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  1. geeksmurf

    Thread 7VC

    Source code for 7VC has now been posted. Likely the typical security update but sure hoping it does something about my battery drain. Anyone else having really bad battery life? on 7VB?
  2. geeksmurf

    Thread ZVB

    Wow looks like we shall be getting a ZVB update here shortly. LG have posted the source code for it.
  3. geeksmurf

    Thread Coming soon ZV5 update

    They haven't abandoned us yet. Source code for the next update ZV5 has been posted to LG's site. No word on what it is but likely just the June or July security update. Maybe a few fixes. Likely start being pushed out Monday or Friday by Sprint if past updates are any indication. You won't all...
  4. geeksmurf

    Thread ZV4

    Looks like we shall be getting a new update soon. LG has posted the source code for ZV4. In the past Sprint has started pushing out updates on Mondays or Fridays.
  5. geeksmurf

    Thread Home 4.0 w/ app drawer is out

    Open the LG SmartWorld App, Click the menu in the top left, expand LG Specials, then open LG Apps. You can then download LG Home 4.0 with the App drawer.
  6. geeksmurf

    Thread Wi-Fi Calling issues

    Is Wi-Fi calling not turning on for any one else? Trying to turn it on a get a screen flicker and it stays off. The unhelpful Sprint person tried to say the G5 didn't have wifi calling, then changed her story to a outage in my area... I've done the usual dialer codes trying to fix it with...
  7. geeksmurf

    Thread [Sprint] Force Roaming

    Coming from a E4GT I used the Roam Control app to force roaming when needed. Seems it doesn't work with the G2. :crying: What is the method for forcing roaming?