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  1. Asc1005

    Thread Lenovo tab not boot looping after RSA flash

    I was doing some rom change (gsi) stuff with my TAB-E10(TB-X104F) but when it got bricked I used lenovo RSA to flash stock rom in my device but after flashing it started boot looping and never stops. The flash was done successfully without any errors and I got the message in the end that first...
  2. Asc1005

    Post Lenovo E10 TB-X104F TWRP?

    After much searching I found a guys who provided working twrp for tab e10 Post in thread 'TWRP or any custom recovery for Lenovo tab E10(TB-X104F)' https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/twrp-or-any-custom-recovery-for-lenovo-tab-e10-tb-x104f.4243591/post-85437679