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    Thread [Q] I think I killed it (Samsung galaxy exhibit)

    Ok so... the long and short of it is... my phone is dead and I want to know if there's anything I can do to resurrect it. it was rooted and running fine except for one issue with a game (kept telling me it needed at least 200mb of free space to operate) so I reset my phone, was fixing to set it...
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    Thread System UI Themes?

    This is probably a silly question, but... I feel the need to ask it anyway. After recently switching back to a gb (for battery life reasons) rom XquiziT_SGH-T679_v6.1 to be exact, the only thing I noticed is the lacking "theme chooser" ability. What I wanted to know was is it possible to theme...
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    Thread [Q] Purely for customization

    Hello everyone,( oh and please move this if there is a more appropriate location for my questions) I have recently gotten into romming due to the just... eww of the stock tmobile t679's well... everything... what am I running now? I was swapping around a few different roms and have settled down...