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    Thread I337 selfmade stock

    Hello! Do anybody know when can I download I337 seflmade stock ODIN collections?
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    Thread [Q] Timezone and call log

    I install https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.force.timezonefixer to fix Moscow timezone It was GMT+4 but now correct tz is GMT+3 Both /system/usr/share/zoneinfo/tzdata and /data/misc/zoneinfo/tzdata is tzdata2014i (with MSK=GMT+3) All programm show correct time except call log...
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    Thread [Q] Need help to restore BL ia nvflash

    Nexus 7 2012 32g I made backup using nvflash. Then I try to restore 4.23 BL. nvflash -r --download 4 nakasig-ktu84p/bootloader-tilapia-4.23.img Nvflash v1.13.87205 started [resume mode] padded 4 bytes to bootloader sending file: nakasig-ktu84p/bootloader-tilapia-4.23.img - 2151072/2151072 bytes...
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    Thread Manualy lokify kernel

    I have i337 with MDL bootloader. I use Philz recovery with auto lokify kernel feature Seems that this project is closed. Then I switch to TWRP recovery. But this recovery hasn't auto lokify feature. Does anybody know how can I apply LOKI patch against flashed kernel from command line.
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    Thread adb in recovery: "error: device offline"

    I have adb 1.0.31. It works when I boot system. If I try use it in recovery mode got: error: device offline Any way to fix? PC Ubuntu trusty Android 4.4.2 CWM
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    Thread [Q] problem with chaging

    Run on Nexus swampy 2 game. Connect charging. Nexus discharge. USB cable and charge tested on sgs4 in " heavy " mode. Exit from game. To ensure kill game process through sh. Tablet continues to discharge when connected to the charger . Turn off your device , turn on. Still goes discharge...
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    Thread MDL BL and NB1 modems

    I use Omega 24 (4.4.2) with KT kernel (LOKI) My BL is MDL. I find new i337 4.4.2 NB1 modems(gsm and lte) I don't want upgrade my BL. I need advice. Will these modems work with MDL BL? Is it possible to try these modem using "mount -o loop..." on phone?
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    Thread Stock Internet icons in nonification panel

    Do anybody know how to change stock Internet icons in notification panel to international ones. I don't like see "4G" instead of "H" and "H+". ROM: 4.4.2 leaked - SHOstock-i-v5.0b4
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    Thread Android 4.4.2 and MDL bootloader on I337

    I have I337 with MDL bootloader. Omega 19 (4.3), MK2 GSM modem and MDL LTE modem. New Omega 20 based on leaked 4.4.2 come. I read Omega 20 installation notes than it works only with new 4.4.2 bootloder. Does this means that the only way to install 4.4.2 is wait i337 4.4.2 stock, flash it and use...
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    Thread Apply OTA without install

    I have i337 MF3 flashable images and MK2 OTA. I want make MK2 images. The main problem how apply modem patches? I can mount MF3 modem images using loop as vfat FS. But I can't understand what kind of OTA files are: patch/NON-HLOS.bin.p patch/modem.bin.p These files are smaller than modem images...
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    Thread [Q] custom ROM based on stock?

    Does anyone know whether there are any custom ROM for i9195 based on the stock? Where can I download Samsung OTA to remove bootloader and knox? Thank you.
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    Thread looking for kernel supported FauxSound

    looking for kernel (9190) supported FauxSound
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    Thread i337 MF3 odin images

    Do anybody have i337 MF3 odin format images? I think MF3 odin format images can be create from DML images and MF3 OTA. simg2img DML images to raw Copy MF3 OTA to DML make_ext4fs from raw to ODIN images. Is this way correct?
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    Thread heimdall: flash stock system on 32-bit Linux

    I have 32-bin Linux notebook and need to reflash stock. heimdall can't open large image files on 32-bit OS: heimdall flash --SYSTEM ~/tmp/system.img --verbose ERROR: Failed to open file "/root/tmp/system.img" I tried to recompile heimdall with "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64" Now I got new error...
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    Thread heimdall flash system

    i need help. heidmall can't open large files for example my system.img (2367450528 byte) I recompile heidmail with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 now it can open my system.img but i got new error: ERROR: Failed to confirm end of file transfer sequence! I know that there is patch for this error. do...
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    Thread [Q] 9505 modem on i337

    Will there be a good man that's just might explain why modems from international model 9505 will not work on i337? I think it's becuase of locked bootloader. What is the relation between the modem and the bootloader? The reason why I ask this is that I can install the new versions of kernel and...
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    Thread [Q] S-view cover: no red button while call

    DBT-I9195XXUAMH3 S-view cover: no red button while call Is any way to fix?
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    Thread [Q] Upgrade to 4.3

    I have n7 with root, custom recover and enable tether. Will it correct if I change updater-script in saved OTA? 1. set new md5sum for build.prop and framework-res.apk 2. remove install new bootloader: ui_print("Writing bootloader..."); package_extract_file("bootloader.raw"...
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    Thread Help me catch LTE on i377

    People from i377 forum adviced me ask here. sgs4 att i337, root, teamwin recovery, loki, Omega9, KT kernel, AMDL AWS unlock modem I'm in Russia, operator is Megafon: Freq. 2600, Band 7 I tried set LTE only via service mode or service mode shotcut application. I see only slashed circle. APN is...
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    Thread Help me catch LTE

    sgs4 att i337, root, teamwin recovery, loki, Omega8, KT kernel, AMDL AWS unlock modem I'm in Russia, operator is Megafon: Freq. 2600, Band 7 I tried set LTE only via service mode or service mode shotcut application. I see only slashed circle. APN is set Have no ideas what else to try.
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    Thread [Q] Help me back Service Mode

    I337 root, team win recovery, Omega 7.1(afm8), KT kernel 15-07, i337ucuamf3 modem. When I try to AWS unlock modem i337ucuamf3 I installed phoneutil.apk Now I can't enter Service Mode I dial *#0011#, Back, Key input 1, Back The phone is still on first debug screen. It doesn't display...
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    Thread 4G in status bar instead of H

    I see in setting - about device: mobile network HSDPA:9 But in status bar - 4G Is it correct? Stock I337UCUAMDL
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    Thread help me repair the brick

    I377 AT&T. Was WanamLite + KT kernel I flashed modem with mobile odin. After that phone doesn't boot: Install unauthorized software. I tried to flash stock I337UCUAMDL_I337ATTAMDL_I337UCUAMDL_HOME But I have only linux 32-bit. Heimdall failed to open large system.img.ext4 file Others files...
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    Thread i9505 modem on i377?

    Is it possible to flash i9505 modem on i377? Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread i9505 modem on i377

    Is it possible to flash i9505 modem on i377?
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    Thread Problem with LTE

    i377 at&t root, custom recovery, WanamLite rom, KT-SGS4-TW-JB-ATT-06-17-2013 kernel LTE/WCDMA/GSM setting after some time switch to WCDMA/GSM I see only H+ but not 4g.... APN set correctly What else can I check?
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    Thread i377 and i9505

    Are any differences between i377 (at&t) and i9505 in hardware? Can I use recover and ROMs from i9505 on i377?
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    Thread 4.2.2 adb device offline

    I have fresh installed N7 3g 4.2.2 adb devices show me "device offline" on Linux. Do anybody help me solve?
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    Thread SGS3 and Linux

    I use SGS3 connected via usb to PC with Linux Each time I connect phone to usb I see msg: "Can't find software.... Upgrade your windows media player etc..." I found somewhere that program "kiesexe" can be disabled on phone No I have ls -l /system/bin/kiesexe -rw-r--r-- 1 root root...
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    Thread [Q] Any advantage of using swap

    Do anybody investigate advantage of using swap on Android? I add swap in file on external SD card. [email protected]:/ $ cat /proc/meminfo |grep -i swap SwapCached: 7488 kB SwapTotal: 1048572 kB SwapFree: 1029412 kB [email protected]:/ $ cat /proc/swaps...