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    Post [ROM][ROOT] Tab S 8.4 - SM-T707V(Verizon) Stock Pre-rooted ROM - Tester required.

    I have a sm-t700 and a sm-t707a, had a sm-t707v too but it was very old with suffered screen. sm-t707v was the fastest one, it's sure (snapdragon cpu) and resolution was the same but graphically, snapdragon is much poorer then exynos in light and colours. only if you are a gamer, it's better...
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    Post Samsung Tab A 64bit or still 32?

    I have sm-t707 at&t (32bit exynos) and sm-t707v (32bit snapdragon) and my son's sm-t580 (64bit exynos) the power and responsivity of snapdragon is much higher but graphically is poor exynos 5420 is much better, sm-t580 (exynos 64bit) has exatly the same power of sm-t707, but energy compsuntion...
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    Post [ROM][ROOT] Tab S 8.4 - SM-T707V(Verizon) Stock Pre-rooted ROM - Tester required.

    bitdefender blocks it blocked page by bitdefender, it's sure? ---------- Post added at 11:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:24 PM ---------- I add myself to sm-t707v owners, I bought one now and I found one with broken case (battery cover) with fine display, for 75 dollars.. I have 1...
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    Post WiFi scan interval periods

    different timing In another XDA thread I've readen wifi timing is different when you are on wifi windows then when it's closed. -Build.prop timing value is active but only when wifi windows is closed-, when it has opened system increase frequency to give to user all the possibile wifi...
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    Post How will mirroring look with the 18:9 aspect ratio of the G6 and S8?

    not to me have 2560x1600 tablet and 1920x1024 tv, with second screen app modifying resolution nothing happens, can only change over and down size only inside the 4:3 tv window, black lines ard almost there, does someone can help to solve?
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    Post [Q] Screen Mirroring Aspect Ratio

    not to me how to? i modified aspect ratio in second screen, app and nothing changed, only in oversize, i can modify something, but only reducing image inside the 4:3 tv window, leting untouched the 2 black lines. 4 days working on, trying all the app, second screen app is the only one seems...
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Exynos)

    TWRP is perfect don't downgrade it I've reported errors backing up system with twrp (on samsung sm-t700), solved without backing up boot too. without boot back up, it is without errors. this version doesn't affect external sd functionality (can backup and reinstall from...
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    Post [Q] edit build.prop wifi search settings

    follow the info scan intervan when you are inside the wifi page is in real time because you are looking for new connections, when you close wifi page, timer will set on build.prop, I've readen that, written by a premium xda.
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    Post Can't find the Wifi Scan Interval in build.prop

    no changed scan interval to me with that nothing has changed, 5 seconds were before, 5 seconds are now, with wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=600 too.. ---------- Post added at 01:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 PM ---------- found that Quote: Originally Posted by TeamERA ...
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    Post Wifi Scan Interval

    appearance all the ones I asked if something changed with this modified build.prop line, told "not". I tried scan interval 15, 90,120, 300, 600, but tablet continued to look for new wifi connections every 5 seconds in every case. I am looking for a real solution. ---------- Post added at...
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    Post WiFi scan interval periods

    idem idem, no effect changing this value in build.prop.
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    Post [Root][Port] Cf-Autoroot T700 [Tab S 8.4]

    solved solved the trouble disabling wlan with a line in build.prop, not only mirroring, ota is turned on now and i can use the tablet with internet keys thru OTA, so it's perfect. have a non system root (more protection) that does all, no bugs, sdmaid is on and I can change all the services...
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    Post SM-T700 rooted mirroring malfunction SOLUTION

    and and PPP widget turned on my tablet now, ota is on.
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    Thread SM-T700 rooted mirroring malfunction SOLUTION

    all the ones have rooted this tablet reported defective mirroring display, I found the solution on this forum, in a single post (semi-hidden), I think it must have a specific thread for the desperates are looking how to solve it. install build.prop editor (or edit manually build.prop file)...
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    Post [Root][Port] Cf-Autoroot T700 [Tab S 8.4]

    my kermel is the same but not mirroring with cf klimtwifixx and supersu I am looking for an autoroot give me full system root and mirroring, for a sm-t700 android 6.0.1, so the problem is twrp? if i install backup ultimate insteed of twrp I'll have back mirroring, being rooted? I installed...
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    Post [KERNEL] Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SM-T700 (klimtwifi) Permissive kernel - T700XXU1ANF7

    "seandroid not enforced" and bootloop in recovery sm-t700 wifi, non-system rooted (rooted but not a system root) how the title, I installed the selinux permissive with odin (ap) restarted to enter twrp and saw "seandroid not enforced" red, wrote up/left display, wiped dalvik in twrp and...
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    Post [Q] Screen Mirroring Issue On SM-T700

    rooted sm-t700 no screen mirroring I tried this solution but when I select "screen mirroring" tablet doeasn't find the tv, wifi direct connected.. please tell me I have to choose from cwell-cleaned (rooted) tablet and functionality of display! ---------- Post added at 04:16 PM ----------...
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    Post [ROOT][RECOVERY][ALL IN ONE] Cf-Autoroot-twrp-T700/705/800/805/Tab S- UPDATE 23/4/15

    is Your a non system-root? can't get with ES, can't work on init.d.. downloaded and installed your CF-Auto-Root-klimtwifi-klimtwifizc-smt700.tar all seemed to be ok, but working around tablet I saw ES manager (Pro) when I try to turn on root options tells tablet root is not present. I tried to...
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    Post Root sm-t700 mm

    rooted with these expalnations but I have troubles Hi, I rooted my Samsung sm-t700 s 8.4 wifi with the XDA CF one, but I have few problems: 1) tablet won't download and install PPP Widget 2) when in Es file manager (Pro) it doesn't recognize root (it happens only to this app, all the other...