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  1. rdhalla

    Thread Galaxy S6 "NO SERVICE"

    Utter bullS**t I am sorry for this rant but this is absolutely Messed up. Got a new phone that doesnt even hold or lock on to a Network Signal for more than 10 mins. Not a carrier version. Is this a common and known problem? OR did i just got unlucky and got the Lemon. Anyone having the Issues
  2. rdhalla

    Thread [Q] Home button wont work During Call.

    I have searched and then made this thread. There were some people with home button issue but None of those were related to my problem. PHONE MODEL - GT-I9505 ( International version) I have had my S4 for a couple of months now and I am addicted to flashing. I flash a test lot of new roms. MY...
  3. rdhalla

    Thread Error Mounting Data and SD card, Boot Stuck.

    Here is have explained my problem in the video. However i think the voice is not that clear so i decided to type also PROBLEM ? - Stuck on the boot logo. I tried two roms. Omega and Wanam. In both cases stuck at bootlogo WHAT I DID? - I formatted Data data/media (sdcard), Now i cannot mount...