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  1. J

    Thread device name copied from previous phone, how to change?

    hi guys, i just bought a chromebook and wanted to connect my phone to it, for unlocking and sharing internet connection. however, my Mate 10 Pro was not listed, but my old P9 Plus was, twice. I checked all settings on my phone but can't find any setting that says "P9plus", the name that shows...
  2. J

    Thread Bluetooth issues, music pausing and switching to speaker

    i've been having issues with my Mate 10 Pro, in combination with both my Bose QC30 and my Bose SoundSport. i heard from someone else who has the same problem, but with a set of Jaybird X3's. I don't think the problem comes from the QC30 or SoundSport, as they work fine with my pc (desktop pc...
  3. J

    Thread S Voice problem since 3.0

    hey, i've been using the Gear S3 since half a year now, after being disappointed by AW 2.0 ruining my Moto 360 2nd gen since the 3.0 update, i often get an error using s-voice with simple commands like "set timer for ten minutes" sometimes it works, but often getting an error after a few...
  4. J

    Thread [TIP] whatsapp support for sw2

    found this app, works rather well with the SW2, even has filters and they're working on whatsapp call support it's actively being developed might get an android wear watch soon but thought i post it anyway app store link
  5. J

    Thread new update might be coming this week

    Manuel Guzman, from geforce/nvidia forums tweeted this: https://twitter.com/ManuelGuzman/status/625375320368025601
  6. J

    Thread zenwatch size comparison with SW2?

    anyone have both the SW2 and the zenwatch? would like to see them side by side can't find a shop that has it in store, can only order online and it seems quite big thanks!
  7. J

    Thread Zeblaze Rover

    looks nice, but might be just another u8 clone if it needs audio connection i don't want it havent yet watched the video myself, will check tonight edit: just watched the video, seems like indeed yet another u8 clone also see a headset icon, so probably can only connect when phone audio and/or...
  8. J

    Thread atongm aw08 - apple watch clone?

    anyone seen this one? probably just another u8 variant i wonder what the scroll wheel would do on this watch can't find any videos probably uses the same crappy companion software...
  9. J

    Thread Selectable screen/message timeout, please help make it happen

    the timeout for messages being displayed, with backlight on, is now fixed to a set amount of seconds, i want this to be selectable this is also the timeout for the screen if you switch it on manually i know it will affect battery life if set higher, but that should be my choice :) ofcourse the...
  10. J

    Thread cracked screen, display still working, just replace digitizer?

    Like the tittle says, screen is still working, but the glass has a big tear and a crack with small splinters where the back button is Would replacing the digitizer be enough? Thanks
  11. J

    Thread Kairos Hybrid smart watch

    too expensive for most of us, 1199$, apperently you can pre-order it for $499, but i can't find any real world video footage, wouldn't spend that kind of money without seeing it for real first :) looks pretty amazing tho! ndycU_dUHNQ
  12. J

    Thread [Q] New watch face editor & extensions

    if you don't install the weather extension, you can't select it in the watch face editor does that mean developers can now create extensions that can be used as widgets in the watch face editor?
  13. J

    Thread Skinomi

    anyone here have a Skinomi skin on their Butterfly S? if so, could you post a photo? thanks!
  14. J

    Thread Google Wear + Moto 360

    Amazed it hasn't been posted in here yet, this is going to be a busy forum pretty soon, Google announced Android Wear http://www.talkandroid.com/200285-google-officially-enters-the-wearables-game-with-android-wear-smartwatches-coming-later-this-year/ Motorola's first watch with Android Wear is...
  15. J

    Thread Elegance u8 watch

    this is a cheap watch, do NOT expect support from the manufacturer there is also a cloned version, sold as a real u8, no way to tell the difference until you receive it DO NOT FLASH YOU WATCH! it might be a clone and render it USELESS CONS: -there will never be apps developed for it -you...
  16. J

    Thread Elegance u-watch

    oooops, wrong forum, please remove
  17. J

    Thread New metwatch "META"

    have you guys seen the new META watch? looks pretty cool VhmSladSIGA
  18. J

    Thread facebook extension won't stay logged on

    has anyone been able to fix the problem with the facebook extension? it won't stay logged in somehow already removed facebook, facebook extension, removed permissions on facebook, reinstalled the apps and gave permissions, but the problem remains, it will get the latest notifications then log...
  19. J

    Thread [Q] broken screen

    dropped my Note N8013 from about a feet high, flat on it's face didn't expect it would be damage, but when i turned it around, the screen was all messed up, see photo is this the LCD that's broken? or electronics? thanks!
  20. J

    Thread HOT Watch smartwatch [UPDATE: VIDEO! JULY 31st 2014]

    i think this watch deserves it's own topic (and no, i don't have shares or any ties with them :)) original kickstarter project here now that i have had the Sony Smartwatch 2 for a month or so, i'm glad i backed this project yes, the SW2 has apps and a color screen, so? it's not like many of...
  21. J

    Thread adding watch faces on the Sony Smartwatch 2

    can any of the app developers for Sony Smartwatch (2) tell me if it's possible to add watch faces to the watch? the digital one on the SW2 is really too simple, with just the time showing, it really needs at least the date to be added
  22. J

    Thread Sony Smartwatch 2

    works just fine with the Butterfly S :) there arent a lot of apps yet and there are quite a few that are paid (which i'm fine with, as long as the price is right) i get all the notifications i want on my watch, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, calls, sms, i can even set who i want to get...
  23. J

    Thread [Q] HDMI through MHL?

    hi, just been trying to hook up a beamer to my Butterfly S, but it isnt working for me, do i need to enable hdmi output somehow? thanks, Jarl