an i5 struggle to emulate PS2 games, I have my doubts. We don't even have a DS emulator that works really well - I...
  43. Pennycake

    Post What could Google possibly be using so much data for?

    I use Now and it doesn't use anything like that. If I look at even one whole month of data usage history Google Services has only used about 5Mb - and that's cellular and wifi combined. Do you stream media or anything ? It seems like some kind of a mistake or error to me, but maybe not.
  44. Pennycake

    Post 10 post RULE is it helpful or harmful

    I joined this site knowing absolutely nothing about Android. Yet I was able to make ten legitimate posts the first day I joined. If you are so bewildered by Android that you cannot do that it's probably for the best you stay out of posting in the dev forums until you learn more - and it's in...
  45. Pennycake

    Post picture quality

    I'm not a camera expert, but that looks like a low light setting to me - the lower the lighting, the grainier you get. At least that's always been my experience. Have you tried the "low lighting" option for situations like that ? Don't know how much it would help.
  46. Pennycake

    Post Question about a t-mobile plan and the S4

    I did this with the S3 and I just got the SIM card and cut it to fit. I used a $1 template sticker from eBay because I was too lazy to actually measure anything - cheaper than getting a SIM cutter.
  47. Pennycake

    Post [Download]Google Play Store v4

    Who needs patience when you can get it NOW ! I don't mean that sarcastically, I downloaded it myself earlier. :P
  48. Pennycake

    Post touchwiz vs nova vs apex

    I use Apex. I just need a grid that's at least 6 tall by 5 wide. I tried Nova, too, and they are indeed almost the same. Nova did some things better but I switched back to Nova because of the app drawer - infinite scrolling within a tab. It was just too annoying to not have it with Nova...
  49. Pennycake

    Post Root for TMO S3 on UVDLJC

    I don't recall pulling the battery either time I did it, I just followed the instructions as written and both times were fine.