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  1. mauriciognr

    Thread Galaxy A10: AnTuTu Benchmark results

    I ran AnTuTu Benchmark v7 on a Samsung Galaxy A10 (SM-A105M). Result: 74705 points Firmware: Stock Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpr_jjUJ0JU Maybe you guys can also run the test and post your results.
  2. mauriciognr

    Thread [Guide] Huawei Y360-U61: Stock ROM / Factory Reset / OTA / TWRP / Root

    Hi, in this post Im going to share with you all my tutorials for the Y360 in only one post and translated to english. You can follow this guides regardless for your Y360 variant, however, the firmware file im giving you guys here is for the U61, do not try to flash this firmware if you dont...
  3. mauriciognr

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install TWRP, ROOT (SuperSu/Magisk) and Xposed on Stock 5.1.1 [J320F]

    DISCLAIMER: So if you're thinking this is the same as [GUIDE] TWRP, ROOT and XPosed - Only J320FN ! you're right, but you're also wrong. The process is somewhat the same of course, but i did not followed that guide nor use any of his files, i'll explain a lot of things, introduce you to...
  4. mauriciognr

    Thread [GUIDE] How to flash STOCK ROM on ANY J3 2016

    This is not anything new for experienced users, but it will help the newbies. NOTE: This is, still, the standard process to flash stock ROMs on ANY Samsung running Android, you can use the same drivers, software and key combo for Download mode on other variant or model, what you need to change...
  5. mauriciognr

    Thread Surnia with No signal - Blank imei on bootloader and imei 0 on android

    So, last night i tried to install LineageOS on a surnia, flashed TWRP using the official file twrp-3.2.1-0-surnia.img i tried to make a factory reset before installing rom and gapps and told me it couldnt mount anything so i formated data tipyng yes and all that worked, i installed the rom +...
  6. mauriciognr

    Thread Nexus 4 slow charging with LG original charger - Chargers comparison.

    First thing guys i did not started this with a comparission in mind, i was just troubleshoting my phone but while i was testing all the chargers i have laying the house it seemed to me like a good idea to take note and share my findings. That said lets get to the problem: Last mont (october...
  7. mauriciognr

    Thread Phone dead (Dont turn on, pc wotn recognize it)

    Hi guys, my little cousin have this phone and ive been tweaking it for him since he bought it like year and a half ago. Th phone was on CM11 with the mount sd script and it was working fine. Now suddenly stopped turning on. My cousin says he was charging the phone being off and that it reached...
  8. mauriciognr

    Thread [Q] How to solve bootloop with official update.

    I tried to update my LG 3D with the LG Official Tool. Was a 2.3 to 4.0 update. Everything seems to be ok, but my phone is not booting up, bootloop is the name for that i think. I repeat the process with no luck. Any ideas?
  9. mauriciognr

    Thread [Q] Include user app into flasheable ROM zip.

    Hello guys! Hope you can help me with this. I want to include some apps in my rom, but this app CANT be in the normal /system/app I want that they install as usar app every time i flash. It upose -i read it- that i should create a folder called "data" in the Root of my ROM. So i will have 3...
  10. mauriciognr

    Thread [Q] Enable Kernel Samepage Merging by default.

    So what iwant is just that, modfy -something- in my rom .zip so every time someone install it the KSM will be enabled by default. The rom is CyanogenMod 7.2 (Android 2.3.7). Thanks
  11. mauriciognr

    Thread [Q] How to pre-config a custom rom?

    Making a short story, what i want is to make that some of the rom options enable/disable/Configured as i want it by default. The idea is don't have to configure things like UI settings, and things like that every time i flash de rom. In other words, change the defaults config options of the...