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  1. raajplays

    Thread [APP][PORT][4.1] Xperia Z2 What's New

    what's new app from z2, nice ui
  2. raajplays

    Thread Xperia j not charging :(

    my Xperia j is not charging, battery icon shows its charging but it's not, please anyone help immediately..
  3. raajplays

    Thread Xperia L,E,TX,J,SP,Miro,Tipo will taste KitKat(cm11)!!

    Good news for Xperia L, E, TX, J, SP, Miro, Tipo, UL users is coming soon from CyanongenMod Devs as just new spotted said Xperia devices on CyanogenMod official website under CyanogenMod download page. At present no build is available for above mentioned Xperia handsets as it is clearly visible...
  4. raajplays

    Thread z1 Album v5.2.A.0.6 for all Xperia

    z1 latest Album for all Xperia install as normal or push to system /app v5.2.A.0.6 http://d-h.st/Ebg
  5. raajplays

    Thread somebody please port photo analyser n sense me slide show

    faces n sense me in album not working, anyone port it... :)
  6. raajplays

    Thread Z1 Keyboard and X-Reality for xperia J(JB)

    tested n working :good: Keyboard-- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2394773 X-reality--- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2345081 ----------Its my first thread----------- :)
  7. raajplays

    Thread is it possible to port Xperia z or new camera app to Xperia j?

    anyone please try to port camera app for our XJ 4.1.2.... :)
  8. raajplays

    Thread port Sony Reader for Xj ??

    anyone please port Sony Reader for Xperia J...:)