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  1. mderuelle

    Thread 4.4 kitkat!!!

    So I was in bestbuy today checking out a few cases and the galaxy gear in the new samsung section that they have and the samsung rep was telling me that we are getting kitkat in 2 to 3 months. I honestly dont know if this is true or not but I wanted to post and ask if anyone else has heard...
  2. mderuelle

    Thread [BOUNTY]Huaweii Mytouch Q

    So i am trying to get this mytouch back to original condition and there isnt a working recovery for it and would really appreciate it if i could get an awsome DEV to do this for me i really dont know what the process is for making a recovery but if you come up with a price i am willing to pay...
  3. mderuelle

    Thread [q] lost mobile connection help!!!!

    So i was on sacs custom 4.3 rom with the mja modem not the bootloader i manually updated to mja and i was wanting to try the 4.4 gummy rom and was having problems with data so i flashed my old 4.3 rom back on my phone and now it says i have no mobile connection but i have data. i dont get it ive...
  4. mderuelle

    Thread [THEME][TW S4 kb morph][6 Colors] [9/3/13]

    So I have been researching on theming quite a bit and I thought I would try something a little more simple for now but yet, No one has done it for this phone. These are my first Theme packages out of many to come. The reason for doing this is I wanted to make my contribution to xda.Just like...
  5. mderuelle

    Thread Auto correct

    So I was wandering around all the s3 forums and I saw that they had a zip to flash that enabled auto correct and I was wondering if it would be possible to make one for the s4 I would be more than willing to throw a donation out there for it Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda app-developers app
  6. mderuelle

    Thread Coming out of sleep mode problems

    So I have bought 2 of the s4s one for me and one for my wife and I rooted abd romed mine but she just kept hers stock and we both have the same issue when we come out of standby or sleep mode or screen turns blue with 8 bit looking lines I thought it was just mine but I used my wifes phone for...
  7. mderuelle

    Thread [Q] Triangle away?

    So I was wondering if anyone has successfully reset there binary counter using triangle away I havent tried it yet but I no there are some risks and ive heard that when you reboot your phone the flash counter goes back to what the previous flash count was can someone please shed some light upon...
  8. mderuelle

    Thread {Q} Triangle away

    Sorry wrong thread... requesting this thread to be closed
  9. mderuelle

    Thread [REQ] Multi Window app select

    I was hoping that there would be someone that would be able to modify the multi winfow app so that we could select the apps that we want to use with multi window Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda premium
  10. mderuelle

    Thread Antutu shutting down

    I dint no if this is happening for anyone else but when I try to run antutu it gets to 1% then closes but it says its running in my notification bar anyone have any ideas on how to fix this Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda premium
  11. mderuelle

    Thread Is there an overclock and undervolt zip

    So ive been looking for an overclock and undervolt zip file or script to run and cant find one anywhere can someone point me in the right direction or even post a link to where I can get it I am running stock deodexed mdl firmware with shabbys kernel Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda premium
  12. mderuelle

    Thread [Q] Downgrade with odin

    so i am pretty new to samsung this will be my first time owning one and my first week as well i am trying to root but am having troubles. i have tried to flash custom recovery using odin and it said that it was a pass but im not able to boot into custom recovery. so i have read a little more and...
  13. mderuelle

    Thread Recompiling apks

    So I have been working a lot on Adobe Photoshop creating some theme skins for the messaging app and I am having trouble trying to recompile the app as if it was a stock system app can anyone point me in the right direction these skins would be for the 76920d for T-Mobile Sent from my LG-P769...
  14. mderuelle

    Thread Screen split and doubled

    So I have never had this problem before I have a 76920d I have unlocked boot loader and I flashed cm10.1 I went through all the steps on fixing the wonky touch screen and stuff everything was running good for about a week then the other day I booted into recovery and I set the phone down for a...
  15. mderuelle

    Thread Force closes on 76920d JB

    So I installed the jb update through ota and it was actually on a brand new phone straight out of the box. I have root I installed busybox and I have cwm by artas every thing is pretty close to completely stock. The issue is when I press my menu button my apps force close. Even when I'm at the...
  16. mderuelle

    Thread Downgraded feom 10G to 10e

    So i didnt know that this was possible but i was on 10e i fubared my phone so i had to upgrade to 10G OTA. I ended up messing something up again and i booted into recovery and it wasnt letting me update using any zips i had at all then i tried using this zip stock_769Bk_10e_odex.zip and it...