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    Post Mada Pay stack corruption

    trying on different rom, getting 01-05 19:42:43.621 4605 4605 F DEBUG : signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR), fault addr 0x78c281fe4c now
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    Thread Mada Pay stack corruption

    01-05 18:52:38.403 14963 15012 F libc : stack corruption detected (-fstack-protector) 01-05 18:52:38.403 14963 15012 F libc : Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -1 (SI_QUEUE) in tid 15012 (Thread-4), pid 14963 (om.mada.madapay) 01-05 18:52:38.715 15053 15053 F DEBUG : *** *** *** *** *** ***...
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    Post phone stuck in bootloop

    why does flashing TWRP and booting to it directly work? i don't know! but it worked! it seems that the custom ROM i installed is probably corrupt and flashed anyway ( i reflashed dirty/clean to make sure ) thanks for your help.
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    Thread phone stuck in bootloop

    i don't know how else to describe this, i was flashing a custom ROM, then flashed magisk and now my phone is stuck in bootloop unable to go to recovery or system, the phone boots then black screen, etc etc, the same goes for recovery except it is faster (i reflashed recovery and it still...
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    Post GCam for Poco X3

    Does anyone here know any good Gcam xml files or APKs? i've been going through here and there's too many options, currently im running Aurnova 7.4 with the supplied config from cyanogenmod.
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    Post need help finding an os

    been trying out arrowos, looked cool! till i realized it kinda killed my internal storage cause i couldn't download anything, even with another os installed as for corvus os, its the arch linux equivalent of android, its customizable as hell (i like that alot) and really tiny but also kind of...
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    Post need help finding an os

    can you give me the link to it? I even went to it's original thread and can't find it.
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    Post 7 Days

    i had to wait that long as well, i actually forgot i had to wait 7 days cause of distractions filling up the time
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    Thread need help finding an os

    I have long ago rooted and unlocked my phone and I nearly bricked it by installing too many roms, evo x, lineage, miui, xiaomi.eu right now I'm with xiaomi.eu miui 12 cause of the window features as I can do multitasking, plus of most of the features it has, right now I don't like it as it's...
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    Post Fastboot soft brick fix

    hold on hold on HOLD ON! i have literally just flashed evo x, then MIUI with no wiping and it works?! i guess i just helped myself lol.
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    Thread Fastboot soft brick fix

    I Have unlocked my bootloader, flashed Evolution X, tried it for a while, realized i needed to move back to miui So i have gotten the ROM from xiaomi.eu and it bricked my phone and Now i'm unable to install any custom rom, Other than recovery, the errors is as listed Failed to mount '/vendor'...