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  1. Mardenator

    Thread Bootlooping KF, can't access recovery

    So I got my Kindle Fire a few months ago, already rooted. I went from TWRP to a CWM-based recovery, and I've been installing ROMs ever since without any issues. I'm currently running a CM9-based ROM, and I decided to play around with the softkeys, because I was tired of the bland white look. So...
  2. Mardenator

    Thread [Q] Root B90 Transformer with firmware?

    So i recently unrooted my B90 Transformer, after hearing that Asus would give us ICS. I'm back on the stock ROM now, and it updated to the firmware already. Changed my mind last night, and decided to root it again, because there will probably be a handful of better ICS ROMs out there...
  3. Mardenator

    Thread HELP!!

    So I recently rooted my LTE Tab 10.1 after some errors on my part. I finally got root, and the bootloader unlocked (thanks to six5alive's post here) Here's what I have: CWM recovery unlocked bootloader Rom Manager installed SU permissions I've tried flashing two different ROMs, and both flash...
  4. Mardenator

    Thread [update] V2.0 (Bootanimation) Thundercats {DISCONTINUED}

    UPDATE Version 2.0 is here! It's the same animation, but I played around with the speed, so it's a bit smoother now. Still working on landscape, and I'm hoping to get it functional this week. This took me at least 3 hours and a lot of help (thanks to @droiddev and @Six6Sicks ). I finally got...
  5. Mardenator

    Thread CWM error: can't mount /system/

    okay, i've searched the forums and couldnt find anything on this, so don't flame me for posting this. I just tried to backup a ROM in CWM Recovery on my permrooted and S-off G2. it got to "Backing up system" and then said "Can't mount /system/!" and stopped the backup. is there something i'm not...
  6. Mardenator

    Thread Q: 2.2.1?

    i'm planning to root my G2, but i need to be on 2.2.1 first. i'm still on 2.2, and i have to wait for an OTA, which i really dont want to do. is there any way to get to 2.2.1? maybe an update.zip?
  7. Mardenator

    Thread Q: Flashlight app?

    i just got my G2 today, and i love it. but i was wondering if there's an app that allows me to use the LED for the camera as a flashlight? i'm not rooted and dont plan to be for awhile, but i was wondering if there's some app or some way to use the LED without opening the camera app.
  8. Mardenator

    Thread Q: Downgrade from CM6 final to CM6 RC3 G1

    I've had CM6 final on my G1 for awhile, but it's giving me problems, like i cant open CyanogenMod Settings. i've reflashed, done a data wipe, reflashed, but it still wont work. So, i'm gonna downgrade to RC3, but i'm not sure how. Do i make a Nandroid and then flash RC3? or is there something...
  9. Mardenator

    Thread Looking for a Android BBQ Carpooler

    i know, they should have a carpool list up on bigtxbbq.com soon, but i thought it couldnt hurt to try here. We (me and my dad) are looking for someone we can carpool with to the Big Android BBQ on October 3rd. We live in Northeast Alabama, but we're willing to meet you somewhere, as long as it's...
  10. Mardenator

    Thread App Reviews

    Hey everybody. I'm a writing intern for AndroidGuys.com (and hopefully, i'll get the job that all the interns are aiming for), and my boss Scott Webster told me that if i wanted to write a review of an app, i could.. So, if there's any developers out there that have an app in the Android Market...
  11. Mardenator

    Thread Tablets!

    ok. i decided last month to start saving for an iPad. but now i'm not so sure i want one (mostly because it's over $500).. i know there's a crapload of android tablets out there, but which one should i choose? any help would be appreciated
  12. Mardenator

    Thread Got my License!!

    really random and off-topic, (but that's what this section is for anyway) but i got my license today! :D
  13. Mardenator

    Thread Monthly cost?

    i currently have a rooted G1 on Tmoible USA and my bill is $70 a month.. i was thinking of switching to verizon and getting a droid incredible, but can't find anything on the monthly costs.. i know i will need a data plan, but how much are we talkin' about here? i hardly ever call people, so i...
  14. Mardenator

    Thread Random Fact of the Day :D

    i am currently running a little something i like to call Random Fact of the Day (RFOTD) here's how it works: every day, usually in the morning, i'll send you a random fact (via SMS).. you never know what it will be about. it's random and it's fun! Anyone want in? PM me please! i already have 3...
  15. Mardenator

    Thread [REQUEST] BlueDroid bar for G1

    hey! i've asked several devs for this, but no one seems to be able to do it.. i want a black bar with a blue droid logo on it for my G1.. i do NOT want this as a MetaMorph, because i dont have an SDK, adb shell, or anything of the such.. i have my G1 (currently running CM5.0.7Test7), Usb cable...
  16. Mardenator

    Thread Linux Swap help!!

    sorry i'm such a n00b at this, but can anyone tell me how to use Linux-Swap? i found a pimp Sense rom, but it wont flash unless i have Linux-Swap.. i've looked all over, but can't find anything..
  17. Mardenator

    Thread CM recovery to Amon RA recovery

    can ANYONE please tell me how to get to amon Ra's latest recovery image? i'm currently running Cyanogen's 1.4.img recovery, but i want to flash Hero roms, and i need to partition my sd card for that.. i need to get on Amon Ra recovery.. HELP!!