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  1. localbus

    Post Pixel 6 / 6 Pro Live Wallpapers (Android 11+)

    //swipe back method.... //not working.. happens too fast to swipe back.. is working now
  2. localbus

    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    is the latest version fix the motion photo crashing the Google Photo App ? Thanks
  3. localbus

    Post OnePlus 7 Pro Live Wallpapers

    how do i remove it now.... oh boy... there is no app option to remove it
  4. localbus

    Post OnePlus 7 Pro Live Wallpapers

    still prefer the OP6.... but how do I uninstall it ? :) There is no app info to uninstall this APK.....
  5. localbus

    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (12/27/21)

    Ok... l looks like that is the only choice.... wait till it release the official ROM. Tempted to MiFlash to Oreo but better not.. afraid will brick the phone... :)
  6. localbus

    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (12/27/21)

    So, I must wait for the official release ? I downloaded and update from the device.. and i got this error message currently : "..You're allow to flash the newest stable version published by MIUI forum from develop version only.."
  7. localbus

    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (12/27/21)

    How to go back to stable Pie if I am on the following : Version: 8.11.29 Size: 1.7G Mi 8 Global Beta My MI8 is global set and was previously on My bootloader is locked. I don't mind wipe data. Thanks
  8. localbus

    Post Oneplus 5 issue with h+ network

    I have the same issue with 1 of my telco here.... others are ok..... H+ problem... the data connection will goes 'no data' for awhile... then back again.... as usual... telco say no issue cos other phone is working... OP says no issue as other network is working... :(
  9. localbus

    Post stock firmware

    yeah.. anyone know how to lock back ?
  10. localbus

    Post No oleophobic coating..

    Tried my pre-installed screen protector.... it was bad !!!..... feels like fifty cents cheap protector... anyone can comment if remove it will be better ? the pre-installed is not even smooth to use... waiting for the matte protector......
  11. localbus

    Post [ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS [2018.11.23]

    After which build ? Mine is slow to charge on the OOS 3.5.6 and 3.5.8
  12. localbus

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][17/09][7.1.2] VertexOS Carbide v3.6 (Blueborne)

    Very fast and smooth ROM..... Testing on the battery.... drain little fast when playing games...
  13. localbus

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL][08.08.17] Cosmic OS for OnePlus2

    Hi... How can I unroot this ROM and have the SELinux set to enforcing ?...... thanks
  14. localbus

    Post Fingerprint unlock loads random app

    Still happening in the latest Nova... running in Oppo phone.
  15. localbus

    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    Works amazingly..... just a bit too bad there is no correlation on the lockscreen wallpaper when unlock to home screen... If can port the lockscreen parallax effect will be great... THANKS !
  16. localbus

    Post Push Notification

    Have you try go to the setting --> battery --> Others --> Go to the apps that you need to get notification --> Turn OFF "Freeze when in background" and Turn OFF "Automatically optimize when an abnormally is detected". Try that.. if cannot then its the OS problem with the App... my...
  17. localbus

    Post [UPDATE] Android 7.0 Official BETA 2nd OTA update G930FXXU1ZPKK

    Hihi... Currently on beta 1.. and when I check is under BTU. Just need to know how can I upgrade to Beta3 at this moment ? I try the Beta Program and it's closed now. I try the OTA and it says there is no update. Is there a way i can just download and flash it ? thanks
  18. localbus

    Post Battery life discussion thread

    This tablet is outstanding and value for money... :)
  19. localbus

    Post SD Card with exFAT

  20. localbus

    Post SD Card with exFAT

    and plug into s2 and it can read ?
  21. localbus

    Thread SD Card with exFAT

    Anyway Galaxy Tab S2 can read and write file more than 4GB in the SD Card ? I have no problem with the internal storage.... thanks
  22. localbus

    Post [ROM][27-7]SkyDragon v5.0 |6.0.1|OOs|3.0.2|Aroma|Battery,Smooth and Fast!

    WiFi keeps disconnecting. WhatsApp slow.
  23. localbus

    Post [ROM][27-7]SkyDragon v5.0 |6.0.1|OOs|3.0.2|Aroma|Battery,Smooth and Fast!

    Nova.... For sure... With gestures to be able to lock screen.
  24. localbus

    Post [ROM][27-7]SkyDragon v5.0 |6.0.1|OOs|3.0.2|Aroma|Battery,Smooth and Fast!

    Anyone have this problem? The wifib keeps disconnect and connect back and disconnect again... On version 3.1
  25. localbus

    Post [ROM][27-7]SkyDragon v5.0 |6.0.1|OOs|3.0.2|Aroma|Battery,Smooth and Fast!

    Thanks for the amazing ROM... but are your able to disable or solve the follow error message : OEM_NV_Backup BT_MAC_MISSING It always there after reboot... just need to close it. But it didn't shows this message in Cyanogenmod 12 or 13..... Really appreciate if you can help.... Thanks 1
  26. localbus

    Post [Bug?] WiFi battery drain on 6.0 & 6.0.1 and workaround (Fixed since April MOB30D)

    Works ! Not sure what is the rationale but this work for my Nexus 7 2013 LTE..... Instead of 5 hours drop 25% doing nothing.... now to 5% for 5 hours doing nothing.. which is still not good but better... and now the scanning wifi is on.... location is set to accurate.
  27. localbus

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Lollipop 5.1][cancro] PAC-ROM

    hi.. 1. is there double tap to wake up function ? can't find it.. 2. is there a way to hide or disable the top long google widget search toolbox ? Thanks
  28. localbus

    Post [CHANGE LOG] XWKI8 / XXKI3 (2.3.5) - Full list

    The sound volume for the music and video player.. through speaker or bluetooth stereo is lower in this firmware.
  29. localbus

    Post [CHANGE LOG] XWKI8 / XXKI3 (2.3.5) - Full list

    Sucky battery still.... phone fully charge 100% at 8am. 30min video, bit of surfing, bit of emailing, install some apps, try out some app, check some updates, stock, weathers. Now at 3.50pm... is 37%.. this is crap... just slightly better than 2.3.3 By 6pm, i guess it will be 10% without me...
  30. localbus

    Post [REF] *Leo Hints, Tips and Registry Tweaks* - Updated 27th January 2011.

    is there a way to stop the landscape mode rotate? i dun want HD2 to rotate... thanks