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    Post Google Drive 100GB Promotion for 2 years

    Haldi4803 and if i don't have root, what options do i have to push these using adb?
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    Post HTC M10 with samsung 128GB SD card stopped working

    Samsung 128GB EVO+ microSD XC1 , attached a photo
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    Thread HTC M10 with samsung 128GB SD card stopped working

    I have Samsung's 128GB SD card installed and during installation my HTC asked me if I want to merge the storages to be one storage and I've answered "Yes" so i have a combined internal 32GB and the external 128GB disks. Yesterday suddenly after exiting the airport (not sure if it has anything...
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    Post [Q] return to stock now trapped in bootloader

    I meant any RUU that works would do the job for me, any advise?
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    Post [Q] return to stock now trapped in bootloader

    Zain - Kuwait (Middle east version is what i need i believe but anything works for now)
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    Post [Q] return to stock now trapped in bootloader

    I have downloaded Aroma Guru reset file earlier but when trying to flash it using fastboot i get this: sudo ./platform-tools/fastboot flash zip update.zip target reported max download size of 1508216832 bytes sending 'zip' (1076864 KB)... OKAY [ 39.790s] writing 'zip'... (bootloader) signature...
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    Post [Q] return to stock now trapped in bootloader

    I managed to reach recovery after the red rectangle by pressing both volume bottons and power now what are my options to get into the device to flash the OTA or latest RUU to return to stock?
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    Thread [Q] return to stock now trapped in bootloader

    after successfully getting S-ON and Locked i have TAMPERED on boot loader and unable to boot the device, always restart into bootloader and if i try recovery to flash anything i get the green circle with two green arrows then the red rectangle with ! mark in the middle and since i'm on S-ON now...
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    Post Contact htc/att for updates

    no news/plans for flyer and jetstream? i have both and haven't started them for many months now due this
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    Post NO SOFTWARE UPDATE Htc one dual sim!!!

    I'm having the same issue, its stock dual sim not carrier version. how to wait for HTC? not getting you. its running 4.1.2 now
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    Post [GUIDE] Full Phone Backup without Unlock or Root

    does "adb backup -apk -shared -all -f /path/to/file" still doesn't do SMSes or photos?
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    Post HTC ONE M7 802W China Unicom Version

    I just bought one used seems to be Unicom's version too what info you need to know? btw is it locked and need to be rooted to get unlocked? if so how to identify if it was rooted and unlocked? because it works on my carrier
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    Post Chinese HTC One Getting 4.2.2 Update Now

    does this mean all htc one 802W should get 4.2.2 ? I'm planning to buy one and wanted to make sure it gets the 4.2.2 once i open the box Thanks
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    Post Best Offline Navigation for Nexus 7?

    checkout Waze, its a social app but relay on many maps in the backend including google maps, bing, foursquare and few others and yeah it have turn by turn navigation not sure if it has offline mode using JB though
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    Post Jellybean for non UK Galaxy Nexus ones?

    I've found https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images how to know my device is takju or yakju to download the proper image and flash my device? and any difference between flashing or waiting for OTA other than losing every single bit on data on the device?
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    Thread Jellybean for non UK Galaxy Nexus ones?

    Hello, I haven't got jellybean OTA yet, my version when i booted it first time was chinese and the box IIRC it had google.com.hk/nexus I'm traveling day after tomorrow and I REALLY wish to use the new navigation, maps, cards and all other nice stuff any workaround to flash jellybean officially...
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    Post migrate from Sensation to One X

    I meant i own HTC Sensation, and bought HTC One X, now i want to move/migrate completely like how you have iPhone 3GS or 4 and you want to move to iPhone 4S you just do a backup in itunes, then connect the new iPhone and then during setup you select restore from backup and everything get set on...
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    Post migrate from Sensation to One X

    Sorry? whats not clear in my venus pluto marc sentence
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    Thread migrate from Sensation to One X

    Hello, whats the best way to migrate from the Sensation to One X? I know many manual ways, but I was hoping I dont need to create all shortcuts,settings,smses/call log/pictures/whatsapp history and more manually they both run ICS btw only SenseUI different versions as you know
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    Post One X from Handtec: Screen Dead in a month! how to backup?

    common hackers, there is noway at all to access the SD card without being able to see the screen?
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    Post One X from Handtec: Screen Dead in a month! how to backup?

    tried to do that but it seems the monitor is not actually responding to touch it seems these are one of the pitfalls of not having a device that actually opens for removing the SD card... i will try to boot into windows and see if HTC's software can take backups without opening the device or...
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    Thread One X from Handtec: Screen Dead in a month! how to backup?

    Hello, For some reason the screen works, dead black like its turned off, only the 3 buttons at the bottom (back, home, processes) lights. I chatted with handtec online and told me to ship it back but they might wipe out the device or replace it. my data are on the device, how to take complete...
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    Post [Q] migration Sensation -> One X?

    htcsense.com does history of all apps and so?
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    Thread [Q] migration Sensation -> One X?

    Hello, Is there an official way to migrate between HTC devices other than the multiple manual ways for each application in specific? If not how to migrate WhatsApp history while the One X doesn't have SD card? because all methods I've read online requires to copy the history from the SD card ...
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    Post [Q] White or Grey?

    Thanks! just needed one more opinioned :) ordered the grey!
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    Thread [Q] White or Grey?

    ordering the X, any differences between the white and grey? never owned a white thignie in my life all black lol except the HTC Flyer! and yeah the macbook pro, rest are black thinkpads, HTCs, galaxy nexus, blackberry and the list goes on on smart phone arena (except the silver HTC Desire) i'm...
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    Post Flyer unable to make ordinary phone calls

    would this solution work on the HTC Jetstream too?
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    Post [Q] how do unlock sites provide unlock codes?

    i already unlocked my jetstream using one of these sites and paid them, my question was just how they make it, buying them from network provider seems fishy, i think they have other ways of generating them because they ask first if doable or not like they are testing something on the IMEI #
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    Post [Q] keeping the sensation fast?

    I can root and do all fancy stuff if that speed things up, been playing with my HTC hero in the past and loaded all kind of stuff with it. after rooting which ROM do you recommend? read another thread talking about sense 3.5 would it be better? I'm a huge SenseUI fan, actually can't live with it :)
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    Post [Q] keeping the sensation fast?

    didn't get you? i'm not building a ROM using the stock ROM
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    Post Lagging while multitasking

    whats energy? i'm on stock rom/kernel and it lags like hell
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    Thread [Q] keeping the sensation fast?

    I was wondering what kind of tricks and tips you could tell to keep the sensation as fast as it was before installing any apps ? :D i know its not possible unless i wipe it off but i'm a heavy user and want to know what kind of tricks out there to make it as fast as possible. i'm sick of HTC...
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    Post Zagg screen protector

    it doesn't have same screen of other HTC mobiles thats unscratchable ? (gorilla screen?)
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    Post HTC Scribe Pen $29

    whats the difference between the one you posted (although its $39.95 now) and this one which is $59 http://www.amazon.com/HTC-Scribe-Digital-Flyer-Tablets/dp/B0052E4FJ6/ref=pd_cp_e_4 only the packaging ? which i think includes a battery ?
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    Post Jetstream hotspot?

    any luck with this?
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    Thread [Q] how do unlock sites provide unlock codes?

    I've been google around for sake of knowledge and benefit, how does these unlocking sites provides unlock codes based on IMEI of devices? most importantly do they have an inside man or there is actually a way to calculate things based on the carrier and IMEI provider which gets this number? Thanks
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    Post Jetstream seems sluggish, recommendations or solutions?

    rooted flyer then custom honeycomb or flyer got honeycomb already? bcuz mine didn't OTA yet!
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    Post [Q] where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

    yes me too, Total space 11.81 GB amd available 11.58 GB
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    Post [Q] Is the HTC JetStream locked only for AT&T

    didnt work for me getting the following error, any idea why? this is a screenshot http://imm.io/cFOx
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    Post Galaxy Nexus locked?

    wow no one? hehe i thought i'll be getting tons of PMs regarding the topic seems i have no option but getting it over ebay overpriced :/
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    Post Galaxy Nexus locked?

    So if have some friends in the UK who can get it for free due an upgrade or using the plan for their own i can make them happy paying them £400 cash per device and they use the service anyway and benefit some cash? :D So who wanna be my friend for few devices? ;)
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    Thread Galaxy Nexus locked?

    many are selling their Galaxy Nexus saying waiting for lock code to unlock etc.. and others are saying its sim-free and unlocked so who to believe? is it locked for those to took it on contract (o2 , orange , others) or its unlocked just tied up with the contract and can sell it easily to make...
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    Post unclock bootloader using HTCDEV

    no i couldn't, is yours from Best Buy ?
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    Thread unclock bootloader using HTCDEV

    Hello, I was successful in unlocking HTC sensation using HTCDEV's tools but for my HTC Flyer i got the error: INFO[ERR] Command error when i did fastboot oem get_identifier_token its BestBuy's HTC Flyer which i believe Flyer (WWE Wi-Fi) isn't it ?
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    Post Evo 3D arabic support

    didnt say so on gsm arena ? http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=3875&idPhone2=3901 are sure its sense UI 3.0?
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    Post Evo 3D arabic support

    from what i see going from sensation to EVO 3D is a down grade, i'll lost the Sense UI 3.0 and the 8mp camera :) thank you ill stick to The Sensation!
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    Post Evo 3D arabic support

    when i got the sensation i used to use slideit and firefox and the widgets to read arabic (sms/emails) till the official release of arabic is out for middle eastern version of my sensation now is the EVO 3D that came to middle east on 15th has arabic? i doubt it and requires time to be patched...
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    Post [Q] ROM copy between diff. Sensation models?

    any one ?