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    Thread microbes live wallpaper

    I was wondering if anyone got the microbes live wallpaper running on our phones. I tried flashing the signed zip, it didn't work. I also tried both of the apk's that were just released and it didn't work. Installs fine but when setting it on microbes, it goes to the stock htc wallpaper. here's...
  2. K

    Thread One touch lock app?

    I was wondering if there was a one touch lock app. I guess in a way it's similar to the iphone? Just press the widget and the phone's lockscreen engages. I dont want to press the power button all the time. I also have the screen on the quickest time out but sometimes find my phone doing weird...
  3. K

    Thread legend linpack score

    i'm not sure if anyone noticed this yet but i ran across these linpack scores for the htc legend. 1 htc 16.708 HTC legend 711.0MHz htc/htc_legend/legend/tofu:0.96/thumb/21:user/test-keys 2 htc 16.708 HTC Legend 711.0MHz htc/htc_legend/legend/tofu:0.96/thumb/21:user/test-keys 3 kyosa 10.914 HTC...