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    Thread [ROM][Developer Device] Lumia 920 (RM-821)

    Phone Name : Nokia Lumia 920 Product Type : RM-821 Variant ID : 7387593573 Varian Name : RM-821 VAR EURO1 DEVELOPER DEVICE BLACK Product Code : 059R4H6 Software Version : 3051.50009.1424.0002 File Name : RM821 059R4H6 3051.50009.1424.0002 045.vpl File Size : 3.57 Kb File Name : RM821...
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    Thread [Tools] WDK, WPAK, WPDK, CAB's etc, all for building WP8 ROMS and update Devices ;)

    Hi all ! :) I wanted to present tools from Microsoft for OEM partners. This tools allows build new FFU files and rebuild ROMs . Other tools can build and sign CAB files, send it to phone. Next tools can test devices etc... This package have additional cab files, and much much, much other...
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    Thread [XAP] ROM Rebuilder, interop unlock + all capabilities

    Hi Everyone !! :highfive: I want to show everyone a new tool which can modify ROM. This application can give interop unlock, all capabilities and many more other additives :) How to start? instructions are listed below :) 1. Download ROMRebuilder.7z, extract archive and copy...
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    Thread [CAB] Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones

    Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, cabs from Lumia 830 http://wp.ds.download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/dflt/2015/02/microsoft.mobilecore.prod.mainos.spku_79f6d99780f350a092023345a8611077552ab842.cab...
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    Thread QPST need help with create/find MPRG and msimage.mbn

    Hello everyone ! :) I need help, for me this is a new chapter although QPST use for a long time. Previously, I used ready-made sets of files and packages to flash my custom ROMs (Old times , Toshiba TG01) . I'm currently using eMMC Software Download to flash Huawei W1. QPST was very useful to...
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    Thread Lumia 1520 Starting work on custom ROM !

    Hi Everyone !! Work on the first custom rom WP8 for Huawei w1 been completed successfully . Time for something new ! :D I would like to announce that I start work on Custom ROM for nokia lumia 1520. First attempt at flashing the modified file ffu done successfully :) . Unfortunately, in...
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    Thread [Q] Lumia 1520 flash error, brick ?

    Hello everyone I have problem with my lumia 1520 :( I received error during flashing : DEV_REPORTED_ERROR_DURING_PROGRAMMING: 0x00030003 Computer identify the phone as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (Sharan mode). QPST detects the phone in Download Mode, but i don't have files for this...
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    Thread [ROM] HUAWEI Ascend W1-U00 | v1.32 | Now available !!

    Hi all :D I would like to everyone present the first Custom Windows Phone 8 ROM for HUAWEI Ascend W1-U00. Informations Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Build 14219 Dev unlock Interop unlock All capabilities Changed size partitions : MainOS - 2,1 GB Data - 1,5 GB Additional Can enable mass...
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    Thread Problem with tiles

    Hi everyone !! :victory: i have small problem... I need remove local scout tile because in first boot local scout tile replace people tile ;/ Who have any solution, how to remove (in kitchen) adding local scout tile in first boot ?? For example, map tile is created based on xml file but how is...
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    Thread Where find Source Code this OS?

    HI all !! I have small question... Where find source this OS ? can anyone give link ? :) Thanks :)
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    Thread [ROM] Toshiba Tsunagi TG01 , WP7.8 Build 8862 VDG v0.10

    Hi all :D I would like to everyone present the new Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for Toshiba Tsungai TG01 Informations Windows Phone 7.8 Mango Build 8862 High capacity Changed PagePool Loader pool - 20MB File pool - 15MB...
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    Thread 7.10.8862 ROM for TG01, I need tesers...

    Hi All... I need testers for my ROM. Project started a long time ago but I had no phone for a long time to do anything new. If someone wants to help develop the project and have time to test my ROM, please PM to me :victory:
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    Thread [Q][REG]Import SIM Contacts - Problem

    Hi all guys !! I need Help !! I have problem with "Imports SIM Contacts" i see this option after first run. I can import/export/del/add contacts from sim but if turn off my device or change language, "import SIM Contacts" disappear and i can't import/export/add contacts to sim... I have this...
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    Thread [ROM] HTC 7 Mozart , WP7.8 Build 8862 VDG

    Hi all :D I would like to everyone present the new Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for HTC 7 Mozart Informations Windows Phone 7.8 Mango Build 8862 High capacity (Maximally got 61.7 points in the WP Bench) Changed PagePool Loader pool - 20MB...
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    Thread How to create FFU

    Hi all !! I small question, how to create FFU (Full Flash Update) ?? Are there any programs for that? Updatewp.exe can do it such a dump?
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    Thread First Photos Windows Phone 8 !!

    It's Real Windows Phone 8
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    Thread Create oemavatar.cab , what program to use?

    HI all !! :) I came up with a new idea to create a file oemavatar.cab for Toshiba TG01. I made graphics in PNG format and then it tried to pack them into a CAB file. Now I am looking for a program where I could make a CAB file and add it to the ROM. I found some programs, but the archives are...
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    Thread Wp7 Tango Build 8773 - It's just information

    Hi All !! :) I'm testing Tango Much time spent on optimizations adding some entries in the registry , changing files, modules and so on ... The whole XIP has a different structure (ROM is very fast) Additionally, when connected with the Zune we will see a picture of Toshiba ;) And many...
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    Thread WP7 headphones

    Hi all !! :) Is it possible to connect a USB headset for device with WP7? Is there any driver? can an application? CAB? Maybe somehow modify rgu?
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    Thread I search all updates for Fujitsu IS12T

    Hi all !! :)) I search firmware update for Fujitsu IS12T or ROM :) for all the help, thank you, Cheers ! :)
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    Thread WP7 Mango , how to turn off dial assistance ? strange problem !

    Hello! :) Please help! I would turn off completely change the area code of 00 .... My problem is that when you choose a phone number with area code of his country (+48) is a system rather than change the + to 00 is changed to 0 and it is very annoying: ((( How to turn off completely change +...