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  1. UmiCat

    Thread Question Miflash EDL mode - authorised account problem??

    I'm about to receive a Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G (with CN ROM) sent from China. I know this is the wrong forum but I wanted to ask a larger audience. Anyway I wonder if Pad 5 / 5 Pro needs an 'authorised Mi account' to use MiFlash through edl? I have just read about people with bricked Xiaomi phones...
  2. UmiCat

    Thread USB-C charging port & battery replacement

    My less than 2-years old Mi Pad 4 has recently died. It's done and dusted. But I am still curious.... 1. The charging started being unreliable after about 9 months of daily use. I replaced the charging port. Since then, I had to replace it every 2 months or so! Surely, it can't be a normal...
  3. UmiCat

    Thread Question Mi Pad 5 PRO 5G - just ordered with 'global' rom!!??

    I’ve just ordered a Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G (‘enuma’) from a seller in China (I have to wait for up to 6 weeks to receive it). They said I could choose between a Global ROM (with many languages & Google but no OTA updates) or a Chinese ROM (stock with English & Chinese, but Google enabled). I chose the...
  4. UmiCat

    Thread Opening Mi Pad 4 yourself?

    Has anyone managed to open their Mi Pad 4 for repairs by themselves? I've been trying it myself for days to replace the usb c port, but I've only managed to scratch some sides a bit...it just wouldn't budge! Bought all sorts of tools (suction cup pliers, prys, etc), but nothing works for me...
  5. UmiCat

    Thread Screen smoothness after a while?

    I have owned my Mi Pad 4 for a couple of weeks now, and I'm loving it!! My purchase was to replace my relatively new very very similar 8-inch tab (Lenovo tab 4 8 plus). Amongst others, I was so irritated by its screen behaviour - ghost screen (curser jumping around etc) and non-smooth screen...
  6. UmiCat

    Thread Help with Twrp: Can't mount data

    I literally got my Mi Pad 4 (lte) today. Initially it had MIUI EU rom installed, but I somehow managed to wipe the system while trying to install Lineage 16, resulting in having no OS. After several hours of struggle, I managed to install MIUI 10 Chinese stock (10.3.2) via MiFlash. However, I...