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  1. mirchichamu

    Thread Colorful navigation buttons?

    I accidentally changed the colorful navigation buttons. How can I get those colorful buttons again? Thanks.
  2. mirchichamu

    Thread Settings widgets?

    Hi everyone, Where is the setting widgets in this phone, to be specific battery widget which we have in other phones? Thanks.
  3. mirchichamu

    Thread My note 10 stop playing YouTube videos automatically in homescreen?

    Hi all, All of a sudden I noted that videos in YouTube and other social media stop playing automatically even on WiFi. I am not talking auto play next video in YouTube. But the auto play on scrolling up and down. This is very important for me as I usually play such videos to know what is there...
  4. mirchichamu

    Thread Best ROM for Le2 x526?

    Hi all, i have bought this phone Le x526 Qualcomm version 3/32 GB. I noted that the internal memory was just 7.xx GB remaining. So I decided to Install TWRP and format Data partition. I successfully installed TWRP. My remaining internal storage is 14 GB plus. Now I want to install a 3rd Party...
  5. mirchichamu

    Thread Huawei is recruiting beta testers for marshmallow.

    Huawei is recruiting beta testers for Android 6 marshmallow for different devices. Anybody interested, can contact Huawei. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1076900675707800&id=401414839923057 https://slz.io/legacy/huawei/games/11 Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-TL10 using Tapatalk
  6. mirchichamu

    Thread Strange fonts in Facebook?

    Hi My MT7-TL10 golden version was updated to B128 day before yesterday. Since the update I have strange fonts all over Facebook. Help is needed. Thanks in advance. Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-TL10 using Tapatalk
  7. mirchichamu

    Thread Can't copy new themes to themes folder in system?

    I tried two file managers to copy some themes to themes folder in system but it failed due to "no space" notification... Off course I am rooted... What could be the reason? Should I delete some themes? Before I was able to add some themes. There are only stock themes there which are six in...
  8. mirchichamu

    Thread REMOVED

  9. mirchichamu

    Thread Link to latest ROM of MT7 TL10 international Version?

    Hi all, I would be extremely thankful if somebody post the link to the latest ROM of the MT7 TL10 international version. I searched but couldn't find the ROM. I searched the Huawei site but I am afraid that it may be the Chinese version. Once again thanks in advance.
  10. mirchichamu

    Thread Please help finding recovery.

    Hi all, I reset my MT7 TL10 phone today. And I installed stock recovery hoping that I will get updates but it is still not updating. I think the stock recovery doesn't belong to my version. I took it from the root and unlock thread. I shall be much thankful if someone help in this regard. My...
  11. mirchichamu

    Thread Help please... Device not detecting Sim 1.

    Today I wanted to insert a data sim in first slot but it was not going down. Thinking that there the sim is old. So I went to provider office and bought a new data sim. I inserted the sim without any obstruction but the device is not detecting the sim. I found that there are scratches on one...
  12. mirchichamu

    Thread What is this Cat6 LTE CA?

    In our settings, there is an option for Cat 6 LTE Ca. What is this option for? Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-TL10 using Tapatalk
  13. mirchichamu

    Thread What for is this micro USB cable?

    Hi all, I got in the box a small USB cable which is micro USB on both ends. What is it for? Thanks. Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-TL10 using Tapatalk
  14. mirchichamu

    Thread What are the best Chinese android phones?

    There are many Chinese android smartphones out right now. Which are the best and cheap. Where to buy from? Your personal experience will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. mirchichamu

    Thread [SOLVED] I bricked my phone..urgent help needed please..

    I updated my sgs2 officially yesterday from ICS to jellybean 4.1.2...it was working good but I lost root...I searched the web to root it again and foung this website.. http://galaxys2root.com/galaxy-s2-root/how-to-root-galaxy-s2-gt-i9100-jelly-bean-android-4-1-14-1-2/ I successfully rooted it...
  16. mirchichamu

    Thread What is the best Chinese 9_10 inches tablet?

    I just wondered what is the best Chinese tablet out there to buy one? There are so many companies making tablets.
  17. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] Can we remove the sim card while the phone is on?

    Hi, Although not specific for s2, can we remove the sim card while the phone is still on? OR we have to switch it off before removing the sim card? Thanks.
  18. mirchichamu

    Thread Compare micromax A116 hd with ZTE 987?

    Hi mates, Please compare these two phones having same hardware but different prices. Which is good to buy. Thanks
  19. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] Youtube application not working.. Please help

    Whenever I want to open youtube application, i get an error message [error connection youtube, touch to retry]. It occurs with wifi and data connection both.. I un installed and reinstalled but in vain.. I am on rooted stock rom of 4.0.3..I can browse youtube through browser.. Any help will be...
  20. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] Battery life too short for 3g connection.. is it same for everyone?

    My battery last 3-4 hours maximum when I am using data connection. Is it the same for everyone or problem in my battery. Thanks in advance.
  21. mirchichamu

    Thread Does s2 support 3g dongle via otg?

    Can we use 3g dongle via Otg on s2. As the reception will definitely be good on 3g dongle as compared to 3g sim. Thanks
  22. mirchichamu

    Thread will external use dongle work with nexus 7?

    I want to buy Google nexus 7 but I need 3g. I know that 3g is not available in nexus. Will a usb dongle work with that? Please give us opinion. Thanks.
  23. mirchichamu

    Thread Rooting my SGS2...help needed.

    I have just updated my SGS2 to ICS. I want to JUST root only by zerg method. Can anybody direct me to a proper thread? I searched but not found. I shall be thankful to all.
  24. mirchichamu

    Thread Urdu language for my acer iconiatab a 500.

    I want to install URDU language pack but couldn't find anywhere. It is not listed in the language option of my tab. I couldn't find on google search also. Help will be highly appreciated. Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk 2
  25. mirchichamu

    Thread Problem with factory reset? Help please.

    I wanted to factory my device. It asked for samsung password. I entered wrong password by mistake. Now I cannot do factory reset. I have already changed the password through samsung dive but the one on device cannot be changed. Please help. Thanks. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  26. mirchichamu

    Thread When is ICS available for middle east?

    Thanks in advance. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  27. mirchichamu

    Thread Mobile Internet so slow on my s2?

    Is there anyway to increase the speed. I am on edge connection. Thanks Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  28. mirchichamu

    Thread How to change the icons in task bar?

    Is it possible to change the icons in task bar on rooted SGS2? Sorry if I have placed the thread in wrong section..thanks in advance.
  29. mirchichamu

    Thread I have rooted my SGS2. What to do next?

    Hi all, I have rooted my device according to the following method: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1319653 My phone specs are as follows: Stock Rom. PDA:KJ2/ PHONE:KI4/ CSC:KJ1 (XSG) Now that I have rooted my device, I would like some help what to do next for...
  30. mirchichamu

    Thread Is rooting this much easy?

    I came across this thread which hints at rooting in a very simple and in few seconds...My question is that if it is this much easy then why it has been made so complicated in other ways??? Is it really working??? Is there any drawbacks in this type of rooting??? should I go for this way of...
  31. mirchichamu

    Thread Is there anyway to invert colour in any browser in unrooted SGS 2?

    I searched the forum but didn't get any answer... Invert colours will be battery friendly like black background and white text... Thanks in advance.
  32. mirchichamu

    Thread Is it possible to make the text white in dark background in browser?

    Hi all. In order to save battery, I am curious whether it is possible to turn the text white in black background in any browser? Any browser support this function? Thanks in advance.
  33. mirchichamu

    Thread Mobilevoip...How to boost the Mic?

    I am using Mobilevoip on my SGS2 for long distance calls but sometimes the my voice is barely audible to the other party...It there anyway to boost the mic volume or another good sip application....thanks in advance.
  34. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] how to use laptop wired connection with galaxy s2?

    Hi all, I have a wired internet connection to my laptop. How can I use my galaxy s2 to connect to internet using my laptop wired connection? I shall be thankful to all for help.
  35. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] Can I use laptop wired network connection and how?

    Hi all, I have a wired internet connection to my laptop. How can I use my galaxy s2 to connect to internet using my laptop wired connection? I shall be thankful to all for help.
  36. mirchichamu

    Thread Navigation System in google Maps not available for my country?

    Hi All, Google Maps already installed on my SGS2 as you know but when I want to navigate, it says navigation not available for my country>>>saudi arabia... What can I do to have navigation for my country? I searched this forum but didn't get anything or for some other smartphones. I shall be...
  37. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] what is the best Media player?

    hi all, I would like to know the best media player for my sgs2. 2nd question is how to improve the sound level of sgs2?
  38. mirchichamu

    Thread How to restart OR reboot SGS2?

    Hi all, I would like to know how to restart or reboot SGS2 like what we do in windows phones. I am not talking about factory reset just restart...
  39. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] What is launcher?

    Hi all, I am new to android phone..Samsung galaxy s2 is the new phone which I bought few days back. Frequently I come across the word "Launcher" and Launcher pro and Launcher 7...what are all these??? What launcher do I have? Thanks in advance.
  40. mirchichamu

    Thread [Q] Is my ear piece faulty or somebody else having the same problem?

    Today I connected my ear piece for the first time..After a lot manipulation of back and forth the sound started coming...Is it my problem or anybody else also having it and what is the solution? Thanks in advance.
  41. mirchichamu

    Thread Where to buy S2?

    Good morning/evening. I want to buy S2...presently I am working in middle east, but I am from Pakistan...Should I buy it here OR from Pakistan??? I am just new to android phones.. There is price difference between here and Pakistan. Thanks in advance.
  42. mirchichamu

    Thread Camera suddenly disappeared. Help?

    Today I found that my camera is not present in the programs. I did some power saving tweaks. I am not sure whether that has caused my camera to disappear or un installed or something unknown has caused it un installed. How can I re install. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  43. mirchichamu

    Thread Best format for 4GB micro SD card?

    I would like to know what is the best format for 4 GB card. I formatted my card and now it is a bit slow in accessing the card. I formatted under windows 7 and it asked me several options like fat , fat 32 and NTFS..and then different allocation units. I opted for windows default. What is the...
  44. mirchichamu

    Thread Two problems..camera stopped working + Clock lag behind..serious help needed please.

    Dear members! Few days back my camera in my Opal stopped working suddenly..I installed a cooked 6.1 ROM...the ROM itself is good but my camera still not working and secondly the clock is lagging behind which is very important for me as i don't wear any watch and depend upon phone clock. May I...
  45. mirchichamu

    Thread Clock lagging behind...a unique problem.

    I installed this ROM 2 days back: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=625811 After that I have noted that my clock is always lagging behind 10 to 15 minutes daily. I don't know whether it is related to new ROM or other problem. Also my camera stopped working before installing...
  46. mirchichamu

    Thread Need help friends...which ROM?

    I am using v14 WM6.1 PDAVIET ROM version1.27.707.14 WWE...but my camera has stopped working suddenly after a long time of usage. I want to flush a new ROM. I would like to request the geeks to tell me which is the best and latest 6.1 and 6.5 ROMs....I only install programs related to my...
  47. mirchichamu

    Thread At the end can any body tell me what is the best ROM?

    I am seeing daily that ROMs are flooding this page. Can anybody tell me what is the best ROM as of today so that we can try also? That should be stable and less battery consuming.
  48. mirchichamu

    Thread Help please. Windows mobile centre stopped working in windows 7.

    I have been using windows mobile centre in windows 7 64 bit for a long time successfully. 2 days back I was astonished to see that WMDC stopped working when I connected my Opal to laptop. I have searched a lot but of no use. I reinstalled WMDC several times but in vain. Further to say that my...
  49. mirchichamu

    Thread How to add an alert to text messages?

    I have a voice mp3 alert for text messages. I put in the root folder but it is not coming in alert and notification menu for text messages although it appears in phone menu. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.
  50. mirchichamu

    Thread Any news about official windows 6.5 release?

    Is there any news about official release of windows 6.5 because today is 6th October. The day it was supposed to be released.