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    Post [MOD][v3] Audio Booster for Magisk

    will it work on redmi note 9s?
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    Thread Best camera app on custom rom?

    hello everyone im on evolution x rom i love the rom but cant find a normal camera.. anxcamera is good but sometimes taking a 0.7mp pictures (installed the 48mp fix, idk why this happens) for gcam there are alot of versions , i tried couple but couldnt find a version without problems, best i...
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    Post [ROM][10.X][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Radiant | Curtana

    QuantumShqipe love this rom on my note 9s man good job i am however facing a big problem which i hope someone could help me fix the problem is whenever i leave the my phone unused for like 5 mins, I DONT GET CALLS AT ALL here is what i tried: leave the phone for 5 minutes without using it...
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    Post Now that you guys have had the device for some time, do you regret buying it?

    I don't regret getting this device I like the performance,screen,battery,camera This phone is great for the price Only thing I didn't really liked is miui cause it felt like the battery was draining more than it should but I tried a couple of custom ROMs and now running evolution x & so far I...
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    Post [BEST][GCAM7.3][Port For Redmi Note 9 Pro/S][CURTANA][JOYEUSE]

    Looked good on stock Now on evolution x pictures are too dark and picture quality is terrible (I'm using the xml turned on dehaze) Any fix?
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    Post [GSI][ROM][ CURTANA | JOYEUSE | EXCALIBUR][10.0][AOSP+GAPPS][04/08/20]

    mmm yeah i dont remember having any of these issues before on aosp, and i didnt said it was your fault or anything just wanted to know if there would be a fix in future updates but okk buddy nvm sorry to bother you :\
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    Post [GSI][ROM][ CURTANA | JOYEUSE | EXCALIBUR][10.0][AOSP+GAPPS][04/08/20]

    hi sooti any reason you're not responding to my comment? not trying to be ungrateful but i thought maybe you didn't saw it thank you again for the rom i love it so much better than miui
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    Post Lost Widevine L1 Certification After flashing EU ROM

    I'm on gsi aosp rom with TWRP and in the DRM info app it's says Security level : L1
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    Post [GSI][ROM][ CURTANA | JOYEUSE | EXCALIBUR][10.0][AOSP+GAPPS][04/08/20]

    just installed this rom (7/7 build) on my note 9s & im glad i did! the battery seems to be great looks like no drain at all! also i like how vanilla this rom is no extra bs i found a couple things that are not a big deal at all but i hope maybe they can be fixed for overall better experience one...
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    Post [Dolby Sound Mod] [Curtana] 100% Working [Enjoy]

    it does sounds better using the phones speaker any chance to get a stereo option? :)
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    Post [ROM] [Experimental] Stock Pie (F800L30e) for H990DS

    hi, is this good for a daily driver for h990ss? I understand there is a problem with the modem? will I be able to flash a modem from nougat / oreo?
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    Post [ROM][10-Q][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for the LG V20 variants

    do you want to tell me I can flash los 17.1 & this .zip and ill have a working dac? what about high impedance mode? does it sound more like stock now? this is all I ever wanted
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    Post [KERNEL] ezV2020 Kernel [PIE][OREO][Stock]

    hi for the h990 I just flash the us996 version? cause thats what I did with my h990ss & Its stuck on lg logo
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    Post [Q&A] Noob-Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    anyone know how to fix wifi wont turn on on rooted oreo with mk2000? h990
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    Thread wifi wont turn on after updating to oreo h990

    used to work great on linageos tried reseting & formating it didnt work anyone know a fix for this?
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    Post H918 Stuck on secure startup "decryption unsuccessful" on boot

    anyone knows how to fix fingerprints not working? h990 oreo rom mk2000 kernel is there any fix? do i need to return to nougat but than what? please help edit: was able to fix that by flashing nougat modem now wifi wont turn on tho anyone know how to fix?
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-17.1 for LG V20

    H990 here worked fine until i restart the phone than i get fastboot screen loop any fix? only installed magisk opengapps beta & xposed edit: it was magisk.. installed older 20.1 version and it works rom feels smooth btw but i cant get battery percentage to work
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][AnyKernel][LOS-16.0+EAS] Gamma Kernel for [All Lineage Variants]

    Thank you Omar for keeping this phone alive can we please get a change log or what new in new kernel versions? thank you awsome job!!
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    Thread Wifi not working after updating to OREO

    so i tried to get rooted oreo on my h990 & thats what happend i flashed nougat kdz in lgup than flash dirty santa & twrp than i installed a stock rooted oreo zip from https://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/development/stock-rom-lg-v20-20b-h990ds-security-t3935443 everything seems to be working...
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    Post [ROM][OREO][STOCK] LG V20 [20B][H990DS] Security Patch [01-APR-2019]

    tried flashing noughat on my h990 after a few factory resets the fingerprints works again (not sure what causing it to break) when fingerprint working i flash diry santa & on first time in twrp i wipe everything (also tried different variations) then i install magisk & reboot to recovery and...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    there is a built in call recorder to the dialer, you just have to press a button while in call thats it. btw i think there is a bug while using the speaker in call the volume is loud and i cant turn it down
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][AnyKernel][LOS-16.0+EAS] Gamma Kernel for [All Lineage Variants]

    i tried flashing the tasha file on this thread and also another one on a V20 DAC volume mod (https://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/themes/sound-mod-perfected-stereo-impedance-t3637449) both didnt work unfortunately on LOS16 with gamma kernel
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][AnyKernel][LOS-16.0+EAS] Gamma Kernel for [All Lineage Variants]

    but the volume is alot weaker than on stock on stock in high impedance it would make my ath m50 sound loud with excellent quality i had to turn down from max a little not to hurt my ears on Lineageos its super quiet and even after editing tasha mixer paths its not as loud and have bad quality...
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][AnyKernel][LOS-16.0+EAS] Gamma Kernel for [All Lineage Variants]

    does anybody know how to turn up the DAC volume so it will be more similar to stock on high impedance mode? i have very low volume on any headphones using LOS 16 with this kernel btw which version of this kernel should have best battery? 4, 5.0.1 or other version?
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    Hello everyone, im having bad signal on this rom and i get no signal for like a minute after restarting the phone, it didnt happend on stock can i flash just the modem from a stock rom of my county? or will it cause problems?
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL Resurrection Remix v7.0.2

    hi if the rom is based on LOS16 does it mean it have a notch support like in LOS? thank you, looks like a good rom cant wait to try it
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    using latest 20190715 build with latest gamma kenrel on my h990 and suddenly the mobile signal icon (where it shows H+/3G/LTE and signal) disappeard from the status bar tried turning it off & on in settings and also in systemui tuner but the icon still not there, data & calls seems to be working...
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    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    lineageos 16 fresh flash on lg v20 both enabled & processing is off tried playing music trough spotify & internal player i also use supersu addon not magisk edit: turned on Compatibility mode & restart the phone now enable is on but processing still off edit: fixed by disabling audiofx
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    maybe the DAC is on i dont know but the gain / volume is not like stock, on stock when i managed to trick the phone to high impedance mode on my ath m50 headphones the sound was incredible. clear & very lound without distortion or squashing dynamics or what not i wondered if there is any way to...
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    Post [ROOT] DirtySanta comes for the H990

    you need to enter TWRP by turning off your phone and than hold volume down + lock button, when you see the LG logo let go of the lock key for 3 seconds and than hold it back it should ask if you sure you want to reset the phone just hit yes for both questions it asks you. now just wait a lil &...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    does anybody know how to make the DAC louder? it is very quiet on my ath m50 headphones (also quiet on the offical lg earbuds) my phone is runnign the latest build
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    Does anyone knows a way to force the DAC to "high impedance" mode or turn up the volume without squashing dynamics ? Cause the volume with headphone is super low Thank you , love this rom!
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][AnyKernel][LOS-16.0+EAS] Gamma Kernel for [All Lineage Variants]

    Is there any way to force "high impedance" mode for the dac or turn up the volume without squashing the dynamics range? Great kernel btw!!
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    Post New Sound Mod Perfected. Stereo and High Impedance

    flashed LOUDER MAX 2 on my v20 running android pie with lineageos 16 and volume trough headphones is still low any way to make this work?
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    the original lg battery just switched to the second one that came in the box not long ago
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    ok i reflashed everything including 20190625 build , latest opengapps, gamma kernel and flashed supersu addon instead of magisk so far looking great! no more google play drain! the phone runs good & im able to get 6+ sot couldnt ask for more!
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    am i the only one that got google play services drain the battery & always running in background? i just reflashed again 20190625 with gamma kernel v4, opengapps pico , no apps downloaded and i always end up getting google play services always running in the background and draining battery i got...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    Been using this rom for a few weeks now & it is definitely the best ROM ever!! I was already thinking about moving on from my lg v20 because old firmware & laggy & poor battery But this rom fixes most of the problems I had with this phone & even make the phone a few levels above the stock v20...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    already tried this same results seems like magisk working fine at first but than it just disappear like something keep deleting it also looks like its happening as soon as i get signal from my carrier (maybe whats deleting magisk need internet connecton?) couldnt find nothing running and using...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    Hi i like this rom alot but im having a problem where google play services is draining my battery my phone went to 24% with 1:20 hours screen on time and 11 hours total use i tried going to settings > security & location > trust > privacy guard > google play services and i disabled all the...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    im using the original lg battery that came with the phone im might replace it and the second battery that came in the box but im looking to solve the google play service issue first.. i also deleted greenify and disabled some google play services options trough privacy guard ill update if it...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    first day with the rom as daily driver seems pretty good so far and i like it alot! only major problem i encountered was google play services working in the background and draining the battery i tried deleting app data + cahce and also deleted cache and davlik cahce but it still drains the...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    bruhh you the real f***ing MVP i clean flashed 20190524 and wifi + camera is working!! holy sh*t!! i was ready to try super rom or going stock with only root but since the wifi and camera both work now i think ill stick to this build for now since i love the clean android 9 and notch support and...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    thats right, i've downloaded "lineage-15.1-20190516-X86CPU-h990.zip" ill clean flash it and than dirty flash lineage-16.0-20190525-X86CPU-h990.zip on top of that and i hope itll bring back camera + wifi ill update here update : ok so i wiped everything and installed 15.1 and wifi + camera...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    ill try that... what build i should download for 15.1? from the v20 folder or v20 second screen folder?
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    i came from stock android 7 ill try flashing it again and ill update here edit: ok i just went to wipe and did a factory reset + format data + cache then rebooted to recovery and installed lineageos 16 again and nothing else but i still get no wifi unfortunatly and i also dont know how to get...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    i did! & no gamma mode the mac address seems stuck at 02:00:00:00 for wifi so i cant turn it on.. bluetooth seems to be working tho
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    h990 variant here working perfect only got problems with wifi & camera wont work if anyone knows a solution it would be great! thanks!