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    Thread Trigger Amolad AOD with Tasker

    A main disadvantage of the OP7P is the lack of AOD and Led. The ambient display is very short, so you never know if you missed call or message. Some AOD Apps are heavy battery consumers, or disabling face recognition unlock, OPAODmod block chrome, Plus Beat is reasonable solution, though it is...
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    Thread Kill and run Edxposed module with tasker

    Is there any way to Kill and run Edxposed module with tasker? I want to write task that will launch AOD module whenever I got message, and kill it when I read it. The AOD is Xposed module.
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    Thread Update Magisk 20.2 ?

    Had anyone tried Magisk 20.2 and manager 7.5.0? Is it bootloop free with OS 10?
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    Thread Using two or more dialers.

    According to new google requirement, non-default phone program cannot access the call log. I do want to use two or more dialers in my phone, and let each of them to see the call log, as it was before. Is there any way to go around this new low? i.e. to let each of them thinking that he is the...
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    Thread Can't connect hidden SSID

    Since upgrading to OS 10 (rooted), I can't connect to hidden WiFi ssid. I got "out of range" response. At the beginning I did had a problem to connect any wifi, but it solved after I installed customized kernel (arter97 ). Now the problem is only to connect hidden ssid. any advice? Update...
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    Thread Please list here EdXposed moduls that are working with OS 10.

    Please list here EdXposed moduls that are working with OS 10.
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    Thread Suddenly buttons and touch don't function

    Strange problem that happened to me twice: The power and the volume button stop response, I can open the phone with fingerprint but the touch does not function, so I don’t have any option to use the phone. The only way I found to use the phone is to get a phone call, this wake up everything. I...
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    Thread Looking for gestures module

    I don’t like the soft keys as the home key is mistakenly pressed in place of the space in keyboard. The stock gesture are not convenient. It does improved in the Q beta, but I will not immigrate to Q until I will make sure that all Magisk and Xposed modules are working. I tried the excellent...
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    Thread Antivirus for rooted phone

    Is it recommended to install antivirus app on rooted - bootloader opened phone, or the Google play protection is enough? If yes, please recommend for a light, free one. Thanks Eyal
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    Thread Is there a way to increase the size of icons in Status bar?

    Is there a way to increase the size of icons in Status bar? Changing to Lineage N didn't helped.