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    Thread Fix bricked Download Mode

    For all those having bricked Download Mode with FlashMods CustomROM or anythin else and want to upgrade to MM: Finaly fixed it! Download the system.img from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/g-flex2/general/lgup-stuck-9-t3401416/page2 (Post #15) Place it on internal Storage. Then start adb...
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    Thread [CM 10] Adding 3D Features to CM10

    Hey dudes :D I'm so happy now with cm10 .. ot's working gr8! But is there any possibility of manually adding 3d? And what about the 3d cam? Plz help.. this would make our phone the best one!
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    Thread What phone to buy?

    Hallo XDA-Devs, my little brother is looking for an androidphone right now. He wants to spend around 200 euros/ 250 dollars. What phone would you advice him to buy? Pls help! Sent from my GT-I5800 using XDA App