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    Post [ROM][12.0][CEPHEUS] PixelPlusUI [OFFICIAL] [Twelve][AOSP]

    ROM is perfect. Two questions: Should I flash Nikgapps for optimized Gapps or its Gapps are already fine? Also are there any systemless launcher for A12? Thanks dev!
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    Post [KERNEL] LawRun Kernel [4.14.253][28-10]

    I have the kernel app, the kernel and the profiles. How to install this kernel? How to flash it? Thanks.
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    Post [ROM][12.0][UNOFFICIAL][CEPHEUS] EVOLUTION-X Snow 6.0 [01/21/2022]

    Smooth rom. Any systemlessly launcher for A12? Or can we modify Pixel Launcher so that I can remove the Google search bar on home screen? Also can we change the 4x4 icon layout? Like 5x5?
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    Post [ROM][12.0][UNOFFICIAL][CEPHEUS] EVOLUTION-X Snow 6.0 [01/21/2022]

    Can you share vanilla build? Also can we hide navbar pill on this ROM? Thanks.
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    Post UPDATE [ROM][11.0] KangOs 2.0-R- Stout Mi 9 [OFFICIAL][CEPHEUS]

    Best ROM right now. It is updated in May, please update the thread. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM][Xiaomi Mi 9][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS 4.9 [11.0][26/09/2021]

    Huge update. How is this ROM compared to Cdroid in terms of battery, customization?
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    Post [ROM][11.0][cepheus] Pixel Experience [eleven][STABLE][UNOFFICIAL][2021/03/07] by Lamjiidii1

    Great ROM. Few kindly requests maybe: Option to hide keyboard space below, option to hide navigation pill and maybe few extra navigation gestures like in MIUI if possible of course. First two exists in most ROMs so I think they can be added. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][CEPHEUS] crDroid v7.14 [22.01.2022]

    Screen off FOD does not work with/out DT2W. Also when I unlock the screen some red lines comes out on the edges of phone but they disappear instantly.
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    Post [Magisk][Module] iOS 14.6, 14.5, 14.2 Emoji for Messenger, FB & Replace Default Android Emoji | Change Messenger & FB Emoji to iOS 14 Emoji

    What about WhatsApp? I think it still uses default emojis. Other than that it works perfectly.
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    Post [ROM][Mi9][10.0] iodéOS = LineageOS 17.1 + MicroG + adblocker [18/11/2021]

    Can I sync WhatsApp photos, videos etc. from Google Drive backup with this ROM? Can microG allow me to do that like normal GMS services? Thanks.
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    Post [ROM][Mi9][10.0] iodéOS = LineageOS 17.1 + MicroG + adblocker [18/11/2021]

    With last update, is it possible to have FOD with screen off? Regardless of AOD on or off. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM][Mi9][10.0] iodéOS = LineageOS 17.1 + MicroG + adblocker [18/11/2021]

    I don't know the details. What I want is just FP icon when screen is off. It could be with secret AOD or without AOD. I'm no expert on details. If you implement it, it would be perfect. Thank you. ?
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    Post [ROM][Mi9][10.0] iodéOS = LineageOS 17.1 + MicroG + adblocker [18/11/2021]

    Is it possible to implement FOD without AOD? Like in MIUI ROMs?
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Latest version. Not the one on Magisk which is unupdated. Thank you.
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Can someone help me to install on MI 9? I am on Xiaomi.eu rom. Device is rooted. Thank you.
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    Thread Autorotate and pedometer problem

    These two don't work. I think it's due to sensors but how do I fix them without persist thing? Thank you.
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    Thread MIUI gestures on custom roms

    Hi. Is it possible to use MIUI gestures on custom roms? I know Android 10 has its own gestures yet I love MIUI gestures. Thank you.
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    Post My rotation sensors stop working on my mi9

    +1. I don't know why I have it anyway.
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    Post [ROM][Stable] MIUI 11 xiaomi.eu

    I have a problem with location in last update. Any solutions? It just doesn't work in maps and other apps that requires location permission.
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][cepheus]Official/Unofficial TWRP for Xiaomi Mi 9 (Stable)

    Sometimes TWRP is not permanent for me. It revers back to stock recovery after I reboot. What should I do? Thanks.
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    Thread Notification problem

    I receive notifications for some apps like Whatsapp but other apps do not wake the screen. I have to check by myself every time. I want them to be like Whatsapp. Does anybody experience such a problem also? Any solutions? Thanks.
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    Post why is nobody helping? i need help..please

    Any method without a sdcard?
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    Post [2020-01-27] ®FDE.AI - Ultimate Android Optimizer

    I installed it and it worked. Then I restarted my phone, is it working even if I restart right?
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    Also animations are laggy/choppy. I changed their speed to 0.5 but I have still them. If you can also check animations that would be great. Much respect for your work. I'll use the ROM for a week and send you the log file. Thank you.
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    What about wifi drops? Do you think they will occur again on my device? Can you also tell me why I have them? Thanks.
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    Yes same as well. Probably it's about our home routers. I am in college now and don't have any drop. Maybe somebody can explain.
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    What about wifi drops? I also have that a lot.
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    I have wi-fi drops. Anyone who has a solution?
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    I couldn't find a way for to fast charging. It always says charging slowly. Does it only happen to me? How to enable fast charge? What's wrong? Thank you.
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    Post [ROM] Stock HTC U Ultra Dual SIM | CID 059 060 | 7.0 Nougat | 8.0 Oreo

    I can't connect to my PC with my USB cable. What is the problem?
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    Thread Disabling the USonic

    Is there a way to disabling USonic feature of Ultra? Also even if I turn it off from settings after a while it enables itself instantly. I also experienced some huge lag on the phone when I turn off the screen while earbuds are connected. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Any equalizer app?

    Hey guys I installed Spotify but there seems to be no equalizer on the U Ultra. Also Spotify's equalizer is missing somehow. Any apps that you recommend? Similar to Spotify's own equalizer? Thanks.
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    Post BORETS ROM Stock Edition for ZE551ML/550ML/Zoom ZX551ML

    How to remove network usage from the status bar?
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    Post [Kernel]Holo Kernel[AOSP/LinOS14.1][-Ofast][LINARO][Z00A/8]

    When I switch between 3 profiles nothing is changing? How do I fix that? Or is it how it suppose to be? I can't see any changes. On CPU section it is always "interactive" and frequencies are the same? Is it normal? Thanks.
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    Thread ZF2 Battery Issue

    Guys I tried pretty much everything. Amplify, Greenify, kernel change, rom change, wiping and so on but my battery drains so fast. Like in 20 minutes it goes from 100 to 85 with only use of reddit. Is my battery dead? What can I do more? Thank you.
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    Post BORETS ROM Stock Edition for ZE551ML/550ML/Zoom ZX551ML

    Guys I am very noob to these things. So I want to ask something. Do I need the change any kernel settings? Also can I change the profile to power saving for example? Thank you.