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  1. done12many2

    Thread Network Storage Manager (Version

    Anyone else having an issues with getting the latest updated Network Storage Manager to save added local network locations? Regardless of how I go about it, manually or automatically, I can't get my NAS or PC locations to save. I've factory reset the phone along with several network resets...
  2. done12many2

    Thread New OTA just pushed out

    I just received a OTA push from AT&T. I'll update firmware version once my Note5 reboots.
  3. done12many2

    Thread New Update (OE2) can be restored to STOCK (OCE) via ODIN

    For those of you like myself that took the new update, but may have had second thoughts about wanting to root, I just confirmed that you can flash back via Odin. I did confirm while I was running the new OE2 update that I was not able to obtain root.
  4. done12many2

    Thread Fingerprint Scanner (Works with up or down swipe)

    I have very good accuracy with the fingerprint scanner when it comes to flat finger swipes, however not very good luck when it comes to one handed swiping with my thumbs. I have repeated the one handed thumb swipe setup numerous times with varying results, but less the great. With that...
  5. done12many2

    Thread IR Blaster

    Is it me or is the IR Blaster on the Note 4 substantially better than previous Galaxy phones? Or my LG G3 for that matter. Due to the location of my media cabinet in my living room, I used to have do some creative maneuvering to get the IR blasters on my previous phones to work. With the Note...
  6. done12many2

    Thread XXDLI5 OTA - Nandroid Backup - Google Drive

    Sorry about the confusion guys, but with help from gee2010, I was able to get this fixed. Download this .zip, move it to your device and extract it. Place the extracted 2012-09- file into your clockworkmod/backup folder. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzQVdUs7Ity1dDg5Tm4zTnl2MWc
  7. done12many2

    Thread **PENDING DELETION** xxdli5 ota (gt-i9300_i9300xxdli5-ota-i9300xxblg8_btu)

    In order to consolidate the threads Lennyuk has added the XXDLI5 OTA information/download to his existing thread. Link below. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1871338
  8. done12many2

    Thread Tegrak Overclock

    I sent an email to to developer of the Tegrak Overclock App in order to confirm whether or not this app will work with no or little modification as it does for the Galaxy S II phones. I am going to try it as soon as I get the 7.0 Plus rooted here shortly. If anyone already knows, please...
  9. done12many2

    Thread GT-P6210 is definitely smoother than my old SGT 10.1

    Well guys, I just picked up the SGT 7.0 Plus and just as I suspected from owning a Galaxy S II phone, the Exynos setup in the 7.0 Plus is considerably faster and smother than the Tegra 2 in my recently sold SGT 10.1. I had my SGT 10.1 overclocked to 1.4 GHz in hopes that it would smooth...
  10. done12many2

    Thread HOW TO: Sideloading with OTA 1.5.7 update

    1) Flash the phone with the stock ULYFR_U4_1.2.6 SBF file 2) Obtain root and sideloading via aRoot 3) Update phone with the OTA OLYFR_U4_1.5.7 Once OLYFR_U4_1.5.7 is installed, you will NOT be rooted, but you will have sideloading. This should suffice for some users until root is...