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    Thread Help!!! Samsung is cheating me out of my trade!!!

    I sent my Galaxy Fold in as my trade for the new one. When initially received, I was told it was accepted and credited accordingly. Now, more than 10 days later, I’m being told I sent in a device I don’t think I’ve ever owned and certainly not the one in the box. They say I owe them $800 since...
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    Thread Petal Search

    Have you tried it?
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    Post Dead pixel

    Finally got a replacement phone today after a lot of discussion with Clove. Their experience with the phone is such they really preferred to refund my money. Clove says I will have a lot more issues. The experience was unpleasant at best. I’m out $197 to send the phone back. UPS still owes me...
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    Post Debloat Huawei Easy - EMUI 10

    The UK version has so few apps on it, it is not worth the effort.
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    Post Dead pixel

    Clove is just the reseller. Huawei has a one year warranty on the phone. Huawei also has a dead or stuck pixel policy. As the phone meets both criteria, it is being returned tomorrow for repair or replacement. The warranty does not cover the cost of return.
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    Post Full guide to install Google services

    Did you put Outlook in Huawei's email?
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    Post Dead pixel

    They requested a picture.
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    Post Full guide to install Google services

    Use the Huawei apps for Gmail, messaging and contacts. Chrome for browser although Huawei’s browser is just about as good.. Google maps. ATT visual voicemail. I use phone clone to sync . I plan on updating every so often with another phone that has Google play services to get updated Google...
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    Post Full guide to install Google services

    I get push notifications. I use stock email with my GMail account. I use stock messaging. I don't understand your comment.
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    Post Google Contacts on an unmodified XS

    Yes. Phone Clone.
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    Post Dead pixel

    Clove is closed until Monday.
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    Post Dead pixel

    It is a manufacturing defect. It can happen on any screen: phone, TV, computer. Not much to see. Just a bright green dot that’s always present. Actually, a green light that’s always on is a stuck pixel.
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    Thread Dead pixel

    Showed up this evening a week after receipt. Requested return authorization & replacement from Clove. Probably will not get an answer until Monday at the earliest.
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    Post Original charger

    You have to contact Mike Wu. It is not on their web site. Mike Wu <[email protected]>
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    Post Where to buy

    It works great on ATT. Using stock apps without difficulty. Messaging, voicemail, contacts, maps, G mail, Google searches all work in apps provided. Had to add Gboard apk to get a keyboard I liked. Personal preference. Provided Swift keyboard is pretty nifty. Also have a Galaxy fold. Used Phone...
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    Post Original charger

    I ordered the correct charger from https://liaow.com/. The charger in the box for the UK version only works in UK electrical only. I have a 40 watt Huawei charger I purchased on Amazon that works fine and is fast but I wanted the best.
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    Post Where to buy

    I originally ordered on April 2 at £1916 price when item was out of stock. April 6 Clove received stock priced at £2010, and after paying the difference, order was shipped April 8 and I received it April 10.
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    Post Go the Google way?

    I agree. I'm using stock browser, email, and messenger. I can do almost everything just as if I was using Google.
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    Post Where to buy

    I purchased at Clove last week with Paypal. Less than $200 over list. Good Morning I emailed yesterday to say that we have been offered some stock from another source, but it is a higher price – now £2010.00 as updated on our website. Would you like to pay the extra amount and have a phone...
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    Post Overall love

    The Perfect Phone Finally, someone got it right. I've been buying smart phones for 25 years and this is the first one. Purchased from Clove the UK edition at less than a couple hundred above list. Buying the correct charger from Liaow. Used Phone Clone to transfer whatever I could from my...
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    Post Where to buy

    https://liaow.com/huawei.html https://www.clove.co.uk/
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    Thread Launch June 20

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    Thread On Schedule & On Time

    No delays or changes. Will use Android 9 and work with Goggle apps, play store and receive app and security updates. NO DETAILS. Talked to Huawei May 24.
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    Thread Shipping Soon

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    Post Mate X oled screen is 4k

    8-inch OLED Screen 2480*2200
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    Thread Ordered today

    You can order at liaow.com. Official specs: https://consumer.huawei.com/en/phones/mate-x/specs/
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Huawei Mate X Foldable I have one coming from China late May when Hawei releases inventory for sale. Surprised there is no forum for this. It is 6 weeks away. It works on ATT. I ordered one and will pay when Huawei tells retailers how much to charge. Currently using Mate 20 X purchased from...
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    Post Update

    If you got the update, you got the change log. Go to settings/system/software update and it is all there. Just click on the arrows to se details.
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    Post Another Minor Update

    Change log for 175.
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    Thread Another Minor Update

    See attached.
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    Thread Update 12/19 Not Sure What Changed

    See attached.
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    Thread Patch Update For

    See attached change log.
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    Post Update

    Yes, it is he Chinese version.
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    Thread Update

    Update. See attached log. New message for launchers. Used Nova from AppGallery. Still not authorized.
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    Post Location history is off since last update

    Works perfectly for me. I use Earth and Maps Go as well. All are working.
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    Thread New Update

    See changelog below.
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    Post New Update 9.00.157

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    Thread New Update 9.00.157

    Change log added. Adds launcher option in default apps. Oops-cannot reset to third party launchers once Huawei Home is selected. See screen shot. I cannot switch to Nova.
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    Post Any way to make screen scaling smaller?

    It’s even simpler than that. There are adjustments in display as well the option in developer options to adjust dpi.
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 X support 40W wall charger?

    I tested the Huawei 20w charger with the OnePlus One 6 and it was quicker than the 50 watt OnePlus One charger.
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    Post New update 9.00.137

    Change log is in first post.
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    Thread New update 9.00.137

    Optimizations Improves system stability in certain scenarios.
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 X support 40W wall charger?

    The Huawei charger works better than the OnePlus One charger even if is lower wattage. Charging is not all about the wattage. I actually charged a OnePlus One quicker on the lower wattage Huawei.
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    Post Just got my new Mate 20X international variant. Ask me anything!

    I have no problems with the Chinese version. It is far better than Samsung or Pixel.
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    Post (Guide) Mate 20 X Chinese version for use outside of China

    If you want to change launchers, download Twisted Home Manager from the Playstore which will enable the Hauwei Home Switcher that is already installed on your phone.